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Mirror Christmas

Leda bounded down the corridor carrying a box wrapped in red with a yellow bow, wishing seasons tidings to anyone she saw on her way through the decks of the USS Animus before she reached the quarters of Lieutenant Commander Jacinta Tryne. Pressing the door chime, she grinned before fixing her top as it slipped off her shoulder. The door slid aside to reveal the Trill Science Officer in her almost staple blue attire. Her floor-length blue nightie shimmered slightly as she smiled at her best friend on the ship.

"You came across the ship dressed like that?" Jacinta asked before stepping aside, noticing Leda's gym shorts, bare feet and faded grey NEO band shirt was a stark departure from the normal skirts and knee boots she normally wore. 

Leda grinned before nodding, then stepped inside, handing Jacinta the box. "Merry Christmas Sin."

Jacinta's smile broadened as she placed the box on her bed, before moving to a small green Christmas Tree, that had somehow ended up in her quarters and picked up a brown box and handed it to the Chameloid. "Merry Christmas Leda."

The two women sat down, with Jacinta sitting on the corner of her bed and Leda plonked herself on the floor by her feet and they opened their respective presents. Laughing at the fact that while neither was human, they had both taken to the Terran custom with gusto. 

Jacinta carefully opened the package, and smiled at the blue and black halter dress that sat within. Picking it up, she smiled as it was the same dress she had seen during a brief layover on Outpost 10. Leda tore into her own box with reckless abandon before she lifted the tissue paper to reveal a black dress covered in Federation Delta's in the tri service colours. 

The two woman grinned, hugged then consumed a copious amount of Earth festive treats. 


Leda rolled on her side, her shaved head scratched slightly as she felt a hand brush against it. Smiling, she opened her eyes and saw her mistress, Captain Jacinta Tryne, Commander of the ISS Animus looking at her from her large bed. 
"Good Morning," Leda murmured before the Captain kissed her 'woman'. 

"Good morning," Jacinta replied before the two woman rose and slipped Andorian Silk robes over their toned bodies, Leda once again marvelled at the intricate tattoos that ran down either side of her body, and that they managed to obscure just enough the spots that marked her alien heritage, just as she masqueraded a Terran herself to avoid scrutiny. Each moved to the ornate metallic tree that sat on the opposite side of the massive stateroom and picked up a single wrapped box each. Smiling, they then exchanged the gifts, with Jacinta sitting on the corner of her bed, and Leda sitting submissively at her Mistresses feet. With great care they opened their gifts, before Leda gasped in surprise as she removed a gilded Imperial Service Dagger, with jewels in the scabbard and a monofilament blade. 

Jacinta reached into the box and removed an enamel patterned phase pistol, a vintage that she was easily able to determine as belonging from the time of Empress Sato I.


Both women knew that their Terran Solstice festivities were only just beginning. 


 These lovely ladies are the OC's and Mirror Versions of my girl Friday Emmbri and Imade by the always awesome s2ka.

Merry Trekmas Lovelies 

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Christmas in the Mirror Universe... I shudder to think! ;P
princessjazzcosplay's avatar
but interesting to contemplate
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Stimulating drawings of these scantily-clad, barefooted ladies!
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Indeed-I’m a big barefoot fan! 
Where can I get that T-shirt?
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Always wondered what Christmas in the mirrorverse was like. I think I will stick to this side of the looking glass! Great job!
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Thank you so much hun
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Nice view of festivities in both universes! :D 
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princessjazzcosplay's avatar
You're very welcome 
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