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Simply due to the nature of Lieutenant Leda's Chameloid species, and the soft spot for Orions she had, she immediately took to the retro styled experimental uniform. She loved the attention she received, an reveled in the awkward conversations it generated, as she said herself. "If I'm going to be objectified for the species I portray, I will do it on my own terms."

The morale boosting effect on the crew was also of avid interest to the part time xeno-anthropologist, who felt that the uniform was more an experiment in human behaviour, than a change in the uniform standards. 


This lady is the OC's of my gorgeous girl Friday Emmbri made by the always awesome s2ka for her birthday. And those legs well and truly go on forever Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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MetalBeowulf89's avatar
I could see this picture as something a Federation attack fighter's pilot might put on their hull!
princessjazzcosplay's avatar
now I have thought about commissioning something akin to that actually <3
Snyslon93's avatar
Whoa, the TOS female uniform looks amazing this way 8)
princessjazzcosplay's avatar
thank you, its the pin up version designed by my husband 

My girl and I are actually in the process of making them for real <3
Snyslon93's avatar
Oh really :) that sounds wonderful
princessjazzcosplay's avatar
we hope to have them done soon <3
Snyslon93's avatar
Will you be posting them?
princessjazzcosplay's avatar
we will when its done
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