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I have the watch

Lieutenant Commander Jacinta Tryne took a deep breath and approached the door controls to her quarters, while her bunkmate Leda had already conducted an entire bridge shift wearing the experimental new uniform, it was fine for her, she's only a Lieutenant, Jacinta is a full half bar above her!.

Taking another deep breath, she closed her eyes and pressed the door controls; the door slid aside and she stepped into the corridor before she opened her eyes once more. 
'Well, you're outside, you may as well get it over and done with.' she thought as she turned on a heel and walked towards the nearest turbolift, passing members of the crew, the male crew tried to keep their attention focused on their tasks, especially when they noticed the gold and a half braid that clung to her cuffs, while the female crew looked on with envy. All this attention, and the fact that the cut of the uniform only served to accentuate the spots that ran down her legs, Jacinta smiled and stepped into the lift car, signalling it for the bridge.

When she arrived, she sauntered towards the vacant command chair and sat down, crossing one leg over the other and turned to the officer of the deck.

"Lieutenant, have it shown in the log that I have the watch,"
The poor ensign eventually managed to get a sentence in the affirmative out before recording the instruction


As always I love these pieces from s2ka of my main OC Jacinta Tryne, I really love how he makes us look, and those legs go on forever.

I would love to see other artists take on this outfit
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Now we know why no female Trill should wear stockings ... most of the male and half of the female officers couldn`t work with that beautiful sight ;-)

A great picture, especially the slight teasing part in her posture.

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Ich thank you for your great revival of The Original Series.
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I can see why this new uniform could be a distraction to male (and possibly female) crew members.. Though it may also improve morale in the long run!
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That was the primary reason why Jacinta agreed to participate in the trial, she believed that it would help to ease tensions during the Cold War.

Also she liked how her legs looked in Nylons <3
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Just having a glass for refreshment
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That's a communicator
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