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My Bio
I'm a big fan of manga and anime. Currently, I'm fixated on Umineko. It is my obsession, and I literally think about it everyday. I love the storytelling so much, and I am working on re-reading all the VNs. Reading them takes so long though, I have a 12 hour average for each individual episode.

In Umineko, I'm finished watching the show, and it wasn't no where near as good as the manga or the VN. The episode before the last was pretty bad, because they said something that should've been in red NOT IN RED. THE RED IS IMPORTANT! Also, they totally messed up Battler's character, which sucks for me because he's my favorite. I'm completely updated on episodes 1-4 of the manga, and I'm waiting for new chapters as they come out. Out of the VNs I've only read the question arcs, episodes 1-4, I finally bought them! I really like it so far, and my favorite character would be Battler. It was interesting, because at first I thought he was a strange pick for the main protagonist, but he grew on me rather quickly. I like him when he's not giving up. Whenever he DOES give up (like in episode 2) I just get SO mad at him. In a good way though, since I want him to regain his will to fight against Beatrice.

I wanted to wait to buy episodes 5-8 of Umineko all together to save money...but I couldn't. So now I have episodes 5-7. I just finished episode 5, and at the end I was freaking out because, you know, Battler was DEAD. Also in EP5 I figured out that I despise Erika. A lot. She's just of the dead and is on this whole crusade against Natsuhi, and it's just terrible! I don't hate many characters in Umineko, so far I have only hated 3 of them for a span of longer than one episode. I hate Erika, Bernkastel, and Lambdadelta. I'm sure I'm not the only one to not like these characters.
Although Erika and Lambda both won their ways off my hate list in EP6. Bern is the only character on there now, because of EP7. (I have read episodes 1-7 now, I have to wait for the download version of EP8 to be available for purchase when Witch Hunt finishes translating.)

Episode 6 was my favorite episode of all Umineko. It allowed me to accept that controversial theory that most people hate, as the truth. It just suddenly...clicked in my head, and I suddenly felt like I knew so much. Also, I love EP6 because I am a huge BeatriceXBattler fan, and this episode was incredibly satisfying in that retrospect. I also got the feeling that Battler knew was he was doing the whole time and orchestrated the whole thing. So, basically, he is not incompetent anymore (even though he may appear to be).
Kanon also became my 3rd favorite character, thus I found the love-duel very unsatisfying. I also like Jessica much more than I like George, just because George speaks of how he molded himself, and it just sounded so selfish and bleeh. Also the whole scene with him and Eva/Evatrice just made my respect for him lessen. I mean, out of everyone, he chose his MOM. What.
Going on about that, I was disappointed that we didn't get to see the scene of Battler choosing himself. I thought that could be interesting.

EP7 was awesome. I was a little sad that Battler was basically gone for the whole thing (but that was okay since another awesome character, Will, was introduced). Omg, Will is awesome. (Can you say Epic Tea Party?) I felt that some of the Yasu scenes dragged ON and ON and I got a little bored, but it was okay, and I was happy for more explanations. I liked Lion a lot too, and I found him/her to be interesting. (I think that Lion is a guy, yet Yasu is a girl. I know its a contradiction, but Umineko already has those, so precedent has been set, haha).
Also, when we finally learned about the board, I just wondered what the hell happened to Battler's piece? He seemed to just disappear, and no one was described as killing him. So that rises the question if he really died or not. Crap, more crazy theories, I THOUGHT THIS WAS DONE. Lol.

Did anyone else watch episode 100 of Hetalia? It was awesome.
Her first appearance! England and France ought to fight over becoming 'friends' with her. And by 'friends' I mean making her part of their territory.
She got whitewashed by the anime studio. Too bad. The only character that didn't was Cuba. (Even Egypt and Turkey got whitewashed! WTH!)
I hope Hetalia gets another season...I mean, they JUST introduced Seychelles! I wanna see her do stuff!

Hetalia completely helps me in school. It just makes remembering things so much easier. I got the highest grade in my class on the Russia test, and I only studied for an hour.

I want to be an author, so I like to write. I also like to draw, but I don't have any way to post stuff on here, all I got is pencil and paper, so sadly, no art here from me.

Current Residence: America's House
Favourite genre of music: I have several that I like, mostly rock, but recently my music has been dominated by Umineko
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga but I enjoy many other types as well I just draw with this style myself
Operating System: PC (Woot!)
MP3 player of choice: I have a really old, really crappy one. It's cool though, even though it can only hold maybe 200+ songs. Most of which are Umineko, hehe.
Wallpaper of choice: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni related somehow
Skin of choice: own?
Favourite cartoon character: Battler Ushiromiya from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (I'm in love with him right now, I swear.)
Personal Quote: "Italy, you need to learn to run this fast when NOT in retreat!"

Favourite Visual Artist
I don't think that I can pick only one. I like a lot of art
Favourite Movies
Meet the Robinsons / Star Wars
Favourite TV Shows
Ben 10 / Generator Rex / Doctor Who / Community / Leverage / Umineko / Higurashi / Futurama
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Ladyhawke and Professional Murder Music
Favourite Writers
Ryukishi07 /Michel A. Stackpole/Arron Allstan/ Dynne Wynne Jones
Favourite Games
Umineko no Naku Koro Ni /KOTOR 1 and 2/ Mass Effect/ Kameo/ Fallout 3/ Oblivion/ Fable 1 and 2/ Dragon Age 1 and 2
Favourite Gaming Platform
X-Box or PC
Tools of the Trade
Pencil and Paper
Other Interests
Umineko/Higurashi/Star Wars/ Clamp's works/ Drawing/ Writing/ Bioware/ Halo
i seriously never come here anymore i live on tumblr lol my blog keeps changing urls otherwise i'd put it here oops lol
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So, the friend I used to talk to on here is now a friend of mine on Facebook so I kinda lost my reason to come here....and my fanart needs are usually supplied at Tumblr.  So, basically, I've moved pretty much. I come around here sometimes though! Here's my tumblr main blog (which has links to my rp blogs in its pages: If you want to talk to me, send me a message there!  It might take me awhile to respond, because I'm not actually on there very much, I mostly spend time on my Superman rp blog.  Sooo.  Here's a link to that too, I guess.
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Umineko RP

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Calling Umineko fans~ My friend Malurxia and I are recriting members for an Umineko roleplay~!  The RP itself would be hosted on another site (we are working on setting up forums now). Many of the characters are still open, so you might be able to play as your favorite! We also allow OCs, but to an extent. Comment if you are interested! Basically, we will be playing games, and switching to meta for theories.  The rest of the plot will form as we play (although we have some plans for story direction) :D
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Thanks for the fav on 'booker dewitt' :D
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Thanks for the fav!
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