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My Inspirational Bronies and Pegasisters

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Okay guys, let's break it down.

As you guys know that I am a fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It impacted me so much when I was ten years old. I still watching it like over again to reminiscing the life lessons and friendship. Not only targeted little girls, but grown men and women all over the world. It surprised me very quite much. Not only people watching it, but also doing fan arts and analyzing the episodes. I started watching one of the fan audio dramas and comic dubs by many of those people. I have ones that I follow to watch.

My favorite pony is Lightning-Bliss, the rainbow alicorn who is short but is older than anyone else. She started calling anyone in a brony fandom uncles and aunts like practically family. She often called DRWolf010 as her wolf brother.
She befriends with others like GoldenFoxDA, Keyframe, Firebrand, JasperPie, Eliyora, and DaWillstanator/Thespio, who I recognized his voice as Discord in Sailor Moon meets MLP, and Daughter of Discord. He's one of my favorite with a great singing and voice acting.
Jasper Pie is another Brony I have just recognized his voice as he played as Mugman from Cuphead meets MLP. I didn't realized it until now. I like that he work at the pizza place in Ponyville, and I didn't know that he's distant cousin of Pinkie Pie. I get that he's quite funny.

These guys are my inspirational ones that I can work on MLP fan arts and I can do my own talents, like animation and art. Maybe I can do voice acting like Thespio. I just wish I can be like them in a brony community so I can show my talent with people. I know it can't be true it's because I'm very much different and you know what. I don't know if they can acknowledge my art work. I'm just an underdog. Despite I have many friends and family in life and wish to meet them and be one of their friends, but deep down, I'm afraid to show my colors to them, and never be one of them. If I were there, I can be called them big brothers and sisters, or one of them my uncle. I can't think why Bliss called Jasper Pie, Uncle Jasper. I don't know if I can be loved like my friends and family does.

If you guys are seeing this, that's my tribute to you. I love you all and I want you to know, I wish to meet you.

OCs belongs to Lightning-Bliss, JasperPie, DRWolf010, joshscorcher, DaWillstanator, GoldenFoxDA, Eliyora, and CosmicChrissy.
The vectors of Keyframe, Golden Fox, and Dr. Wolf belong to Vector-Brony 
Holy Heartstar is with me, and the base I used belongs to ElementBases 
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This is really amazing! You did a great job making this for them! :)

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Very nice work 😁