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✽❀✿ Please check out my art! Thanks to all the people that like my art :D✽❀✿

:iconprincess-daisy-plz::iconsaysplz::iconprincessdaisyrocks10: Is my #1 fan! She has more reasons then anybody! Please check out her AWESOME Daisy gallery!✿

AT: Daisy's Biggest Fan! by RavenVillanuevaT2P

✿PLZ ✿READ✿b4 u start sayin i didnt give credit, I DID. I'm givin Nintendo, and the other pix's riteful owners credit...RITE HERE✿


Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend
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Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend
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║██║✿Put this
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╚══╝if you like music! My official orange #1 Daisy iPod!!✿

✿ N-Nice
✿Y-"Yah Daisy!"

█10% Girly??
██20% Flirty??
███30% Wierd o__e
████40% Talktive
█████50% Fun!!!
██████60% Cool!! $_$
███████70% Funny!! XD
████████80% Gamer
█████████90% caring and loveable
██████████✿1000000000000000% Infinity #1 Biggest Daisy fan that'll ever live! even until the world ends!!✿


Daisy's Quotes!:

"Thank you Mario. Your quest is over." – Super Mario Land
"Well thank you, thank you all! Thank you- WHOOOOPS!"– Mario Tennis
"What? [Bowser] was in my way!" – Mario Party 3
"Everyone says I'm the fairest of all!" – Mario Party 3
"When it comes to beauty, there's no denying Daisy is fairest of all! There's no need to battle." – Mario Party 3
"Augh! I don't believe this! I've never lost--not even to my dad!" – Mario Party 3
"Welcome, Nina/Alex. You sure are an aggressive player." – Mario Tennis (GBC)
"Welcome, Nina/Alex. Welcome, Kate/Harry. You two combine for some aggressive play." – Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)
"You truly are an incredible player!" – Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)
"I have never seen teamwork as good as yours! You're amazing!" – Mario Tennis (GBC)
"Yeah! Daisy's the winner!" – Mario Party 4
"You can do this! I just know it!" – Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
"Seriously, are you aiming there?!" – Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
"Let it fly!" – Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
"Are you just gonna let me win?" – Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
"OH! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!! You KLUTZ!! Phew! ...Keep it together." – Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
"Just hit it!" – Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
"Yes! Yes! I rule! I rule! Ha!" – Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
"Hi, I'm Daisy!" – Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
"Woo! Not too bad, right?" – Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
"Tch! I'm so sure!" – Mario Power Tennis
"Alright, I won! Take that!" – Mario Power Tennis
"Hey! Come on!" – Mario Power Tennis
"Yes-yes! We did it, we won! High-five! Yes!" – Mario Power Tennis
"Hey sweetie! I'll take that. Mmwa. " – Mario Power Tennis
"You know I'll win!" – Mario Party 7
"Yeah!?-Yeah!? Tch, uh-uh." – Super Mario Strikers
"Ssss- Ow, Daisy!" – Super Mario Strikers
"Aw, brutal!!" – Mario Hoops 3-on-3
"We're all super-stars!" – Mario Party 8
"Here comes Daisy!" – Mario Party 8
"Oh yeah?! C'mon!" – Mario Strikers Charged
"Uh-huh, alright! Daisy." – Mario Strikers Charged
"Hot-stuff! Yeah." – Mario Strikers Charged
"Ugh-hoof! Agh-huh! Nooo! Waario!!" – Mario Strikers Charged*
"Wa-hoo! Team DAISY!! Mmwa!" – Mario Strikers Charged
"That's right!"– Mario Party DS
"Yes! Daisy!"– Mario Kart Wii
"Comin' through!"– Mario Kart Wii
"Out-of-the-way!"– Mario Kart Wii
"Yeah, not too bad. Next time!"– Mario Kart Wii
"Yeah, Red Team!"– Mario Kart Wii
"Blue Team's the best!"– Mario Kart Wii
"Oh sweet! You helped me get back to normal, didn't you? Thanks!"– Mario Super Sluggers
"Right as rain, Peach. Thanks for asking!"– Mario Super Sluggers
"Now let's go teach that Bowser Jr. a lesson!"– Mario Super Sluggers
"Oh dear... This will never do."– Mario Super Sluggers
"Hmmm... Maybe there's another weight?"– Mario Super Sluggers
"Well? Did you find anything good?"– Mario Super Sluggers
"Sweet! That's just perfect!"– Mario Super Sluggers
"That solves the problem!"– Mario Super Sluggers
"I want to play baseball with everyone!"– Mario Super Sluggers
"We'll mop up Bowser's minions together!"– Mario Super Sluggers

✽❀✿Reasons why Daisy is better than Peach:1:Most People say Luigi is better than Mario and Daisy got Luigi,not Mario
2:Luigi likes her
3:Waluigi likes her
4:Tatangala likes her
5:She only got kidnapped once and Peach has gotten kidnapped like a million times
6:She dose not cry
7:The Daisy plush smiles and the Peach plush seems confused? I dunno
8:More People like her Don't believe me? Check out some Peach vs Daisy vids! If they have results,check them out!
9:She slapped Bowser LIKE A BOSS in MP3
10:She's REALLY popular on MKWII
11:She almost NEVER cries
12:Whatever Peach can do,Daisy can do
13:She's most athletic
14:Her hair is REALLY pretty
15:It is kinda easy to say Peach's voice and it is harder to say Daisy's voice
16:Ever wonder why Daisy is so hard to unlock and Peach is from the start? Because she can do better! Just my opinion,ok?
17:Daisy wears more than one color
18:Peach gets Kidnapped and plays sports,Daisy is athletic and seems as if she has a AMAZING life,and Rosalina plays MK and dose SOME stuff. That is one of the reasons why I like Daisy better! Daisy dose the most stuff!
19:In her losing animations in Mario Strikers charged,she dose not cry. She gets mad
20:Her crystal smash is her power and it is REALLY GOOD
21:Her hair is unique
22:It takes more than Bowser to take her down
23:She has a better additude
24:She's a better ruler. Just look at it. The Mushroom Kingdom has been under attack like a million times. Sarasaland has only been under attack once.
25:There are a lot of needy women out there. Some want chocolates, others want attention, and snobby, dumb ones want gems and diamonds. If you look at Peach's outfit, she's covered in them. Giant jewels, giant gems, millions of coins' worth of 'em. Meanwhile, Daisy is rocking flowers, which means you can just pluck a daisy on the way over and she'll be happy. There's something to be said about a low maintenance woman. ( Not trying to rude and i DO NOT hate Peach )
26:She's a better driver. You can ask any of the pros or anyone. I bet they will say Daisy
27:In Super Princess Peach,Peach is SOOOOOOO emotional! Daisy's not emotional
28:Most People say she's less annoying(I don't think Peach is annoying)
29:Peach annoys some People in games. You can just look at some stuff.
30:Daisy seems very happy.
31:Daisy's WAY more than a Princess
32:Daisy's more indpendent than Peach
33:There is a Anti-Peach… is NO anti Daisy song
34:When Peach get kidnapped,all she says is:Mario! Luigi! Help me! And dose NOTHING. Pretty stupid huh? Daisy would be killing Bowser
35:When you look up Why Peach is better than Daisy,ONE result comes up the Peach is better than Daisy. The rest of it is Daisy
36:Peach screams too much. Daisy almost NEVER screams.
37:Ever since she was first introduced, Nintendo made it clear that Daisy was a tomboy. When it comes right down to it, that means she’s more interesting to talk to, and likely less distracted by things like ponies and rainbows. While Mario is dealing with Peach giggling and wearing pink, Daisy is having fun playing sports. She's better in the sports games, too, so she'd likely be picked over Peach for a softball game.
38:She gets kidnapped less
39:For her image in Super Princess Peach,it was a big blow. It portrayed her as an emotional monster, and can't have left her feeling good about herself. All in all, Peach is zero for one when it comes to being the star. Daisy, on the other hand, has a flawless record. Completely and utterly flawless. (I DO NOT HATE PEACH.) ALL RIGHT? I LIKE HER.
40:Daisy can defend herself
41:There is PROOF that Daisy is better than…
42:she isn't afraid to do anything
43:She will stand up against others!
44:She is a better role model. Look at it. You would not wanna be emotinal or cry then People make fun of u! But Daisy's a great Role model! Just look at her!
45:She's a Tomboy. And we all know,Tomboys are AWESOME.
46:She makes better use of her outifts
47:She takes Peach's quotes and makes them better. Like:"Im Peach.""Hi im Daisy!"
48:Most People say that neglected characters are better
49:More People say that Peach is a slut
50:When People put Peach as one of their hottest Gaming girls,the vids,a lot of People dislike and say:Peach? On ur list? Really?
51:She has a larger fan base
52:The name Daisy is WAY more popular than the name Peach
53:We made something in class that answered Yes or No questions and i asked who do People like more? Daisy or Peach? It said Daisy
54:She's not a brat ( Not saying Peach is )
55:Or spoiled ( Not saying Peach is )
56:When Peach loses,she cries ( Unlike Daisy )
57:She sang a song,Save me with ur charm
58:People don't think she's weird
59:She has better powers
60:She has better Karts
61:Her colors look better with the Mario.bros
62:While Peach gets kidnapped,Daisy and Luigi are having the time of their lives ( I bet! )
63:She's not cloned ( Unlike Peach and Rosie )
64:She's not afraid to get down and dirty
65:I bet Peach wears makeup. Daisy dose not
66:She likes having fun
67:She likes being in parties
68:She is better than Peach in every way
69:I bet Peach teaches some Kids to cry ( Unlike Daisy )
70:Peach will never beat Daisy
71:He hair is unique
72:Luigi more lucky than Mario ( He dose not have to save Peach every 10 mins! )
73:She is friends with Yoshi and Birdo and Peach is just friends with Yoshi
74:In some of Peach's losing animations,she cries and throws a mini Tamper Tantrum. ( Not trying 2 be rude )
76:Her karts are cuter
77:In one of her winning animations,Smoke comes out of her body. When has Peach done that?
78:U know Peach's quote,"Oh,did i win?" She sound so naughty. Daisy DOSE NOT sound naughty
79:She's not afraid to stand up for Herself
80:Peach BARELY wears ANYTHING while snowbording. If Daisy was in that game,she would be wearing a shirt and shorts. ( Shows she's smarter! )
81:More People say that Daisy's hair is better than Peach's hair
82:It seems as if Peach wants EVERYTHING. Daisy dose not want everything
83:She expects Mario to save her EVERY time. Daisy dose not.
84:If you leave Peach alone,She will get kidnapped. Daisy won't
85:Peach's kart the Birthday girl,looks like throw up. ( Just a opinion ) Daisy's color of the Birthday Girl dose not.
86:she's a person with a real personality
87:She has a little cute flower on her neck
88:Daisy is more daring
89:You would think that after twenty five years of being kidnapped by the same person Peach would at least be smart enough to know how to escape from Bowser, but no, she just sits in \Bowser’s castle waiting for Mario to rescue her.
90:Daisy is not all about Kisses and kidnappings.
91:It is more likely that Peach will get upset about the silliest things.
92:She's a better fighter
93:She smiles more
94:Her megastrikes are better
95:She won't give up
96:Why Bowser never takes Daisy is because off her slap in MP3
97:Peach got kidnapped by goombas once. REALLY PEACH?
98:She dose not sound like a bith sometimes like Peach like:"Oh,did i win? Hehehe" ( I don't think she is,but i think she is in that quote
99:When Peach dose not get her way,she cries,unlike Daisy.
100:She's not as picky
101:How old is Peach,5? I mean it is fine to wear pink,but she wears WAY too much.
102:More People play as her online
103:She's not silly
104:Baby Daisy and BL has shown that they love each other
105:Daisy dose better tricks
106:Baby Daisy dose better tricks
107:She dose not have 2 grow up like Peach ( For the LAST time,I DO NOT HATE PEACH! )
108:You don't see many People playing as Peach online
109:She's more useful. Look at it. In the Main games,Peach is a little useless. Why? Because all she dose not do anything kiss or so.
110:She's better in the stikers games. Why? Because i put Peach on the hardest level once with Daisy and it was Daisy:11 Peach:0
111:She can beat anybody ( Peach can 2 but I dunno about Bowser.....kinda I guess )
112:She got in Wreck it ralph. Peach did not! Nor did Mario
113:She's awesome at tennis
114:She beat Bowser up before Peach did
115:She awesome at golf
116:She dose NOT cheat on Luigi like Peach dose sometimes ( When she kisses Luigi <:( )
117:There was a poll on fanpop that was:Who would u punch in the face? D,P,or R? And Peach and i would not punch any of them tied and Daisy got 0 votes
118:Bowser is scared of her unlike Peach
119:If u hit Peach,she would cry ( I BET. ) but if u hit Daisy,she would not cry she would just ignore u.
120:It is more likely that Peach would cry about a broken nail
121:I bet Daisy has more friends!
122:She got in a movie that MARIO did not get in
123:Peach is so fake. she acts all hot stuff in strikers but she cant even defend her own kingdom. ridiculous!
124:Peach has a nickname:Princess bith! I do not call Peach that and Daisy dose not
125:Lots of ppl play daisy in mk7 but they don't play as Peach
126:Peach changed her name. That shows she did not feel good about herself.
127:Daisy is better at sports
128:Daisy dose not like 2 cheat on Luigi like Peach
129:Daisy costumes cost WAY more money than Peach costumes and Daisy costumes are rare ( Peach costumes r not! )
130:More outfits suit Daisy
131:mk7 daisy has sponge wheels, orange colored wheels but peach has black ones (4got what they r called)
132:Peach's kart is the regular color but Daisy's is different from evry1
133:Daisy stuff is VERY rare
134:Peach thinks every1 luvs her,but Daisy knows that not every1 luvs her
135:There is a facebook page called:Princess Daisy is a million times better than that Peach chick,and it has over 100 likes.
136:There are Daisy fanclubs that have over 300 members
137: There are WAY more Daisy fansites than Peach fansites
138:There are about 3? Anti-Peach fansites (I think not sure) And NO Anti-Daisy fansite
139:There r more vids of Daisy beating Peach than Peach beating Daisy
140:Peach is TOO flirty Daisy is just right
141:I bet Daisy would do ANYTHING 2 stay with Luigi. I bet Peach would only do some things
142:Daisy is so hot,she's on fire!
143:I bet Daisy is smarter at math
144:2 Daisy fans (Including me) have over 1,000 reasons. Only 1 Peach fan has over 1,000 reasons
145:It is more likely that Peach would cry about a broken fingernail
146:I have seen more ppl say that Peach should die rather than Daisy
147:There is a channel called AntiPeach on YT
148:There is over 10 Anti-Peach vids
149:Peach dose NOTHING when she's kidnapped. Ok,she gave M and L 1-ups in super Mario galaxy,but.....THAT'S IT? Zelda helps u more if she gets kidnapped
150:In Peach vs Anybody vids,i ALWAYS SEE PEACH LOSING. (Exept Pauline in Peach vs Pauline vids,i see Peach winning
151: She's Nintendo's fave tomboy
152:She's good at waving
153:Even PEACH FANS know she can defend herself
154:Some ppl say Peach is stronger than Daisy,but if Peach is SO STRONG,why can't she defend her self? Did u ever think on that Peach fans?
155:Daisy can impress anybody if she want's 2
156:Peach is kinda spoiled by Nintendo. Why? Cuz she's in like every game!
157:Daisy can kick Bowser's butt if she want's 2
158:A LOT OF PEOPLE say that Daisy is stronger than Peach cuz she can beat Bowser (Peach beat Bowser once but all the other times,Bowser won!)
159:Her hair is more shiny
200:She has 2 outfits in charged
201:Sum1 that said they were Daisy on facebook,and the page got over 4,000 likes
202:Why dose Bowser never attack Sarasaland? Duh! Cuz he's afraid of Daisy and he thinks Peach is weak! (I bet)
203:She's not as moody as Peach. C'mon,Peach is a little moody. If u played SPP,u should know.
204:Peach could be a little lazy cuz all she dose is wait 4 M or L. I mean c'mon Peach. Stop being lazy sumtimes. Hey! At least she tried in Paper Mario.....
205:Peach gives Mario ALMOST NOTHING when she gets saved. I mean,they should go hang out or so! They almost NEVER han out!
206:She's not ugly (Peach is not either....but this HAS to be said.....Daisy's prettier!)
207:Peach has been known as 1 of the WORST brawl charries MANY TIMES
208:Daisy has been on the list of hottest charries MANY TIMES!
209:She has been in the top 10 of best Nintendo girls MANY TIMES!
210:MANY PEOPLE say that Peach dose not have a real personaility and Daisy dose!
211:Her kingdom dose not start with Mush!
212:Daisy has been known as the BEST and hottest Video game charrie a few times! But Peach....VERY LITTLE!
213:She is not a whore
214:Her karts and bikes are very cute
215:More people like Yellow and Orange more than pink! Sry....but it is the TRUTH
216:Daisy and Luigi are a cute couple
217:I think Peach said a SWEAR in her strikers song!
218:Daisy can teleport <--- (Know that's spelled wrong....can't help myself)
219:Daisy has been on the BEST and most used charries on MKWII

✽❀✿I don't mean everything and i like Peach just not as much as Daisy✽❀✿



:bulletgreen::bulletorange:Luigi♥Daisy:bulletorange::bulletgreen: OMG! These guys are just TOO cute together! They are not as official as Mario and Peach,but they look so good 2gether! I really like their chemistry with each other, makes them very sweet.♥ ✽❀✿

Daisy is awemazing!:iconsmw-daisy: :D
She loves flowers, I love flowers too!:iconimhappyplz:

I support :iconsmb--luigi::iconredkokorox::iconsmb--daisy:!:love:

✽❀✿"Thank u 4 saving me John!" (Kisses)-Super John land✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Good choice!"-Mario tennis✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Hmmm....i wonder if i am the superstar!"-Mario party"✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Grrr....Tatangala,why do u kidnnap me?"-John's story"✽❀✿
✽❀✿"John,ur my knight in shining armor!"-John's story"✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Tatangala,have u relized i DO NOT like u?"-John's story"✽❀✿
✽❀✿"I rule!"-Mario party 2✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Let's do this!-Super Princess Daisy"✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Don't forget me Daisy! I am comming"-Super Princess Daisy"✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Care for some tea?"-Smash sisters✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Awesome!"-Mario party 3✽❀✿
✽❀✿"We have to do this!"-Mario golf✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Let's make nature!"-Smash sisters✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Mara,u better be nice 2 Daisy!"-Smash sisters✽❀✿
✽❀✿So? I am a tomboy"-Smash sisters✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Woo! We did it!"-Mario party 2✽❀✿
✽❀✿"I can kick ur butt if i want 2!"-Mario party✽❀✿
✽❀✿"I must think i can win!"-Mario party-3✽❀✿

✽❀✿There's more✽❀✿

✿Other fan buttons that do not have 2 do with Daisy:

:bulletblack: - Pending
:bulletred: - Not Started
:bulletpink: - Started
:star-half: - Halfway
:bulletgreen: - Almost Finished
:star: - Finished

:iconprincessdeisi:'s birthday present::bulletpink:
:iconpapermario-fan:'s OC Lily taking a walk in the park::bulletpink:
:icon4atomic4:Daisy and Sonic in MKDD::bulletpink:

Mario Girl Stamp by LemiaCrescent Mario Kart 7 Stamp by Kevfin:thumb92638980: Kimeria87 support stamp ver2 by ZatchHunter I love my Mum and Dad by Swimmingferret Cute Princesses Are Love by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule The official T3LP stamp by TheBourgyman Daisy Addict Stamp by SugarJem Baby Daisy Stamp by Gallagon Daisy x Luigi by Raneese Rosalina and Luma Stamp by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule Princess Daisy Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Daisy Stamp by princessdaisyfanclub Peach Addict Stamp by SugarJem Daisy Lover Stamp by daisyisbetter Mario: Support Daisy Stamp 8D by Markiehh Mario: Support Daisy Stamp 8D by Markiehh Princess Daisy Stamp 2 by PFV0-Stamp Luigi Stamp by xNintendoLuveer Luigi x Princess Daisy by Marlenesstamps Mario Stamp by xNintendoLuveer Princess Daisy stamp by HystericDesigns Love Princess Daisy - Stamp by Mami99 Princess Daisy Stamp by Alicia1702:thumb321812307::thumb321812307: Daisy4Smash by 5DsPeach:thumb322998697::thumb158710439::thumb331737361::thumb327183050: Nintendrawer stamp by TailsWorld1:thumb274282314: Mario x Princess Peach by Marlenesstamps Daisy Emblem Stamp by smileystamps Mario x Clo by Marlenesstamps I Support... by HyperInLove Luaisy supporter stamp by uberluigi28 Home by Seiorai sello princess paper by Alicia1702:thumb330333337::thumb332850154: Peach and Daisy Supporter by Metadream Nintendo Fan For Life by FreakyZombieChick Paper Luigi Stamp by Teeter-Echidna LuigiXDaisy Stamp. by pinkprincess-peach:thumb323786039: Luigi and Daisy by Nintendogamemaster 'No Matter What.' by XxSassersxX Baby Daisy Stamp by FlyingTanuki Mario Golf Stamp by StampPKU:thumb312985335: Undo Button by fear-the-brilliance Anti WxD Stamp by WG by Anti-WaluigixDaisy I Love Animation by fear-the-brilliance Nature by fear-the-brilliance Colorful Things by fear-the-brilliance:iconlovedastamp1::iconlovedastamp2::thumb336064667: Solid-Rose Stamp by Porcelain-Requiem Luma stamp by HystericDesigns .~MarioxPeach Stamp VIII~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess:thumb297495112: .:Baby Mario Stamp:. by ThePinkMarioPrincess:thumb333408088: Sally's minimal clothing DOESN'T make her slutty by Vertekins .~Peach Stamp~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess .~Super Princess Peach stamp~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess:thumb337765085: .~MarioxPeach Stamp~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess T3LP Fan Stamp by ScittyKitty 'I'm a Girl Gamer' by Sunshinylisee David x Molly by Marlenesstamps Princess Sally Acorn Stamp by KissTheThunder Sonamy/Sonally stamp by 90sCat Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi Tiny Kong Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshi:thumb337092981::thumb338973065::thumb339115488: t3lp Stamp: Daisy by Cherry-sama:thumb340879850::thumb339651714: NvsD stamp Daisy by lamarce NvsD stamp Bonus Daisy by lamarce .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot stamp by alwaslgirl STAMP:  Don't Steal my Art by djRimzi a party? Stamp by HamSamwich:thumb343142223::thumb343140327: Born in June by agentbananayum:thumb343232868::thumb329973574: I Love Orange Yoshi by Powerwing-Amber I Love Yellow Yoshi by Powerwing-Amber I Love Green Yoshi by Powerwing-Amber Tomboy Stamp by JiiHaku:thumb347454488::thumb350338158::thumb349770707::thumb351511380::thumb352078693::thumb352099321::thumb331857436::thumb353485279::thumb353486470: Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Bad Mood Stamps Smiling by stamps-club OCs Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Mario - NSMBW Stamp by MandiR Super Mario Land stamp by 5-3-10-4:thumb356491849: Princess Peach and Daisy stamp PLEASE COMMENT by mystic-kittyy Stamp - DON'T Edit Official Artwork or Screenshots by Mina-Fox Do not copy by stormlightloren Kirby - A Superstar - Stamp by Blue-Dreamcatcher you cannot destroy me stamp by lock-and-loadx DA is the Facebook of Art by i-stamp Good Art Bad OC Stamp by Spikytastic:thumb182962052: stamp - HAVE FUN by eternalsaturn support kawaii pie stamp by KawaiiUniverseStudio Where To? by odindesign:thumb371512323::icondaisy-crying-plz::thumb356491849: Baby Daisy Stamp by emomage101


✿My support stamp! Thanks:iconno1daisyfan:!:thumb339110695:

✿Sorry if i put 2 or more of the same stamps! I make mistakes a lot✿

:thumb260521288: I Love Princess Daisy Badge by darkfailure

Couples i dislike:Rosallina x Luigi Why? It would be REALLY hard for him 2 impress Rosie,and i think Rosalina likes being single or with Mario. Why do i think Rosie likes Mario?:Peach and Rosie are rivals in MK7. So i think they both like Mario. Plus,i think LxR is overrated. U might be like:DxL is overrated! But why? Cuz there are SO MANY people that like and dislike,ok? Also,just becuz L and R are in a main game together,dose NOT MEAN they r a couple. Just think of Mario x Honey queen. Ick.

Peach x Luigi:Peach is always so mean 2 him! Then people r like:"Oh! They r so sweet!" but it would make Luigi's life sad. And he would be A REALLY BIG WIMP.



✽❀✿Reasons why Daisy rules:

✽❀✿1:She's awesome✽❀✿
✽❀✿2:She has a nice voice✽❀✿
✽❀✿3:She rocks✽❀✿
✽❀✿4:She has a LOT fans✽❀✿
✽❀✿5:There is not a lot of Daisy haters out there✽❀✿
✽❀✿6:She can kick butt✽❀✿
✽❀✿7:She is good at A LOT of things!✽❀✿
✽❀✿8:She has a cruiser✽❀✿
✽❀✿9:A lot of ppl are her #1 fan✽❀✿
✽❀✿10:She is not afraid of anything✽❀✿
✽❀✿11:She beat Bowser in a HIT once.✽❀✿
✽❀✿12:her and Luigi make a AWESOME couple✽❀✿
✽❀✿13:Sum1 that said they were Daisy on facebook,and it got over 4,000 likes✽❀✿

✽❀✿Reasons why DxL is a cute couple:

✽❀✿1:I think Daisy cares more about Luigi than Mario! (If u saw the intro of Mario Super sluggers,u know what i mean)✽❀✿
✽❀✿2:They r diffrent,and u know what? oppisites attract!✽❀✿
✽❀✿3:They always have good chemistry!✽❀✿
✽❀✿4:In Daisy curcuit,there is a statue of BLxBD and DxL dancing! That makes me say:Awww!✽❀✿
✽❀✿5:Daisy said:"Hey sweetie!" in her trophy celebration in MPT!✽❀✿
✽❀✿6:They r meant to be!✽❀✿
✽❀✿7:Luigi and Daisy show they:heart:each other✽❀✿
✽❀✿8:They r both on the top 10 Mario charries a lot✽❀✿
✽❀✿9:They have cute momments✽❀✿
✽❀✿10:D and L care about each other very much✽❀✿

✽❀✿Why you should like Daisy (U do not have 2.....but i was bored):She's not spoiled AT ALL. I mean,is she in EVERY game? No. She's not a brat,and she SO DOSE NOT CHEAT. Her quotes are awesome,She's awesome,her karts and bikes r awesome. Nuff said. She never loses her temper or anything. And she looks GREAT with Luigi.✽❀✿

✽❀✿I LIKE ALL THE EVIL PKMN TEAMS! I just like them! I am not evil✽❀✿

Team Rocket Stamp by MarkiSan Pokemon 09 by makingstamps Pokemon 10 by makingstamps Stamp - Team Galactic by kaitoupirate Team Plasma Boss Colress by Marlenesstamps N Stamp by lightpurge Team Plasma Stamp by licchan pokemon villain teams stamp by sable-saro

Princess Daisy photo: Princess Daisy princessDaisy38.jpgPrincess Daisy photo: Princess Daisy princessDaisy13.jpgPrincess Daisy photo: Princess Daisy. Princess_Daisy___COLORED_by_Kraheer.jpgPrincess Daisy photo: Princess Daisy Wallpaper PicsIn1313688622384.png
Princess Daisy photo: princess daisy 28a6psi.jpg
Princess Daisy photo: princess daisy 24gk1mp.jpg
Princess Daisy photo: princess daisy 2lihmpc.jpg
Princess Daisy photo:  daisy2.png
Princess Daisy photo: not mine Princess_Daisy_by_SylentNyte.jpg
Princess Daisy photo: PRINCESS DAISY images1.jpg


╔═╦═╦══╦╗✿I'm Daisy's✿
╚╝╚═╩╝╚╩═╝✿#1 fan!✿

╔♫═╗╔╗ ♥
|__|__ #1 DaisyFAN BUS __|_|__
|_________________ |_| ______|

( This is what happens when posers try to ride it.)

Poser: Heyyy, could I buy a ticket 4 teh fan bus?
Poser: Shut up! I can do anything I want to!
Me: Oh yeah? Just TRY it....
Poser: *walks to teh counter* Can I buy a ticket?
Ticket Person: Sorry, we only have 1 ticket, which PrincessDaisyRocks10 bought.
Poser: WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Me: Told ya it would'nt work! *sticks tounge out at Poser and evrey1 laughs*
Poser: WAAAAAAA!! *runs*


✿My fave art!✿

✿If you want to find a lot of awesome Daisy art,look in mah faves!✿

I am the biggest :icondaisy-4-eva:


Waterspout Beach by ZeFrenchM Ninty Princesses by paratroopaCx Daisy Beach swimsuit fashion style 70 by JamilSC11 Princess Daisy - Strikers by Teidan Just One of the Boys by babsdraws For Daisy-X-Bowser  (REQUEST) by Lanm01 Chibi Princess Daisy by SigurdHosenfeld Sailor Consoles Princess Daisy by YunaSakura:thumb358381003::thumb346740795::thumb355836478: She's my biggest fan!!! by StarryRosieArtist Request - Princess Daisy by PMTTYD-Vivian

Princess Daisy photo: Princess Daisy Daisy1.png
Princess Daisy photo: Princess Peach and Princess Daisy DaisyandPeach.gif
Princess Daisy photo: Princess daisy BOO_I__M_DAISY_by_SigurdHosenfeld.jpg
Princess Daisy photo: princess daisy blue dress daisy.jpg
Princess Daisy photo: halloween daisy peach4.png
Princess Daisy photo: Princess Daisy Daisy.jpg
Princess Daisy photo: Super Sunshine Daisy DaisySun.jpg
Princess Daisy photo: Daisy Ladies346.jpg
✽❀✿Suprised Daisy!✽❀✿
princess peach and daisy and rosalina pictures

Can't u see? I'm Daisy obsessed!


Up Out My Face by XLove-Christina-AX Your Love by XLove-Christina-AX Roger That by XLove-Christina-AX Super Bass by XLove-Christina-AX

☸ڿڰۣڿڰۣ Princess Daisy ڿڰۣڿڰۣ☸
princess daisy pictures

For PrincessDaisyRocks10 by SubtleColours
Princess Daisy Wallpaper by TzortzinaErk
Daisy at sunset
the beach at sunset pictures

✽❀✿Daisy,Toad, and King Boo✽❀✿
me and my boo in the club pictures

Journal History


I like youtube better 


✽❀✿I can draw almost anything 4 u!✽❀✿
1 point:Icon;2 points:Stamp ( No anti-stamps sorry )
2 points:Stamp ( No anti-stamps )
3 points:lineart ( You may color it )
4 points:Head sketch
5 points:Full body sketch
6 points:Full body sketch with background
7 points:Head drawing ( Colored )
8 points:Drawing ( colored )
9 points:Drawing ( Colored ) with background
10 points or above:Sketch with 2 or more characters
11 points or above:Drawing ( colored ) with 2 or more characters12 points or above:Something like this: Princess Daisy made out of clay! by PrincessDaisyRocks10
13 points to 20 points:5 drawings or more
100 points or more:A comic just 4 u!

No points? A little drawing of Daisy 4 u!

I DO NOT draw:Violence,gore,sexual.


✽❀✿This is AMAZING! I once drew a angel Daisy,and yours came out a MILLION times better than mine. I love your style,her dress,her wing...

✽❀✿I think this is VERY funny. I was laughing when i first saw this. The background and the world look very cute. And Daisy and Luigi a...

by KawaiiStarKirby

✿This is really good! You should REALLY color it! Everything looks awesome! I love how Daisy looks! She's like:I am going to eat this m...

by KawaiiStarKirby

✿Well done! You did a great job on this! Daisy's new outfit is so pretty! You could of added a background....but i understand. It can b...

✿WOW! You have no idea how amazing this is....IT IS BEYOND AMAZING! You did a fantastic job on this! You are a wonderful artist. But th...

✿This is very cute! I love it! But for the photo,maybe you should of put shoes on. But it is still very good! The costume is amazing,bu...

✿Check out my Critiques!✿


PrincessDaisyRocks10's Profile Picture
✽❀✿#1 Official Biggest Princess Daisy and Cure Pine fan✽❀✿
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
✽❀✿Hi guys! I love Daisy! She is the best charrie ever! I also like Baby Daisy,Luigi,Birdo,Yoshi,Baby Luigi,and more! I HATE Tatangala. If u wanna talk,just say hi! So simple! I won't bite! Anyway,Daisy rulz! How do u hate Daisy? She just so plain AWESOME! So is Baby Daisy! I also am Cure Pine's biggest fan! She's so cute!:D And go Nicki Minaj, Brittney Spears, and other singers!✽❀✿

✽❀✿Why i am Daisy's biggest fan✽❀✿

1.Daisy has always been my fave Mario character
2.If i can,i will always use her in games:)
3.I don't think she's annoying (unlike some people)
4.My friends say that i am Daisy's biggest fan
5.Me & my friends have a Daisy club :)
6.I like flowers
7.I draw Daisy A LOT.
8.I think Daisy's the best Princess ever
9.I will love Daisy 4ever
10.I have lots of posters & drawings of her
11.When i write my lowercase i's,i put a flower instead of a dot :)
12.Luigi is my fave male video game person ( Still i like Daisy more than Luigi)
13.I LOVE gardening
14:I say her quotes ALL THE TIME!
15:Luigi x Daisy is my fave gaming couple
16:my FAVE colors are yellow,green,&,orange.
17:I like to rival Waluigi like 20%.
18:I HATE gaming guys that kidnap Daisy.
19:I have many Daisy nicknames like 1Daisyfan
20:I have a lot of reasons
21:There is NOTHING i hate about Daisy
22:My fave flower is a Daisy
24:I think Daisy is WAY better than Peach
25:I know EVERYTHING about her
26:I think Daisy is THE BEST! :)
27:I have my own reasons
28:I think Baby Daisy & Daisy r WAYYY cuter than Peach & Baby Peach.
29:I like it that she's a tomboy
31:I am on the PrincessDaisy4eva's Daisy fansite :D
32:I think Daisy should have WAYYYY more games than Mario.
33:I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many pics of her In my wii room & my bedroom
34:I think Daisy looks wayyyyy better than any gaming girl.
36:EVERYONE to my friends,to my teachers, EVERYBODY THINKS I'M HER #1 FAN 4EVA!
37:In my art class,I draw lots of pics of Daisy & she sometimes hangs them up ( Not trying to brag )
38:My fave course in MKWII is Daisy circuit.
39:I LOVE the Daisy circuit song,& the Daisy hills song,and,the,Daisy Cruiser song.
39:I am a LOTTTTT like her
40:I think Daisy should be in EVERY video game.
41: I draw flowers all the time!
42:I think Daisy is SOOOOOOOO AWESOME!
43:I sew & i sometimes make sew her outfits & when i am done everybody LOVES em!
44:U can't say that i'm not on the #1 Daisy fan bus
45:On the NintendoPrincessDaisyFansite,The REAL Princess Daisy think's i'm one of her #1 fans
46:I have A LOOOOOTTTT of orange,Yellow,&,green stuff in my wii room & my bedroom
47:I have a pic of her on my wii
48:People call me theRealDaisy because i act a lot like her.
49:I always scream DAISY IS #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
50:I am brave like her!
51:I think Daisy's is SOOOOOO cool!
52:I think i have more Daisy blingee's than anybody on Blingee.
53:Blaze and Sally is my fave sonic girls ( Because they are tomboys like Daisy )
54:I have more reasons than anybody
55:Even if u tried,u could not stop me from being her #1 fan 4eva!
56:I think Daisy's 1000000000000000000% better than all mario princesses.
57:I had a plain T-Shirt,but then i used fabric markers,& i wrote: I'M DAISY'S #1 FAN 4EVA!
58:I don't copy people's reasons
59:I have soooooooo many Daisy drawings in my wii room & in my room!
60:I use Daisy all the time in games & i almost always win with her :D
61:My fave bikes in Mario kart wii are the Dolphin dasher and the Mach bike
62:I have a garden of a LOTTTT of flowers
63:I have a bag that has lots of Daisy flowers on it
64:I hate it when people call Daisy fat and ugly and other mean names
65:I have a bracelet that has Daisy flowers on it
66:I like flowers more than hearts
67:I look 4 pics of her all the time!
68:I do not hack in Mario kart wii and.ect
69:I make paper dolls of Daisy :)
70:I used 2 of my paper dolls of Daisy & i taped em on my diary and journal
71:I have a green,yellow,&,orange EVERYTHING
72:I love the Daisy journal skin!
73:I have pics of her on my locker
74:I say her voice very well.
75:I am not too girly
76:I have A HUGE collection of Mario stuff & Daisy stuff
77:I was a Daisy girl scout once
78:Posers copy me
79:I think Sarasaland is better then the mushroom kingdom
80:All of my reasons are true
81:I think Nintendo is better than Sega
82:I am in a lot of Daisy clubs ( in real life & on blingee! )
83:My bike is yellow,green,&,Orange.
84:I have made the 1st Luigi x Daisy club on blingee.
85:I have a Daisy club on Blingee
86:In the Check out mii channel on the wii,i fave a lot of Daisy mii's
87:I think Luigi is awesome!
88:I also think That Baby Luigi is awesome
89:And Mr.L!
90:If i had to give her two insults,they would be That she is bad at losing and bad at being ugly
91:My mii on Mario & Sonic at the 2012 Olympic games has the Daisy costume on
92:I like Mario games more than i like sonic games
93: I win with her in Mario sports mix
94:I win with her in Mario & Sonic at the 2012 Olympic games
95:I win with her in Mario party 9
96:I win with her in Mario kart 7
97:I win with her in Mario kart wii
98:I think Deanna mustard dose a great job with Daisy's voice!
99:I win with her in Mario strikers charged
100:I win with her in Mario super sluggers
101:I wish there was a game when Luigi saves Daisy
102:I made fanmade kids for Luigi x Daisy,Kevin and Grace!
103:I like Peach
104:I like Birdo
105:I don't like King Boo
106:I think Super Princess Daisy galaxy should be real
107:I like Toadette
108:I like Toad
109:Toadsworth is OK
110:Daisy x Luigi is the only couple i have cried for!
111:I won the Super Princess Daisy comp on the Nintendo Princess Daisy fansite
112.I like Daisies better than Peaches
113:I wrote a report why i am her #1 fan
114:If i wear pink,i wear green,orange,or,yellow with it.
115:I took a quiz on her & my answers were 110% right. ( Not trying to brag )
116:I beat solo mode in mario party 9 with her
117:I did a school poll & asked if they think i am her #1 fan r not. Everybody said yes or don't know
118:1 of My BFF is the #3 Peach fan and she wears pink ALL THE TIME!
119:I would be the 1st 1 to get to by Super Princess Daisy when it came out
120:More than 50 butterflies come to my garden each day in the spring
121:1 of my BFF'S is the #1 Birdo fan
122:I have a lot of online and real life friends
123:I have made girls get into gaming
124:I have stopped people that used to hate Daisy but they now like her :)
125:I won't be friends with anybody that hates Daisy
unless i get em to change their mind
126:I'll buy anything that Daisy is in I don't care how much $ it costs
127:I LOVE her the same as all of my friends & family
128:My parties r Princess Daisy themed
129:I am going to get the Princess Daisy plush that will come out in the holidays
130:I don't get in fights on who is her #1 fan
cause they can also be her #1 fan
131:I am VERY creative
132:I paint Daisy on the outside of plastic cups
133:I have ALL the games that she is in
134:A LOT of people call me Daisy
135:I am ALWAYS Princess Daisy in the Mario plays me and my friends have :)
136:I can beat EVERYBODY in games with her Even Bowser! :)
137:I color coloring pages of her each day
138:All i think about is Daisy
139:All i think about is Luigi
140:I win in Mario strikers charged with her
141:I get upset ( inside ) when i can not do Princess Daisy stuff :(
142:I think i have EVERYTHING this she is in Toys,Video games,Mario chess
143:If i ever chose somebody that was not Daisy, and i can not go back, then i do not even play
144:I run around the house in my Daisy costume saying:Hi i'm Daisy!
145:On princess and prince day at my school,( once per year they have it ) i am ALWAYS Daisy
146:I have unlocked her in all the games she is unlockable in :)
147:When i can not go to sleep,i think about Daisy,Luigi,or,my crush that is like Luigi,& i can sleep then
148:1 of my BFF'S ( real life is the #2 Rosalina fan )
149:I do not get many games that Daisy is not in unless they look cool ( if the game is not cool,it is no fun without Daisy )
150:1 of my BFF'S in real life is the #1 Mona fan
151:I wish Nintendo gave Daisy more attention
152:I NEVER copied anybody 4 my reasons
154:I think Super Princess Daisy galaxy should be real
155:In who is better or hotter contests on Utube
example:Daisy vs Peach ( who is hotter and better )
i say Daisy
156:My grandma and grandpa gave me a yellow IPod
157:I am not a brat or spoiled ( Nobody ever said that )
158:I keep finding new reasons why
159:I dislike videos n comments that say they do not like Daisy
160:In PKMN battle rev,my trainer's name is Daisy
161:I am a ice skater that dose spins and jumps and stuff
162:I beat my Ice skating rival a lot
163:I may be more flexible then Daisy or the same
164:I do a sport each day
165:If magic was real,i would use it to make Daisy real
167:My cousin is A LOT like Peach
168:If me & Daisy were sisters,we would NEVER fight
169:I have A LOT of silly bands ( mostly princess and tomboy stuff )
170:I make peace
171:My fave Disney princess is Belle cause she is a tomboy and looks ( a bit ) like Daisy
172:Me and my mom did a Princess Daisy craft together
173:I found some dress-up games that have Daisy in them!
174:I beat the computer on all the hard events in games that she is in
176:I get subscribers on my channel on UTube ( almost every day )
178:I like Daisy duck
179:I have 3 friends that have the name Daisy :)
180:Daisy is my Role Model
181:I know how to act like her
182:I am Luisay's #1 fan
185:I think Daisy needs more attention
186:In the video games that they have master com mode,i win
187:I hope she will be in the next SSB game
188:I wish i could do her mega strike in both Mario strikers games
189:A LOT of ppl think i am the #1 Princess Daisy fan
191:If i get a new video game and Daisy is unlockable,i look up how to unlock her RIGHT before i play the game and i unlock her :)
192:I have her crown
193:My fave Coach is Mario kart:Double Dash! is the Bloom Coach
194:When i see gaming vids on youtube and Daisy is in them,i scream:GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAISYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
195:I wear my Princess Daisy outfit every day when i get home from school :)
196:My BFF ( online ) is tthe #1 Peach fan
197:I made Daisy out of model magic :)
198:I danced with my crush that is like Luigi before
199:A poser on YouTube said she had more reasons than me but she did not prove it
200:I wish i could ride on Green Yoshi,and,Yellow Yoshi
201:I would not change a THING to Daisy's outfit
202:I have been to the NY nintendo world
203:A LOT OF PPL said i was her #1 fan at nintendo world :)
204:My Flip-Flops have a flower on them :)
205:My bathing suits have a flower on them :)
206:My beach bag has a flower on it :)
207:I dislike videos that show Daisy losing on youtube
208:I have NEVER EVER disliked a Princess Daisy tribute on youtube
209:I do not dislike videos that show Daisy winning,i like them and i add em to faves on youtube
210:ppl call me princess
211:I wrote a story about her
212:I painted my bat like hers in mario baseball
213:Some idiot called me a bitch on Youtube 4 liking Daisy and i still LOVE her
214:I look just like her the ONLY thing that is diffrent is my face
215:I have her wallpaper on my mum and Dad's computer
(I do not have my own computer )
216:I have more stamps of her than anybody else on blingee
217:I think Daisy's crown looks really good on her!
218:I think Luigi's hat looks really good on Him!
219:I don't like Mario x Luigi
220:I have a mousepad of Daisy and Peach (I got it on
221:If i can not be Daisy,i'll be Baby Daisy.If not i will not play until i can use Daisy or Baby Daisy
222:My team in Mario sports mix is:Daisy,Mario,and,Luigi
223:I wish Daisy was as popular as Peach
224:At my ballet school we all give ourselves a nice nickname and mine is Princess Daisy's #1 fan
225:They call me that
226:I will NOT be in ur Mario family unless i can be Daisy but if not,Baby Daisy
227:I would cry until i died if Daisy EVER died
228:Look up Daisy's #1 fan ( on google ) and it will say my youtube username it is:PrincessDaisyForever
( ON THE 1ST PAGE! ) :)
229:I ONLY wear pink when my mom makes me & when i can not find anything else that is not pink
230:I do not have many pink stuff
231:How many pink stuff do i own:2!
232:I have a Mario party DS pillow ( i got it at Mario ) It may be hard to find Daisy on the pillow,but she is there
233:I got stationary of her ( on DeviantART )
234:At sports day at school,they give us name tags i told them to write on the name tag that my name was Daisy ( they said no cause Daisy is not my name )
235:My mom and Dad complain that i have soooooo much Daisy stuff
236:In Mario party 9,when i finished solo mode,i was rated the highest
237:I won EVERY stage in Mario party 9 solo mode
238:Ppl say my crush looks like Luigi
239:At my parties,i ask:WHO THINKS I AM THE #1 PRINCESS DAISY FAN? And eveybody raises their hand
240:On field say,i scored a lot of goals and i did 1 of Daisy's animations every single time
241:My fave gym leader in pokemon is Erika
242:I have Princess Daisy earings
243:I'm going to email nintendo saying they should make super Princess Daisy
244:Ppl's eyes pop out when they see all the Daisy stuff i have
245:I found 2 plushes of her ( they r REALLY hard to find )
246:They cost a lot of money so i am sewing a Princess Daisy plush
247:My Daisy plush is almost done! :D
248:I have blue eyes like her
249:I am the 1st person on Youtube to post videos of my reasons
250:I get annoyed when ppl say they want Super Princess Peach 2,So i think they should start making Super Princess Daisy
251:My fave number is #9
252:I saved her in Super Mario land
253:If she got kidnaped again and Mario,Luigi,nor,Peach could not save her i would! No matter how long it would take or how dangerous
254:I stopped PeachGoodness1 from making Anti-Daisy art on DeviantART
255:I make AWESOME stuff on deviantART
256:I only choose Daisy flowers as my team in Mario super sluggers
257:I do pretty good with her on my 1st try playing a game with her (I somtimes even get 1st on my 1st try ) :)
258:I REALLYYYYYYY HATE Anti-Daisy clubs soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!
259:I also hate Anti-Luigi x Daisy clubs soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!
I also hate Anti-whatever i like clubs
260:I am NOT afraid to ahow that i am her #1 fan
261:Other Daisy fans tried to stop PeachGoodness1 from making anti-Daisy stuff on her account,but I WAS THE ONLY ONE that stopped her
262:I play old games that she is in,and new games.
263:I have played a Princess Daisy fangame Link:[link] DOWNLOAD IT! IT IS AWESOME!
264:I do very well on the fangame Princess Daisy Forever ( link above )
265:I think It is great that they have a fangame 4 her,but now we need ninitendo 2 make 1.
266:I think Daisy should be in Luigi's mansion games.
267:If she will make an apperance in a Luigi mansion game,SHE BETTER BE PLAYABLE
268:I do not think it is fair Luigi,Peach,and,Mario have their own games and Daisy dose not
269:I would NEVER take Luigi from her
270:If u asked me 2 tell u about Daisy,i can tell u EVERYTHING about her
271:I think Tangala is REALLY STUPID
272:I would ♥ to kidnap Tangala and King boo
273:I think Daisy and Peach r bff's 4EVER!
274:I suggested to have gaming4kidsandteens at my local library and they accepted my request
275:I beat everybody when i am at Gaming4kidsandteens with Daisy
276:I ALWAYS come in 1st in gaming4kidsandteens and everybody else gets:4th or 5th place 6th place 7th place 8th place
277:Ppl at gaming4kidsandteens think I am Daisy's #1 fan
278:I LOVE to play in Daisy cruiser in Mario super sluggers
279:My fave course in MK7 is a tie between Daisy hills and Daisy cruiser
280:In OPL players at my library ( it is a play )I am the queen ( they do not have a Princess in the play ) And i will wear my Princess Daisy costume in the play
281:I beat my friend who played as Peach in Mario party 9 ( Still she did amazing! )
282:I would do ANYTHING in real life to meet her
283:I would do ANYTHING to make her real
284:I draw how Super Princess Daisy would look like
285:My friend DomimowordRecordboy on youtube said that one of my Daisy tributes was the best tribute ever!
286:I made a birthday tribute for her birthday
287:I CAN NOT wait until Super princess Daisy becomes a real game!
288:Me and my friends have a party to celebrate her birthday
289:If i could,i would visit Sarasaland
290:I will have a crush on the 1st Luigi fanboys. ♥
292:In Mario strikers series,i like to play as Daisy and Waluigi to be the CPU.
293:I swim like her
294:I can be loud like her
295:I am proud to be her #1 fan
296:I am smart like her
297:In Mario kart double dash,i pick Peach and Daisy and sometimes Luigi and Daisy.
298:I think Super Princess Daisy sunshine should be a real game
299:so should Super Princess Daisy galaxy
300:I hope in the next brawl game she will be playable
301:I am mad that Daisy is not in brawl
302:Daisy belongs in brawl
303:I read Nintendo Power mag
304:I have short white gloves
305:My fave Yoshi's are: yellow Yoshi and Green Yoshi
306:I play soccer like her
307:I play baseball like her
308:I am a ice skater that dose tricks and stuff like her.
309:I compete in figure skating comps like her.
310:I have WAYYYY more badges than any Daisy fan on blingee.
311:In pokemon black,my trainer's name is 1Dfan
312:Because it would not let me have my trainer's name as 1Daisyfan.
313:My mii's name on the 3DS is 1Daisyfan
314:I have a Peach and Daisy 3DS case
315:My top 2 seasons are Summer and Spring.
316:I like to say i live in Sarasaland,because i am not saying where i live
317:I know that something like YAY! 200 reasons is not a reason
318:Also something like WOW! 100 reasons! is not a reason
319:If i could change my name,i would change it to Daisy
320:If i draw something else besides Daisy,i make sure Daisy is in it.
321:Most of the things that i fave on DA is Daisy fanart.
322:I know all the shortcuts in Daisy hills on Mario kart 7.
323:I also know all the shortcuts in Daisy circuit in MKWII.
324:Also i know all the shortcuts in Daisy Cruiser
325:I am a yellow,orange,and,green FREAK.
326:I know who created her,and Gunpei Yokoi and Nintendo
327:My fave store is the Nintendo world store in NYC!
328:If i am in the city,i tell my mom that i wanna go 2 the Nintendo world store
329:My fave item in MKDD is the heart
330:The only pairing that i like with Luigi is Luigi x Daisy because Luigi x anything else sucks
331:I like all Daisy pics exept the ones that are Anti-Daisy pics and fat Daisy pics
332:I love the letter D
333:I know how to write her name in script
334:1 of my Friends on blingee is the #1 Zelda fan
335:Princess Daisy is the best thing ever!
336:I don't think it is fair that there is so much Mario,Peach,Luigi toys and stuff
337:I like Daisy and Peach on a team in the ( 2P events 3DS and wii )
338:I am good at gymnastics like her
339:I only draw Daisy ( Well unless it is something for school )
340:I am medium sized for my age like her
341:I only have one crush like her
342:I like Toad road on Mario party 9 because it is Spring and there are flowers there.
343:I like all the wallpapers of her.
346:Somebody on DA called me your highness.
347:I have yellow,orange,and,green ponytail holders that have a crown on them
348:Some staff members at Toy's r us know i am her #1 fan because if they have Daisy stuff,i will buy it,and i talk about that i am her #1 fan.
349:I made a origami yellow flower.
350:I really don't wear makeup,but if i had to pick two nail polish colors,it would be Yellow and Orange
351:My friend ( real life ) when i showed him my reasons,he said he was dizzy Link to his youtube account!:[link]
352:I always start the 1st letter D of her name as a capital D and most people that say they are her #1 fan don't
353:If i had to compete against her i would let her win against me
354:I think Luisay and Meach is 4va!
355:Every time i go to gaming4kidsandteens,i hope the video game we are going to play is a Mario game that has Daisy in it.
356:I love crowns
357:When i play MK7 or Wii,most of the time i get at least a one star ranking with Daisy
358:I had a dream that i went shopping with Daisy
359:A lot of stuff inspires me!
360:A lot of people say i look like a tomboy Princess!
361:All of my usernames have the name Princess Daisy in it
362:I wear little crowns at school sometimes ( My teachers don't mind )
363:Classic Daisy is awesome!
364:My fave hero in Mario and Sonic in the London 2012 Olympic games 3DS is Luigi
365:I beat Mario kart wii with her and 7 and DS and MKDD with Daisy and Luigi and Daisy and Peach
366:I used to have long hair like her.
367:But now i have short hair that goes to my shoulders.
368:I have beaten all the games that she is in with her.
369:I also like Paper Daisy
370:I think there should be a game call Super Paper Daisy
371:I draw Daisy very well.
372:My fave websites are the Princess Daisy fansites.
373:I go on at least one Daisy fansite every day!
374:When i meet new friends,i say i am the #1 Daisy fan.
375:When i tell them that,they say they are the #1 Peach fan 4 some reason.
376:Most ppl that say they are Daisy's #1 fan like Rosalina more then Peach and i don't because Peach and Daisy are cousins and.ect.
377:My girl cousins act like Peach.
378:I think about her when i am doing EVERYTHING! ( even studying my brain knows how to focus on both at the same time )
379:I got kidnapped once for a school play.
380:I was the Princess for the play!
381:If i can't be the Princess for plays,i will be the Queen ( Well if the play has Queen in it )
382:I like Peach as Girly-girl and Daisy as a tomboy
383:I think Crowns are better than hats
384:I HATE Daisy x Tatatanga
385:I also HATE Daisy x Waluigi
386:I also HATE Daisy x Wario
387:I think i am the 1st #1 Daisy fan to use a Daisy journal skin
388:On Swapnote on my 3DS,i only draw Daisy.
389:My fave hair colors are dark blonde and red
390:My fave chibi and anime is Princess Daisy
391:I have been to a nature center and i took a hike with a guide and other people!
392:My fave offensive power shot in Mario power tennis is the wonder flower
393:My fave defensive power shot in Mario power tennis is the Flowerbed return
394:Not just Daisy,but also Baby Daisy i hope Baby Daisy appearances in more games
395:I think this video game should be real:
Peach and Daisy:partners in time
396:I know that if the game was real,Peach and Daisy:partners in time would be a AWESOME game
397:I love Daisy's crystal smash!
398:I like all of Daisy's outfits
399:I send Swapnotes on my 3DS a lot
400:I donate my old stuff and all of that to other people like a Princess would
401:Some people that work at the Nintendo world in NYC think i am her #1 fan
402:My mii has ALL of her gear in Mario tennis open
403:In Mario and Sonic at the 2012 Olympic games 3DS,my profile badge is Princess Daisy's badge
404:I can not wait until the Wii U comes out!
405:When i was playing MK7 battles online,me and somebody else playing as Daisy tied!
406:My IPod's wallpaper is Princess Daisy!
407:I unlocked Baby Peach with Daisy in Mario tennis open!
408:I also unlocked Dry Bowser with her in Mario tennis open
409:If you look up Princess Daisy's #1 fan on Youtube,my channel pops up! Link to my channel:[link]
410:I named my Puppy Daisy!
411:Pets are very friendly to me!
412:I named my kitten Princess
413:If i rated something,i would rate it 5 flowers!
414:My 2cd fave couple is Mr.L x Daisy!
415:My 3rd fave couple is Baby Daisy x Baby Luigi
416:I got 2cd place in a Princess Daisy tribute contest on Youtube!…
417:I unlocked Baby Mario in Mario tennis open!
418:I know who Daisy's voice actor is for now:Deanna Mustard ( I have not met her in real life yet )
419:I also know that Deanna mustard is Baby Daisy's voice actor
420:If i had facebook,i would follow Deanna Mustard on facebook!
421:I go to the Nintendo world store once per month!
422:Mah fave plz accounts on DA are all of the Daisy and Baby Daisy and the Luigi plz accounts!
423:My fave galaxy in Super Mario galaxy is the Gusty garden galaxy
424:In Mario strikers charged,i beat the Fire cup with her
425:And the Crystal cup
426:And the Striker cup
427:In Mario strikers charged,i beat Daisy's striker challenge,and i got her Striker card!
428:I so wish Daisy had her own battle course in the Mario kart series
429:In Mario kart 7,my fave kart is the Birthday girl
430:I did not buy NSMB2 because Daisy is not in it.
431:Unlike some people,i know that Baby Daisy is not Daisy and Luigi's kid. She's just the younger version of Daisy
432:I think Luigi is SO lucky to have Daisy✿
433:I have a super Mario poster ( that has Daisy in it ) in my room
434:I don't say Peach's quotes
435:I spent like 40 hours working on my Daisy costume
436:I would pay $100 and even more $ to see her in real life
437:I want to work at the Nintendo world store or Work at Nintendo or Be Daisy's voice actor when i get older
438:One of my friends ( that is a boy ) played as Daisy in MK7 for me
439:I love meeting people that like Daisy
440:I am praying ( No lie ) that Daisy will be in SSBB 3DS and SSBB Wii U
441:I love drawing Daisy and Baby Daisy
442:I love Classic Daisy and Modern Daisy,but I like Modern Daisy better
443:I am going to get custom tracks on my Wii soon
444:I was very annoyed when my Wii broke down last week
445:So I had to get a new Wii
446:I don't like MarioxDaisy,but MarioxDaisy is my fave fake couple
447:I made my own Daisy fansite!fansite!
448:I can get annoyed sometimes
449:I teach people that i know Daisy's quotes
450:My fave Luma is Yellow Luma
451:I love to learn new things about Daisy
452:My Mario couple order:
453:My fave girl in Fresh Pretty cure is Cure pine!
454:My fave Luma is Yellow Luma
455:I think Daisy's biker suit in MKWII is WAY better than Peach and Rosalina's.
456:If i put my hair in a ponytail,i use a yellow or orange hair tie
457:I don't play Xbox or Playstation
458:I don't block people if they say that they are Daisy's #1 fan
459:I made my own Daisy mini mag ( NOT going to send it to a publisher )
460:Daisy and Peach r better BFF's than Daisy and Rosalina
461:There are days when i wear skirts
462:I don't like it when i race Daisy and Baby Daisy users online
463:Daisy looks so AWESOME in 3D!
464:I don't Gossip
465:Daisy looks so cute when people draw her chibi
466:I have a heart Quartz ( I will post it later )
467:I upload me playing as Daisy in MP9 on Youtube and other Daisy stuff
468:I fave a lot of Daisy blingees on blingee
469:I like Girl singers more than Boy singers
470:I have the MK7 guide
471:I also have the MP9 guide
472:I know her name in Japanese:デイジー姫
473:Like:iconno1daisyfan:,i hate the MKWII opening because of Peach! ( They could of put Daisy in not Peach but i still like Peach )
474:Daisy is better than Rosalina
475:I think Tomboys r better than Girly-Girls
476:I hate that Waluigi can be so mean to Luigi at times
477:I think Daisy looks awesome in all of her outfits!
478:My fave letter is D
479:My 2cd fave letter is A
480:My 3rd fave letter is I
481:My 4th fave letter is S
482:My 5th fave letter is Y
483:I would love to be Daisy for a day or longer
484:I can draw Daisy in 3 styles
485:I would love to see Daisy in a Power-up suit
486:If you search Princess Daisy on Google images,this drawing that i made shows up princessdaisyrocks10.deviantar…
487:I got the Daisy master in Mario Party DS
488:I completed story mode with Daisy in Mario Party DS
489:I know how to say Daisy's name in Spanish,Princessa Daisy
490:I don't go and say i have more reasons but i can't fit them. I give them the link so they can see i have more reasons
491:I know Deanna Mustard started voicing Daisy in 2003
492:I found A LOT of shortcuts with Daisy on MKWII
493:Like:iconno1daisyfan:On the 3DS camera, in the graffiti section I draw Daisy a lot
494:I only have NSMB Wii because it came with my Wii
495:Like:iconno1daisyfan:,I do not like 2 say where i live so i say Sarasaland
496:Every day i search Princess Daisy on Google and DeviantART every day
497:I would have a crush on her if i was a boy
498:When i was younger i used to go on ( I still go on at times but barely ) my avatar looks like Daisy
499:I wish paint was better so i could draw Daisy better on the computer
500:I saved a lot of pics of Daisy on my iPod
501:My friend has Classic Daisy earrings and i LOVE them
502:I got mad when i saw the MK7 figures and they do not have Daisy
503:I don't start fights
504:If i had 2 go shopping,i would go to the Coconut mall
505:I emailed Nintendo that they should put Daisy in SSBB4
506:I like DS Desert hills because it reminds me of Sarasaland
507:Thwomp desert also reminds me of Sarasaland
508:My page on DA has a lot of Daisy stamps!
509:My fave character in Metal Gear Solid is Meryl Silverburgh ( I don't play that game )
510:I tried drawing a Daisy pic that Nintendo
511:My least fave Mario parties are Mario Party and Mario Party 2
512:My fave Wiki is the Mario wiki
513:I don't steal art
514:If i had 2 choose my fave Daisy quote,it would be VERY hard to choose
515:The door to my room says:Welcome to the #1 Daisy fan's room.
516:I made this group::iconprincess-daisy-rules:
517:My main group on DA is:iconprincess-daisy-rules:
518:In Mario super sluggers my team is:Daisy,Luigi,Baby Daisy,Baby Luigi,Mario,Peach,Yoshi,Toad and Toadette
519:I have the Super Mario Galaxy CD
520:I have a Mario party 9 poster AND Daisy is in it!
521:I am a BIG fan of Gunpei Yokoi!
522:I want MDD
523:I have a lot of watchers on DA
524:I think Daisy is better than Birdo
525:I think Daisy is better than Toadette
526:I think Daisy is better than Pauline
527:I think Daisy is better than Syrup
528:I think Daisy is better than Mona
529:I agree with:iconno1daisyfan:that Daisy is too cool for Mario
530:My Dad calls me Daisy Lady sometimes
531:My Dad calls me Daisy Girl sometimes
532:I love to scream:DAISY IS EPIC!
533:My Online Friend:iconsuper-babydaisy:is the #1 Baby Daisy fan
534:I have a Online Friend that Robbeca Steam's #1 fan:iconolghie2:
535:I have two Luigi figures!
536:I want a Luigi plush
537:I want the REAL Daisy model
538:I love Daisy,Luigi,Birdo,and Peach's theme in Mario Strikers charged
539:I wish Paint was better so i could draw Daisy better on Paint
540:I have Daisy fan buttons on my page on DA,such as:
541:I like the song What makes you beautiful because it reminds me of:icondaisyplz:X:iconluigiplz:
542:I know how to say her name in French:Princesse Daisy
543:I know how to say her name in Dutch:Prinses Daisy
544:I know how to say her name in German:Prinzessin Daisy
545:I wish i was a real Princess!
546:I have Yellow and Orange headbands
547:When i was at the Beach one day,i wrote in the sand:I am Princess Daisy's #1 fan!
548:I have Yellow and Orange bags
549:I know that Blaze the cat and Daisy are rivals
550:I love making Daisy blingees!
551:I don't hate Pink because it is the color of Classic Daisy's crown is Pink-Redish
552:I will NEVER stop writing reasons
553:I have a online friend that is the #1 Blaze fan:iconfire-blazethecat:
554:I have a Online friend that is the #1 Amy Rose fan:icon1biggestamyfan:
555:I agree with:iconno1daisyfan:That Nintendo is so much cooler than Sega ( If you disagree that's all right )
556:I don't wear eyeshadow
557:I don't wear blush
558:I don't wear lipstick
559:I have the Super Mario compact disco CD
560:I love to say:Daisy's the best! Daisy rules! And more!
561:I ALWAYS go on Ebay and Amazon and see if they have any good Daisy stuff
562:I find a lot of good Daisy pics on the internet
563:I love Daisy fansites
564:I found a lot of shortcuts on MKWII with Daisy
565:I also found a lot of shortcuts on MK7 with Daisy
566:When i was younger i used to play with dolls,but i don't play with them anymore,so i gave them away to younger Kids
567:I think Daisy and Baby Daisy are Angels
568:If i color in lineart,i ALWAYS say who made the lineart
569:My 2cd fave name is Deisi because i reminds me of Daisy
570:I saw Wreck it Ralph because Bowser is in it! ( But i don't like Bowser..... )
571:I like to say:Girls can do anything Boys can do!
572:I know that Daisy and Rosalina and Peach are NOT Sisters
573:I made up a album called Daisy is #1!
574:I recorded the songs on my Mom's IPad!
575:I met a girl at the Holiday festival ( 2012 ) and she liked Daisy!
576:I have made Online Friends on Daisy fansites
577:I think Daisy is the best character in the M&S series ( It is all right if u disagree
578:I love seeing Daisy intro's and Tributes on YouTube!
579:I subscribed to a lot of Daisy fans on YouTube
580:I have one tiny Peach figure
581:I like the Powerpuff Girls because they remind me of Daisy,Peach,and Rosalina.
582:I like to make one of my Daisy figures kiss Luigi and i make one of my Luigi figures kiss one of my Daisy figures back
583:I made up a Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 Quote:"Feeling way into the Galaxy!"
584:I am making a Sister for Daisy
585:I completed story mode in M & S at the 2012 Olyimpic games ( 3DS )
586:I want a Birdo figure because Birdo is Daisy's friend
587:I like the Sunshine because I can play sports and bike! ( Most of the time )
588:In the Summer,I LOVE acting class because sometimes i can act like Daisy and we play games (But i act like Daisy All the time)
589:I am wearing my Daisy costume while typing these reasons
590:When i go the the Beach,i pretend it is Sarasaland
591:My Journal has Daisies on the cover and on the back,no lie!
592:I like to think how Daisy might of looked like as a kid
593:One of my fave sports is Volleyball
594:When i am bored,i do some really random things
595:I do not know why,but sometimes i make my Luigi and Mario figures fight for Daisy XD ( I have no idea why ) ( And i support :iconmarioplz:x:iconpeachplz: )
596:I have a really cute case for my sunglasses that has flowers on it
597:For the holidays,i don't just get People presents. I also buy some toys and treats to my pets.
598:One of my fave sports is Soccer
599:I wonder how it would be like if Belle met Daisy?
600:I had a dream that me and Daisy went to the park
601:Just like:iconno1daisyfan:,I hate it when people cheat! :(
602:I don't make reasons that people don't get,like:100:"Well thank you, thank you all! Thank you- WHOOOOPS!"– Mario Tennis
603:I think i might of been one of the 1st people to purchase a Daisy plush
604:I can't WAIT until my Daisy plush comes in!
605:Just like:iconno1daisyfan:,I believe in Mario X Peach, because Luigi belongs to Daisy!
606:I drew a pic of Daisy as a mermaid
607:I drew a pic of Daisy in a fox
608:I drew a pic of Daisy and Luigi walking in the fallprincessdaisyrocks10.deviantar…
609:I drew a pic of Classic
610:I don't like Yuri
611:I don't like Yaoi
612:I like the fact that she dose not wear pink
613:I want to be like her forever
614:I wish i was good at soccer....
615:But i think Daisy is VERY good at soccer!
616:I think the Mario Power tennis intro is very funny
617:I am a member of:iconfloral-princess-club:
618:I am a member of:icondaisy-fc:
619:I am a member of:iconprincessdaisylovers:
620:I am a member of:icondaisyforever:
621:I am a member of:icontomboy-lovers-unite:
622:I am a member of:icondaisy-fans:
623:I am a member of:iconprincess-cutie-daisy:
624:I am a member of:iconprincessdaisyfanclub:
625:I am a member of:iconprincess-daisy-power:
626:I am a member of:iconpeach-daisy-club:
627:I am a member of:iconluigixdaisyxclub:
628:I am a member of:iconluigi-daisy-club:
629:I like Galaxias,especially with Daisy!…
630:I have a online friend that is the #1 Baby Peach fan:iconbabypeachs1fan:
631:I don't like the couple Daisy x Bowser
632:I don't like Daisy x Bowser,.Jr
633:I have a online friend that is Rosalina's #1 fan,:iconrosalinasbiggest1fan:
634:I like Hare Hare Yukai,especially with Daisy!…
635:Just like:iconno1daisyfan:,i like PonPon,especially with Daisy!…
636:I like Be myself,especially with Daisy!…
637:I like the Mario kart Wii love song because it reminds me of Daisy x Luigi…
638:I don't do #1 fan Challenges or Fights.
639:I had a Daisy dress when i was younger,but it dose not fit :(
640:People call me sporty sometimes
641:I usually watch Nintendo videos on youtube
642:I don't think it is fair that Birdo got a plush before Daisy
643:My blade guards are Yellow and Orange
644:My blade covers are Yellow
645: People say I'm creative
646:I'm a pretty friendly person
647:If I ever saw Daisy i would freak out ( In a good way )
648:I have a Yellow,Orange,and Green gel pen!
649:I have Yellow earphones
650:I like:iconno1daisyfan:'s Orange glitter letters!…
651:I like the song every time we touch,because it reminds me of Luisay!…
652:I LOVE the way how Daisy's hair shines in MKWII
653:I sometimes play MKWII just to see Daisy's hair shine
654:I let people have their own opinons
655:When i was just starting MKWII,i played as Luigi until i unlocked Daisy
656:I like how Daisy looks like as a MLP!…
657:I think Cream from Sonic is cute!
658:I bought a Yellow/White Skirt
659:I found Baby Daisy's rattle in Mario super sluggers
660:I am annoyed that Baby Daisy did not make it in Mario Tennis Open <:(
661:But i am happy that at least Daisy is in Mario Tennis Open
662:I sometimes say that i am Daisy's 1 and only Biggest fan
663:I was the first one to draw Classic Princess Daisy in her Summer dress
664:I don't like bugs,but I am not scared of them
665:When i see Baby Daisy,i say:AWWWW! She's so cute!
666:I play with Daisy more than Baby Daisy
667:I want a Yellow or a Orange Parsol!
668:When i sleep over with Friends,we talk about Daisy a lot
669:I wanted to go to London so i could see the Summer Olympics in 2012!
670:I love to race online in MK7!
671:I hate it when i see Homeless Animals and People:(
672:When i see Homeless Animals and People,i almost cry ( Sometimes i do! )
673:I have this Orange and Yellow skirt
674:My Friends get headaches from me saying Daisy's name in so many Languages
675:I tell my Friends that they look Prettier without Makeup
676:Just like Me and Daisy,my Mum is also a Tomboy!
677:I love to see fanart of Luisay Kissing!
678:I hate it when People say:Daisy is useless! Because SHE'S NOT USELESS AT ALL!
679:I like Youtubers that play as Daisy and make Daisy tributes
680:I once wished that all the Daisy haters would like Daisy
681:I made this Blingee that only had Daisy sprites in
682:I like it when Bowser and Waluigi are in games that Daisy is in so i can kick their butts with Daisy:D
683:I don't edit Official Nintendo art
684:If i had to play as Mario or Luigi,i would play as Luigi
685:My fave guy in Sonic is Tails because he is like Luigi
686:I got in the top 10 with a Daisy and Peach blingee on this challenge:♡ PRINCESS PEACH BLINGEES. ♡…
687:If they ever made Daisy playable in a Main game,i would be like:AWESOME!
688:I don't Support Bowser x Peach
689:I would take my Daisy plush with me everywhere,but i don't want it to get lost,so i take it all around the house XD
690:I love 2 see Daisy stamps on DA!
691:I try my best not to start fights
692:I hate like Princess Eclair because she kinda reminds me of Pauline and Luigi used to like her ( But i don't hate Pauline )
693:I like Daisy icons!
694:There are a lot of songs that i listen 2 and they remind me of Daisy
695:In the year 2012,i got a lot of Daisy stuff 4 the holidays!
696:I wish i joined Utube in 2007 r so!
697:I wish i joined DA a long time ago
698:Same thing with Blingee
699:I don't like it when Peach kisses Luigi <:(
700:I sometimes pretend that my Daisy plush is playing my 3DS or Wii XD
701:When i write Thank u cards or Birthday cards or so,i always put Daisy on them!
702:My first Video game plush was my Daisy plush! My Princess Daisy plush! by PrincessDaisyRocks10
703:I don't just draw Daisy every day,i also draw Baby Daisy and Classic Daisy every day!
704:I luved that Daisy flirted with Luigi in Mario power tennis! :D
705:When i saw this:thumb345523792:i was like:OMG! SHE LOOKS SO CUTE!
706:I like Turtles because they are Green and they remind me of Luigi
707:If you donate me points on DA,i will try to give points back and a Lama
708:I have spent five hours on a Daisy tribute!
709:I think the Daisy plush looks so much better than the Peach plush!
710:I like to make my Daisy plush wave and say:"Hi, I'm Daisy!"
711:I want to learn how to knit
712:I sometimes think how thankful i am that we have food and other stuff
713:I like that Luigi is Shy
714:I would not change a THING about Baby Daisy
715:I love the way how Daisy moves when you pick her in MKWII!
716:I also love the way how Baby Daisy moves when you pick her in MKWII!
717:I love her more than my OC,Princess Ally!
718:One day i was playing MK7 with Daisy online and i got 4 red shells and a Daisy was ahead,so i did not throw them so i got 2cd place :D
719:My first video game figure was a Daisy figure
720:My fave court in Mario sports mix is Daisy's garden
721:I like that Daisy has two courses on MK7!
722:I think makeup makes me look less pretty! ( I look WAY better without makeup )
723:I don't have NSMB2,but when i went to Gamestop,i played it!
724:I don't like Daisy x Girl pics because DAISY IS NOT GAY AT ALL
725:I really don't like Peach's trophy celebration because she flirted with Luigi!<:(
726:I don't like it when my friends say:LET'S PUT ON MAKEUP!
727:Because i don't want to hurt their feelings,i make my hair look pretty and i don't put on the makeup
728:I am happy that princess eclair dose not like Luigi
729:When i type or write eclair,i write the first letter E,a lowercase e! ( I sometimes forget )
730:I don't think Luigi and Rosalina look good as a couple AT ALL!
731:Same thing as Luigi x Peach
732:Same thing as Luigi x eclair
733:In my room i have a drawing of Daisy that says:Daisy rocks my sox! XD
734:I made i journal entry on DA why Daisy should be in brawlprincessdaisyrocks10.deviantar…
735:I want Super Princess Peach!
736:But i wish they put Daisy in that game
737:I think Luigi looks better in Power ups than Mario
738:Some days i like Daisy Hills more than Daisy Cruiser,and other days i like Daisy Cruiser more than Daisy Hills!
739:When i am online racing on MK7,i pick Daisy Hills or Daisy Cruiser until it gets picked!
740:I think Daisy looks really good in Purple!:thumb264036794:(But she looks better with Orange and Yellow)
741:I make Support stamps on DA 4 People!
742:I want Yoshi's Island because Yoshi is so cute!
743:I think Daisy and Baby Daisy are cuter than Yoshi!
744:I don't like prince peasely because i think he is gay! I also think he liked Luigi :(
745:I am REALLY tired of hearing:Luigi is Rosalina's Soulmate! Because LUIGI X ROSALINA WOULD NEVER WORK!!!!! And if Luigi liked Rosalina,he would be flirting with her all day in Super Mario Galaxy! Luigi likes Daisy,not Rosalina!
746:I support People that support me! (But if they are a Daisy hater,no)
747:I don't just play Mario games,i also play Professor Layton,Mii games,and PKMN
748:I wish Daisy was in SSX On Tour!
749:I want Baby Daisy to be in brawl!
750:I think Daisy should be the main Female,not Peach!
751:Luigi should be the main Male,not Mario!
752:"Hi, I'm Daisy!" IS NOT annoying!
753:I think Luigi looks cute when he blushes in fanart!
754:My fave Candy is Candy corn because it is Yellow and Orange!
755:I wish my 3DS was gold
756:I have a Wii
757:I have a 3DS
758:I think Daisy is a Idol!
759:If you asked me why i love Daisy,i would say EVERYTHING
760:There is this book i read to my 7 y old Cousin called Ivy and Bean and i like Bean more because she's more like Daisy
761:I love to join Princess Daisy fansites!
762:I like White Mage because she is Voiced by Deanna Mustard and she's cool! ( But not as cool as Daisy )
763:I taught some people how to copy and paste flowers!
764:In Super Mario 3D land,i liked Mario's ending
765:But i did not like Luigi's ending in Super Mario 3D land
766:If you say Daisy is ugly,i will SO stand up for her!
767:In the challenge ♡ PRINCESS DAISY BLINGEES ♡… got first place on my 1st blingee.6th place on my 2cd blingee,10th place on my 3rd blingee,and 13th place on my last blingee. :D
768:My fave wheels in MK7 is the sponge
769:My fave gliders in MK7 are the Super Glider,Peach Parsol,and the flower glider
770:My fave karts on MK7 is the Birthday Girl and the standard kart
771:When i color lineart,i always give the link to the lines
772:I sent a email to Nintendo why Daisy should have her own game
772:I played MTO with somebody else that was playing as Daisy and i beat them
773:I let people have their own opinions
774:I wish i had all of Daisy's outfits
775:My friends call my room the Daisy art gallery
776:I don't hack on websites
777:All of my icons on websites i am on have Daisy in it
778:I like playing Daisy dress up games!…
779:When i play Daisy dress up games,i dress Daisy in every outfit!
780:My Dad and Mom say i am addicted to Mario games
781:In Kid Icarus Uprising,my name is Daisy because 1Daisyfan could not fit
782:My fave characters in Kid Icarus are Pit and Palutena
783:Most of the Non-Mario games i play i play are from the library
784:I don't like it when my Mum and Dad hide my 3DS ( They do it because i am too addicted )
785:My friends say i am a expert on making tributes
786:I enter tribute contests on Youtube and most of the time i do pretty well
787:I had my own Princess Daisy tribute contest
788:I don't like that Bowser is so mean to Mario and Luigi
789:My nickname at School is #1Daisyfan
790:I think Daisy is very impressive
791:I think Baby Daisy is very impressive
792:I think Daisy is Big-Hearted
793:I think Baby Daisy is Big Hearted
794:I take AR pics on my 3DS with my Daisy miis
795:I made a Daisy Kaleidoscope!
796:I love it when Nintendo makes New Official Daisy art!
797:I like the Spin-off games more than the main games.
798:I like to color Princess Daisy lineart!
799:I made a drawing of Luigi and Daisy as foxes flying in the sky! Daisy and Luigi:Love in the sky by PrincessDaisyRocks10
800:I hope Nintendo keeps Luigi and Daisy as a couple forever
801:I like the fire flower more than the ice flower
802:I wish everybody was positive
803:I kinda like Math because Video games would not be real and it can be fun
804:When i take a quiz and Daisy is in it,i always get Daisy
805:My fave Pony in MLP is AppleJack!
806:I wish we could study Daisy in school!
807:But i can't,so i study her after school
808:I bet i was the first person to make a Daisy Kaleidoscope! My Princess Daisy Kaleidoscope! by PrincessDaisyRocks10
809:I like Daisy's crown!
810:I like Luigi's hat!
811:I like it when Daisy wins!
812:I wish Baby Daisy was in Mario Kart:Double Dash!
813:But i am happy that Daisy is in MK:DD!
814:In the snow,i made a snow angel,and i tried making it look like Daisy!
815:If i had to meet Daisy or Baby Daisy,i would say Daisy
816:I like the Super Mario galaxy ending
817:But i don't like the Super Luigi Galaxy ending
818:For my birthday and the Holidays,most of the time i get a lot of Daisy stuff!
819:If Bowser.Jr was real,i would punish him for turning Daisy into a Statue!
820:I wish Daisy was in Super Mario Galaxy....
821:I like Peace signs!
822:Some people say that my art is cute!
823:I added Daisy to my middle name and my Mum and Daisy said that was all right! :D
824:When my Aunt asked me what i liked doing,and one of the things i said was Video games!
825:I don't like bad words
826:I don't really like Honey Queen....she's all right i guess....
827:I think Daisy's Cool,Cute,Awesome,and MUCH more!
828:I always try my best when i draw Daisy
829:I like Mario WAY more than Metal Mario
830:I hate that Wario is so gross....
831:My party dress is Yellow
832:I have a T-shirt that says:GO GREEN!
833:I know Kate Fleming has voiced her once
834:I know that Jen Taylor has voiced her 3 times
835:I know that Deanna Mustard has voiced her 19 times
836:I wish Kate Fleming did not die....:(
837:I would rather play as Daisy and lose than play as a different character and win
838:I don't edit fanmade art unless i have permission
839:To be Honest,i think Rosalina's all right.
840:I got a Yoshi-T-shirt from Nintendo World!:D
841:If Metal Daisy was real,i would like Daisy more than Metal Daisy!
842:I RESPECT Daisy!
843:My fave Battle Course in MKWII is Block Plaza!
844:I like the Block Plaza music!
845:I have red high heels like her
846:A lot of People say my OC Ally looks like Daisy
847:I have a small little Yellow Cactus
848:I don't care what People say about Daisy! I will always love her! ( In a fan type way of course )
849:I like all Daisy BG's
850:I like short gloves more than long gloves
851:I love Daisy's Trophy Celebration in Mario tennis!
852:I made a Princess Daisy Fans Forever stamp!:thumb347454488:
853:I wish there was a Classic Baby Daisy
854:I don't really like Shadow Queen
855:I wish there was not a evil counterpart of Peach,Shadow Queen
856:I NEVER team up with Waluigi or Wario in games like MP8
857:My fave orb in MP7 is the Flower orb
858:My fave Special Shot in Mario Hoops 3-on-3 is the Flower Shot
859:My Crush's fave character is Luigi! ( He also likes Daisy! )
860:I ALWAYS pick Luigi,Mario,and Peach to be the CPU
861:I Suggested to Nintendo that they should make a Daisy + Luigi notebook,just like the Mario and Peach notebook!…
862:I don't really like Hello Kitty,but my real life Friend is Hello Kitty's #1 fan!
863:On Club Nintendo,my username is 1Daisyfan1
864:I love Daisy's 8-bit form!
865:When I showed one of my Friends my reasons,he NEARLY fainted and said I was the only #1 Daisy fan
866:I love all of Princess Daisy's karts
867:One time when my Friends were playing truth or dare,my friend dared me to say i hate Daisy and I said DAISY IS AWESOME! I AM SOOOOO NOT SAYING THAT!
868:I have a special place for my Daisy collection
869:My fave events in M&S 2012 are the swimming events and Beach VolleyBall
870:I requested the Baby Daisy button!
871:I requested the Baby Daisy x Baby Luigi button!
872:My fave Baby in the Mario series is Baby Daisy
873:My 2cd fave Baby in the Mario series is Baby Luigi
874:I requested the Daisy x Luigi button!
875:My Webcam on DA has Daisy in it!
876:When I lose,i stand like Daisy
877:I love Daisy's MP4 ending!
878:I only wear pink when I can't find anything
879:I have a toy flower
880:When I draw,it inspires some People!
881:I tried playing Daisy circuit on my Harmonica!
882:I wish my name had the letter D in it
883:My watch is Yellow!
884:I know how to make a crown on a Mii
885:When I went trick-or-treating in 2012,a Girl said she liked my Costume!
886:I won best costume at my Cousin's Halloween party when i dressed up as Daisy!
887:I am not a brat
888:I wish Daisy had more than one course in MKWII!
889:I have a turtle figure!
890:I like Birdo more than Rosalina
891:I drew Daisy in Scratch art
892:My friend said i was good at drawing Daisy in scratch art!
893:I wish Birdo appeared in more games!
894:I have a felt flower
895:For My birthday or the holidays,most of the time I get at least 1 GameStop gift card!
896:I have a small Yellow mirror
897:On the iPad or iPod,I like to use the flower emoji's!
898:When i found a Starfish on the beach,i put it back in the water
899:I like it when Daisy dose tricks in the MK games!
900:I am the 1st Daisy fan to reach 900 reasons!
901:When you search Biggest Princess Daisy fan on google,my Youtube account comes up!…
902:My Youtube account ALSO shows up when you search Biggest Daisy…
903:I made a slideshow of some of my Daisy art on Youtube!…
904:I like:iconno1daisyfan:'s MikuMiku dance,Save me with your charm!…
905:I wish Daisy had her own court in Mario Tennis Open
906:Because Daisy dose not have her own court in MTO,my fave court is Peach's Castle
907:I like Daisy as a technique character in MTO
908:A #1 Daisy fan said i was the #1 OFFICIAL biggest Daisy fan!
909:One of the reasons why i like Daisy more than Peach or Rosie is because she's more athletic than both of them
910:My fave jewel is the Heart Quartz
911:If you kill Daisy I WILL care
912:I WILL care if you kill Luigi
913:I WILL care if you kill Peach
914:I WILL care if you kill Mario
915:I will care if you kill Birdo
916:I like 3 flowers✽❀✿more than one flower✿
917:If Baby Daisy was in Mario Tennis Open,i would put Daisy and Baby Daisy as a Double team all the time!
918:I WILL care if you kill Baby Daisy
919:I WILL care if you kill Baby Luigi
920:A had a dream that all the Daisy hater started liking Daisy!
921:At the beginning of the School season,when have desks that have numbers on it,and i ALWAYS choose desk #9 in all of my classes ( Unless desk #9 is taken )
922:#9 is my Lucky number
923:When i use my Daisy mii's in AR pics,i send them to my Friends on swapnote
924:I earn lots of badges on Blingee
925:When i have free time in class,i draw Daisy!
926:I don't go around saying or thinking:"I'm better than u"
927:I think Daisy's eyes are pretty!
928:I think Daisy's lips are pretty
929:I ALWAYS copy and paste flowers unless i am on the iPad because i have trouble copying and pasting
930:I love all Daisy tributes on youtube!
931:But if it is a Daisy x Waluigi tribute or so,i won't like it
932:My hair used to be long,just like Daisy!
933:My fave volcalid character is Rin
934:One of the reasons why i like Rin is because she likes Yellow!
935:I like Redheads!
936:I wish my hair was Red.....but my hair is brown.
937:I don't think Your EVER too old to love Daisy!
938:I don't call People meanies and stuff like that
939:I don't like Goth
940:I like Daisy's emblem in the M&S series!
941:There is this Boy that MAY like me,and he's a little like Waluigi and i don't like him back
942:I think the Cutest Baby Couple is Baby Daisy x Baby Luigi
943:I got in the Top 100 in Best Blingee Compition with a Baby Daisy Blingee!…
944:When i play games that Daisy is not in,i get bored sometimes....
946:I made the group:icondaisy-x-luigi-fc:
947:I like Green Shells more than Red Shells because they are less annoying and the Green reminds me of Luigi
948:I like Princess Daisy's voice more than Classic Daisy's voice
949:I like Classic Daisy's voice
950:Even if Daisy dose not win,i think She's a Superstar!
951:I wish Luigi did not have a evil counterpart,Mr.L
952:My fave journal skin on DA is the Daisy skinprincessaadaisy12.deviantart.c…
953:Some People call me Daisyfangirl
954:I think Daisy's Official artwork looks WAY better than Peach's Official artworks
955:I want Birdo to be in Brawl
956:I think Princess Daisy looks really pretty in Wreck-it-Ralph!
957:I think Daisy is Sassy!
958:I would love to carry Baby Daisy!
959:I like Professor Elvin Gadd,because he helped Luigi
960:I think Princess Daisy is Lovely!
961:I think Princess Daisy is Beautiful
962:My fave Rowdyruff Boy is Butch
963:My fave Powerpuff couple is Butch x Buttercup
964:I have Flower stickers!
965:My backpack has flowers on it
966:I like Daisy's personality!
967:I like to dance to Save me with ur charm!
968:I wish Luigi saved Daisy in Super Mario land,not Mario
969:I like Daisy's lips!
970:The ONLY thing i would change about save me with ur charm is change Mario to Luigi
971:I love the tricks Baby Daisy dose on MK!
972:I could dance all day to Save me with ur charm!
973:I don't really like Bug PKMN
974:My fave Pikmin is Yellow Pikmin
975:My 2cd fave Pikmin is the Orange Pikmin
976:I wish there were more Princess Daisy merchandise
978:I search Princess Daisy on photobucket a lot!
979:I don't like it when People say that Sally Acorn sucks,but i respect their opinions
980:My fave Sonic couple is Cream x Tails
981:I made a card for the Holiday Card Project 2012 on DA
982:I am holding my Daisy plush while writing these reasons
983:My least favorite Mario character is tatangala
984:When i write tatangala,i write the T a lowercase t
985:I like Boo Luigi more than Boo Mario
986:I put Daisy all over my room
987:I really like my Official Princess Daisy plush's hair!
988:I also like my Official Daisy plush's dress
989:I also like my Official Daisy plush's crown
990:I win with her more than any character
991:I can't get enough of Her
992:I have a green pencil
993:I like Thunder more than Fire
994:I am not a fan of DK
995:I don't think Daisy is silly AT ALL!
996:I wish Baby Daisy was in Yoshi's island.....
997:I don't like King Boo because he is mean to Luigi
998:I don't like it when People try to make Daisy look annoying
999:i pre-order games that have Daisy.
1000:I love dancing to Daisy music!
1001:I love to listen to Daisy music!
1002:I wish my Cousins liked Daisy more...
1003:I love my Daisy plush's red shoes
1004:I wish my cousins cared about her more
1005: i hug my Luigi figure every night, ( I don't kiss him because Luigi belongs to Daisy and I don't have a crush on him )
1006 My favorite pixie hollow fairies are Rossetta and Lily
1007:When i think of reasons,i write them down
1008:I think Daisy is WAY better than Wendy.O
1009:I like to draw Females more than Males
1010:People say i specialize in drawing Daisy!
1011:My favorite character in Brave is Merdia
1012:I don't wear perfume
1013:I don't really like Shy guys
1014:My jewelry box has A LOT of flowers on it
1015:I like Daisy WAY more than Wendy.O
1016:When i was playing MKWII with a friend,she wanted to be Daisy,but she knew how obsessed i am with Daisy,so she picked Baby Daisy
1017:I think Daisy x Luigi is WAY better than Daisy x Waluigi
1018:In school we had to draw a map of something,and i drew the map of Sarasaland
1019:I will NEVER love Peach more than Daisy
1020:I don't like Luigi x Peach or Luigi x Rosalina,but i would rather see Peach with Luigi rather than Rosalina
1021:I took a quiz How well do you know Daisy? And i got it 110% right and it said:"✿ You could be one of her biggest fans! ✿"…
1022:I made a Evil Daisy mii!
1023:I made a Daisy mii with long hair!
1024:I bet i made more Daisy miis than anybody!
1025:some1 painted Daisy on my face at a fair
1026:I know the ultra shortcut on Daisy cruiser
1027:I made a Luigi Mii!
1028:I made a Baby Luigi mii!
1029:I drew Daisy's Offical artwork of MK7 on my 3DS
1030:I am the 1st Daisy fan to reach 1030 reasons!
1031:I love all of her Mario party team names
1032:I made a Mr.L mii!
1033:I like Daisy x Luigi 110% more than Daisy x Mario ( I do not really like D x M )
1034:I made a list why Daisy is better than Peach (On DA and blingee)
1035:I made a quiz:How much r u like Daisy? And i got 10/10!princessdaisyrocks10.deviantar…
1036:If Daisy was girly,i would STILL like her
1037:I wish Daisy haters just thought Daisy was okay at least
1038:Even if Daisy and Luigi were not a couple,i would still love her
1039:I think Daisy is cooler than Peach
1040:My Daisy stamps are mostly popular
1041:A lot of people like my Daisy stamps
1042:When i make a stamp,i always say who made the pic
1043:I am angelic
1045:I am not gay (Daisy's not gay either!)
1046:I get along better with Daisy fans rather than Peach fans
1047:If i could meet one cartoon character,it would be Daisy
1048:I got a eagle in Mario golf Toadstool Tour w/Princess Daisy (And a hole in 1)
1049:Peach is my fave cartoon Girly-girl
1050:At the end of the year,we have yearbooks,and i write:U rule!-#1 Biggest Daisy fan with the Yellow or the Orange pen! (Unless their a bully)
1051:I always spell Sarasaland right!
1052:I think Luigi is WAY better than Tails!
1053:I always request Daisy stuff of my OC,Princess Ally
1054:I think the Daisy plush is very cute.
1055:No matter how hard u try,u can't make me hate Daisy
1056:Some1 asked 2 be Daisy in their #1 fan family,and they said no cuz i had more reasons! And they put me as Daisy in their #1 fan family
1057:On Halloween (2012)i saw ANOTHER person trick-or-treating as Daisy and i made a new Friend!
1058:In almost ALL of my vids have Daisy in it!
1059:I like 2 roleplay as my OC's and Daisy!
1060:I love Daisy's style!
1061:I love spinoff games! (If Daisy is in them!)
1062:If only one new character could be in brawl, I would pick Daisy
1063:I would rather get something with flowers rather than hearts
1064:I like the smell of daisies
1065:My least favorite Peach quote is "I am the princess", because I think Daisy is more of a princess (Not being mean)
1066:When I draw, people ask:Your drawing Daisy, right?
1067:My favorite colors have been Yellow, Orange, and Green for a long time
1068:I got annoyed when Daisy was not in Super Mario 3D world
1069:I was happy when I heard that Daisy was going to be playable in Mario golf:World tour and Mario kart 8

Part 2 is a journal entry


Reasons why i am Cure Pine's biggest fan

✽❀✿1:I like her MUCH BETTER than Cure Peach✽❀✿
✽❀✿2:I think she's very cute✽❀✿
✽❀✿3:I LOVE the colors Yellow and Orange✽❀✿
✽❀✿4:I think she is AWESOME!✽❀✿
✽❀✿5:My fave Nintendo charrie is Daisy✽❀✿
✽❀✿6:I like her style✽❀✿
✽❀✿7:I like flowers✽❀✿
✽❀✿8:I like short hair✽❀✿
✽❀✿9:I have short hair like her✽❀✿
✽❀✿10:I have liked her for a while✽❀✿
✽❀✿11:I was the 1ST person 2 say that i was Cure Pine's #1 fan✽❀✿
✽❀✿12:I want a Cure Pine costume✽❀✿
✽❀✿13:I think she is SO COOL!✽❀✿

✽❀✿I know 12 is not many reasons,but I SAID IT BEFORE ANY1! Plus no1 says they r Cure Pine's #1 fan,so u can't say i am not!✽❀✿



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If Daisy could have her own highly rated, well designed video game but her rights had to be given to either Sony or Microsoft and the game were to be developed and published by either Sony or Microsoft for the Playstation 4 or Xbox One respectively, would you purchase or play the game?

This means only Daisy will appear in the hypothetical game, which will not be Mario themed because the new company will not have the rights to other Mario property.  Daisy will still maintain her personality, hair, face, and history as Princess of Sarasaland, although the new developer might dress her up in something different from the yellow and orange dress, but nothing R-rated.  Daisy dukes, perhaps?

The actual nature of the game is up to the new developer (Sony or Microsoft), but will not deviate too far from Daisy's comfort level.  For example, Daisy might use a baseball bat to defeat her enemies in comical fashion—think Super Smash Bros. Home-run Contest.

This hypothetical scenario is somewhat analogous to Microsoft's purchase of Rare (Battletoads, Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie) in 2002, in which Rare retained the trademarks of characters from the games made for Nintendo consoles, but Nintendo retained its intellectual properties (Donkey Kong and Star Fox characters, even those created for Country, such as Diddy).

Imagine this as if a favorite athlete (Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James) changes teams, whether via club transfer or free agency.  In short, are you a bigger fan of the player than of the team, or are you more loyal to the team than the player?

Keep it 100 (percent honest).
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She's just some crazed obsessed fangirl,don't worry.
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If my calculations are correct, I think you like Princess Daisy
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Holy shit, that's a lot of pictures and facts you have on your page!

Huge Daisy fan as well.
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