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The Warmest Blue (BelarusxReader) | 4
    The fleeting grasps you’d gotten at sleep showed when the rising sun prickled at your eyes, drawing a few stinging tears and another, harsher, ache that had nothing to do with the light. Carefully, you rolled over, trying not to disturb the covers, and looked at Natalya’s back.
    The covers had slipped down, exposing one shoulder and a slanting window of her pale back, trailing strands of silvery hair slipping down her skin. Asleep, she seemed so fragile; without the daggers and steel of her flashing eyes, the cruel curve of her lower lip that sharpened with anger, Natalya was a vision of vulnerability, the angles of her bones softened into swooping curves by sleep and soft light.
    It was rare for you to wake before her, and you usually savoured the opportunity to drink in the sight of her. Today you found yourself doing the same, but the usual sense of giddy joy and disbelief that such a beautiful, beauti
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 4 3
The Warmest Blue (BelarusxReader) | 3
    “I’m home,” you called as the door closed behind you, the click of the latch both satisfying and disturbing; if you could only be free behind locked doors, what sort of freedom was it really?
    A sad echo of your voice was the only response you received; concern crept into your system as you dropped your bag and kicked your shoes off, met only by the sound of silence.
    Your footsteps were quieter than the irrational pounding of your heart as you slowly delved further into your house, checking each room. With each door that opened to an empty room, a fist of apprehension tightened around your throat. Unspeakable fears flashed through your head, each implausible theory looming over you despite their ludicrousness.
    You stepped into the kitchen and immediately stopped short, eyes fixated on the kitchen table. Scraps of dark blue ribbo
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 5 3
King of the Rink (PhichitxReader)
    “Okay, okay,” you breathed out shakily, ankles wobbling as you stepped into the rink, goosebumps prickling on your skin as the cold air above the ice hit you. You let go of the rail and pushed off into a somewhat smooth glide, breathing deeply as the feeling of weightlessness floated over you.
    Your lips stretched into a smile as you gained speed, your laps around the rink blowing your hair back and brushing past your neck with a chilly kiss. Pop music echoed off the high rafters as you wove around the other skaters, debating whether or not to try some fancier footwork; it was open rink time, so it wasn’t like you were going to embarrass yourself in front of any actual trainees, but you were still loath to chance suddenly reintroducing your buttocks to the ice’s surface.
    The pop track ended and you stopped shifting your feet, letting your momentum carry you around the perimeter while you wait
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 9 4
Star Trek Siggy by PrincessAutumnArcher Star Trek Siggy :iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 1 3 Happy 16th, DeviantArt by PrincessAutumnArcher Happy 16th, DeviantArt :iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 2 0
Reconnaissance (PrussiaxReader) [DRABBLE]
    The coffeeshop door chimed open, you glanced up, and suddenly you were sixteen again—young, naïve, and reckless, falling into striking claret eyes without any care in the world. A ghost of his voice, half memory and all low, sultry contentment, curled up your spine and settled in your skull, warm and quiet:
    That whisper was all it took; memories bubbled to the surface of your mind, flashes of the past bursting before you in vivid color and sound. And then Gilbert turned away, silvery hair gleaming as your shared gaze was broken, and you sat alone once again.
{Satisfied, from Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda}
    The chandelier threw glittering sparks over everything; you should have seen your fall in how Gilbert’s hair glinted icy, perfect platinum, in the illuminated sanguine depths of his eyes. Y
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 11 5
The Warmest Blue (BelarusxReader) | 2
    Natalya was waiting for you when you got home; her silvery hair flowed loose at her waist, the hem of her favourite dark blue dress hanging perfectly at her knees as she greeted you in her usual reserved way, her delicate features so still they could have been of ice.
    You were sure to close the door behind you and check that the windows were all covered before pressing your lips to Natalya’s forehead, taking a moment to preserve the feel of her soft skin against yours and her pulse in harmony with your own. As you pulled away, feeling both relieved and hellishly guilty, Natalya regarded you quizzically. Bemusedly, she asked, “What was that for? Stressful meeting with Ivan?”
    “Meeting?” you responded in confusion; too late, you remembered the excuse you had managed to convince Natalya not to accompany you as your manager today with. “Oh, with Ivan. Yeah, it’s been a long day,
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 10 9
An Heir | Chapter 9
    Pain and confusion exploded in your chest, searing through bone and flesh as you stared at the hooded figure, eyes wide under the shadows cast by draping cloth. Blood roared in your ears, yet you felt as if you had been dragged away from the real world, all sounds oddly muted and shuffling as echoes ricocheted in your skull.
    Amelia stood there as if made of stone, mouth curled in a sort of half-apologetic, half-determined expression, shadowed by the hooded cloak she wore. She didn’t move, barely breathing as you sighed, stuck the candle in a holder some absentminded servant had left on the table, and crossed a few steps to her side. There was no protest as you took her elbow firmly and pulled her towards the light of the candle.
    Only when the wavering light of the candle flame reached her eyes did you notice the glassiness in Amelia’s eyes, light glimmering off the surface of the tears welling over her
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 10 10
The Warmest Blue (BelarusxReader) | 1
    The slap of paper on wood was audible as you stared at what was printed there on the glossy surface: you, laughing with Natalya, hands clasped and fingers entwined, bodies far closer than the boundary of platonic relations allowed. The man in black before you shuffled the sheets outward and more images appeared: the two of you sitting in the small café you had thought was so secret, bodies curled into one another’s like cats; a closer shot of your heads, your lips millimetres from Natalya’s, palm resting on the curve of her cheek.
    The final picture, slapped down almost victoriously by the government official, seared itself into your mind; you remembered the event as if it had been yesterday, although you hadn’t know that photographic evidence existed to document it. Your arms were looped around Natalya’s neck, fingers threaded through her fine platinum hair; her lips had been so warm and sweet again
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 10 4
Destruction So Divine
There was once a kingdom bordered by mist and mountains, lush with forests and crystalline rivers that twined over the land like trails of tears dripping down porcelain cheeks. This kingdom was ruled by a gracious king and queen, but when malicious forces too powerful for mortal rulers to counter threatened the realm, the true guardians of the kingdom came forth.
Sister fairies, each with their own unique powers and sacred connection to the soul of the universe itself, protected the kingdom. Their presence could be felt throughout the realm; it was evident in the vibrancy of the flowers and the sweet iciness of the water that flowed as lifeblood through the earth. The people adored the seven fairies who walked among them, each exuding a tangible aura of power that lifted their mortal hearts and sang to their souls. These seven sisters were each linked to the natural world, comprising together the purest form of harmony between magic and mortal life: the rainbow.
The youngest of these s
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 13 22
An Heir | Chapter 8
    The possibilities of how your daughters would react whirled in your head incessantly, striking against the inside of your skull like mallets pounding out fear from a mine of terror. Amelia would be angry, you knew it; fury would rise from her and she’d storm away before you could console her at all. She’d always clung to her independence, the stubborn child even as the world shaped her to fit the likings of men. Madeline’s response was harder for you to predict; you could see your younger daughter being silently deflated by the news, the invisible wings that held her poetic, sweet soul so high above the earth abruptly being clipped…yet you could also see that sadness, thick enough to drown in, curdling into sullen anger that burned just as fierce and hot as Amelia’s, if not as boldly.
    Amelia was her father’s daughter in all rights; that brilliant, fearless fire shone out from their hearts and gave their
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 11 11
Stormy on the Rocks (NetherlandsxReader) [GIFT]
    The bar was calmly mundane, all clinking glasses and the soft rush of chatter, but its back room was another world. Through that door in the corner, hidden by carefully cast shadow and the corner of the bar, lay a separate realm of tinted lights and soaring music that seemed too loud to be hidden just by the door. It was in this oddly otherworldly world that you met Abel Mogens for the first time—as well as where you would leave him for the last time.
    You had found out about the “secret room” from a friend, who had heard about it from someone she met at one of Amsterdam’s many coffee shops. Given the chain the information had passed through, you had been a bit skeptical of your friend’s enthusiastic encouragement to check it out, but here you were… The bartender came to a pause before you, his long-fingered hands tapping over the inventory on his counter as if over piano k
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 42 6
The Words Unspoken
He worked in silence, just as he always had. Calyx didn’t mind; he found a friend in the quiet solitude that wrapped gentle arms around him and started a content thrum in his veins.
In and out, went the needle, steady and swift. The thin silver was pleasantly cool between his fingers as it stitched with nearly invisible thread through impossibly delicate, papery material. However arcane and ominous his work may have seemed to others, Calyx was perfectly happy with his occupation. It provided him peace, and his soul rested content among his patients. No one seemed to understand…except him.
Even now, his name rested light and familiar on Calyx’s tongue. Sarah had been there by his side when it happened, she’d said. Just another one of his little incidents, nothing to worry about--except this time, it hadn’t just been another incident. Calyx had been back at the shop, of course, finishing just one more patient before retiring for the day. And now, Calyx
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 2 8
An Heir | Chapter 7
    You went to see Arthur immediately after being forced to down a meal of porridge the following morning; the thick creaminess had no flavour to you and you swallowed it quickly, anxious to see how Arthur had fared the night. Your steps only slowed a few steps away from his door, sudden dread clinging to your heels and pulling them back down to the ground like stale treacle.
    Your fingers intertwined, feeling around the papery thin scabs at their bases where Arthur’s rings had cut through; his desperate, rasping voice echoed in your head again and you felt the familiar rush in your chest that had bade you to rise and come to Arthur’s chambers.
    “I love my king,” you told yourself, words quietly uttered but heavy in your mouth. With that, you pushed the doors open and entered, blinking rapidly to adjust your eyes to the sudden dimness that cloaked the room.
    Arthur had been
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 13 15
    Ramsey had refused the gifts, all of them. He’d turned down the money and turned deaf ears to all offers of promotion…he’d even shut the door in the face of his patron. Yet it had all been in vain.
    Natalya Ardeyev was dead and rotting in a grave far deeper than six feet, and Dr. Ramsey Atkins had put her there. The operation had been risky by nature (and at best); any sane doctor would have burnt their name from the books at the mere suggestion—but with the Brothers always watching and waiting, even that choice had been taken away. They had come to his home to deliver the order; the rapid knocks on his door had nearly sent Ramsey into the throes of cardiac arrest. To the terrified paranoia of his ears, the sound had possessed far too much similarity to a round of staccato gunfire. As soon as the unmarked black envelope had emerged from the depths of the masked messenger’s coat, Ramsey had resigned himself to
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 4 15
Temptation (SebastianxReader)
    He was not human.
    To forget that was to become prey already limp in the jaws of its hunter—yet already your grip on the whip was weakening, his fingers gently loosening yours and taking the control into those slender, wickedly clever hands.
    I am yours to command.
    Your eyes closed for a second, the darkness taking shape behind your eyelids and unfurling into shapes with no name; your fingers clenched on air, blood boiling under the incandescent lines of the contract seal branded onto your body and soul. Not for the first time, the thought that contract seals branded a demon’s human much like a slaughterhouse branded its stock crossed your mind, bringing a prickling of goosebumps to your skin and the slightest of shivers up your spine.
    Allow me to bear the burden of your duties…allow me to serve you in the fullest.
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 67 30
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Reason (France x Assassin!Reader)
The driver's first image of Bonnefoy was in the drape of a decorated hand, slung over the carriage's edge as he raised himself to its height - a strangely delicate movement. Coupled with alluring eyes, it was unsettling, almost as much as his generous pay.
"To the opera," he said to them, voice like silk, perhaps not minding that still they stared straight ahead, and a woman's laugh rattled through from behind. "You'll know the way. Thank you."
And, truly enough, the trip was largely uneventful. Dogs ran between the wheels, lamplighters brought flecks of life to the dark road and leant hard against their poles, while rain reached down as though merely for the purpose of wetting through the driver's coat; at least it was thick, and wouldn't show the barrel of their pistol, but the conditions were as unfavourable as they were favourable. Maybe the gunshot would be mistaken for a clap of thunder, the graceless fall of a splintering coach? One could dream, but dreams were as unpredictable
:iconvienna-kangaroo:vienna-kangaroo 31 42
Fables for the Loveless
You read stories about girls who are supposedly like me. Strange girls. Girls who aren’t beautiful and pre-packaged perfection, girls who wear their sarcasm like a suit of armour, sharp tongues used like rapiers to keep them safe. These are the girls used to being on the side-lines, girls who are never the stars of their own making.
And that girl always finds a boy.
She finds a boy that unravels her, who pierces her amour with clever words and beguiling smiles. A boy that somehow chooses her- the strange girl who walks with her eyes down, with shadows in her ribcage and tornadoes in her head. When he kisses her, the universe explodes and her heart is finally thawed.
But in real life, boys like that do not exist.
They are a product of a young girl’s phantasmagoria, of hopes that grow in secret, like a flower in the dark. Hope that refuses to really, truly die, no matter how much poison it’s forced to take in. These magical boys don’t fall for the easy option, the
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 23 34
Echo (John Watson x Busker!Reader)
"Mind the gap, please."
John Watson let out a slight sigh as the trilling announcement reached his ears for the third time that morning. Tightening his hand around his suitcase, he headed towards the winding passage that would lead him to the hospital. Since Sherlock had been in one of his infamous moods and been resoundly rejecting every single of the many cases brought to his attention as 'boring', John was beginning to grow concerned at the lack of funds coming in. While Sherlock couldn't care less about his current monetary state, John was a little more practical. As such, it was back to the clinic for some freelance medical work for him.
As he walked with the crowd of people who had also left the tube, John had the uncomfortable sensation of feeling like some kind of animal, like salmon mindlessly surging forward in one direction, in their single-minded determination to reach their destination. There was something inherently depersonalising about the experience, as if all t
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 36 15
Mature content
Chiaroscuro (Model!Greece x Student!Reader) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 111 17
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The Girl With The Jackalope Smile
She always told me her life was a cake walk
But I'll never understand what kind of happiness comes from 
Crushing pastries under your foot
She could stitch sunshine along her wrists
And leave the rest of us in the dark
Trying to paint our own cerulean skies
And leaving us all bereft when we only managed
To stain our skins blue
And she could dance a two-tattoo on the arch of moon beams
Licking her diamond lips to taste something more
Willow wick finger tips gleaming with still flames
Tempting a hand into her grasp so that she might 
Burn life back into our hollowed bodies
She traced constellations on her lungs
So she could breathe the star dust
And have shimmering breath all year long
Instead of just in December
Her canines glinted when she grinned
Candle drops of light shinning in each tooth
And melting our hibernation patchwork
To reveal our summer skin
Her veins surged with hot apple cider and wildfires 
And her cigarette smoke smelt of burning wood
Her orange and red
:icondrowsydoe:drowsydoe 225 35
Black Lion by UnluckyAmulet Black Lion :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 2 0 Big Ben by UnluckyAmulet Big Ben :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 3 0



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Hey there everyone. I know it's been a long time, and I'm sorry for anyone who's been impacted by my absence. I meant to return much sooner, but due to email security and my own forgetfulness, I lost access to this account for a bit.

I'm back now though, so yay? I'm sorry to say that I definitely won't be posting very regularly, if much at all. University is really taking 100% of me right now and I can't balance coursework with producing fic that I'm actually proud of and upholds the standards I hope are expected of me now. I am in a creative writing class this semester, so I'll post some pieces after workshop and such if anyone would like that. 

Apologies for my absence, and best wishes for the new year and the future. <3 Thank you for sticking around this long with me, guys. I appreciate it so much. 
To my friends who have been here since the beginning, I'm so sorry for disappearing on you like this. I hope you're well, and I hope that I haven't burned our bridges, because I value you all so much. 

- J
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