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missing cat help please share everywhere and tell everyone to share and keep a look out\

im engaged…



August 25th PLEASE TELL THE MAKERS TO FIND SOMEONE TO BUY IT OR BUY IT YOURSELF OR DO SOMETHING TO HELP KEEP IT UP LIKE give donations or something please tell everyone about this no matter who it is online or in real life and tell them this in other languages to spreed this around the world make it become incredibly well known PLEASE LEAVE A POST ON THE LINK I JUST GAVE YOU…



IMPORTANT- We have been getting several messages from you indicating that when you call Premier Wynn'es office they are adamant that you forward your concerns to Minister Naqvi. You certainly can do that but we have been pleading with his office for over a year now.

It is the Premier that needs to be reached NOW as she will be the deciding factor at this stage of the process. Please don’t let that hinder you. Continue calling Premier Wynne’s office and be firm that you wish your concerns be addressed to her.



The Government of Ontario has put forward Bill 80, Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment Act 2015, a bill that will prohibit the breeding, acquisition and possession of orcas (killer whales). Unfortunately, Kiska, Canada’s last captive orca, isn’t going to be included in the ban. This means Kiska could spend the rest of her life in social isolation. You can help make sure this doesn’t happen, but you have to act quickly.

In fact, you can give help to other whales and dolphins at the same time. After all, it doesn’t make sense to ban orcas, but not the other whales and dolphins who share many of the same biological, behavioural and social attributes as orcas. They should be also be included in the ban.

This is the last chance for Kiska and other whales and dolphins. Bill 80 will be discussed on Monday May 25th and that’s the final chance for Bill 80 to be amended. Please call or email Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario this week and tell her:

1)That you appreciate the Government of Ontario moving in the right direction by prohibiting the breeding, acquisition and possession of orcas (killer whales),

2)That you believe Kiska should be included in the orca ban as she shares the attributes (such as her large size and her wide-ranging, deep diving, highly social lifestyle) as her wild counterparts. If she is not included in the orca whale prohibition ban, it will ensure she spends the rest of her life in social isolation.

3)That Ontario should prohibit all whales and dolphins in captivity for the same reason,

4)That tens of thousands of Ontarians and millions of animal lovers around the world will see the Government of Ontario as compassionate and progressive if Bill 80 is amended to include Kiska and other whales and dolphins.


PHONE - 416-325-1941 (as to speak to her assistant)


MESSAGE Kathleen Wynne-…


FAX- 416-425-0350


Email her constituency office and ask that they forward your concerns to her Queen’s Park address-


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Thank You and FREE KISKA!

say this tilikum a 33 year old male orca captured in iceland lives at seaword orlando he stared in the movie blackfish and HES GOING TO DIE SOON HE NEEDS YOUR HELP RIGHT NOW LOOK AT THESE VIDEOS he has a peanut head. what means hes near DEATH
Please voice concerns about Tilikums health here, ask them to go and see him, the recent video evidence proves something isn't right. Please share the more complaints the better for Tilly,and use these videos below………….
please share this around everywhere online or in real life no matter who and tell them this in other languages to spreed this around the world make it become incredibly well known

kiska is very sick has well she might die the only way kiska has a chance of liveing is you tell everyone and tell them to share this around everywhere to contact the government of canada tell them to shut down marineland right now and tell them way im begging you to do this no matter how hard this is to contact the government of canada go here… please tell everyone about this no matter who it is online or in real life and tell them this in other languages to spreed this around the world make it become incredibly well known

please join this site please tell this site to everyone no matter who and tell everyone to join it link is here… help bring back the romanovs to russia ; please share this around everywhere online or in real life no matter who and tell them this in other languages to spreed this around the world make it become incredibly well known

want to join my anastasia romanov site its easy and free to join hi im a big fan of princess anastasia romanov of russia i admire her my Goal is to bring the monarchy back to russia and i also love the romanovs to and russia mostly tsarist russia as well im 20 i love anime manga video games sports nintendo yugioh dinosaur king foxs disney royalty the sea history ocarinas running jade ducks seahorses adventure family poland baths frogs dolls hello kitty japan enix asian things cute things girly things candy friends purfume makeup art music canada dinosaurs basketball china pizza orcas pearls greece sweden brazil thailand philippines laos vietnam finland fish faberge eggs unicorns denmark france don bluth dreamwroks italy germany dragons mermaids fantasy medieval times jewelry mythography fashion shopping fancy things dangos museums dresses glitter romance pink and purple and blue pearls lions tigers bugs cats animals science singing danceing ballet fariy tales cartoons flowers roses daisys seals sunflowers rainbows hearts god farly tales computer china korea i like many parings but the ones i like the most are zelink xia x eltrio sakura and syaoran amu x tadase kyo x tohru inuyasha x kagome yukito x misuzu ichigo x masaya ash x misty mario x peach ariel x eric luchia x kaito anastasia x dimiti aurora x philip usagi x mamoru shampoo x mousse tomoya x nagisa ayu x yuuchi natsume x mikan my fav characters are anastasia romanov princess zelda princess aurora princess peach princess ariel tohru honda utau hoshina sakura kinomoto tinkirbell and xia of the dragovains eltrio link eric kyo sohma syaoran tadase masaya inuyasha tamaki dimitri im kind gentle funny selfless shy brave friendly headstrong mischievous impish strong willed adventurous confident playful smart curious spirited i like to make people laugh i like to play pranks i hate school but get good grades im a lot like anastasia i like to make friends im a monarchist 100% Monarchism for the world most monarchs are very nice people and help out others unlike presidents IF YOU TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THAT this is the russian empires power 12,000,000 THATS GOD LIKE POWER i want to become a Leib Guard badly thats a russian imperial guard long live tsarist russia god save the tsar is the russian imperial anthem… _♥_♥___♥_♥_ Put This
_♥_♥___♥_♥_ Put This

♥___♥_♥___♥ Heart

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_____♥_____ Romanovs "
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"The president of a republic is as though you pick a player from one of two teams and make him umpire." ~Czar Simeon II of Bulgaria

In fact, after having abolished the monarchy, the best of all governments, [the French Revolution] had transferred all the public power to the people — the people... ever easy to deceive and to lead into every excess ~Pope Pius VI, Pourquoi Notre Voix

I am a true servant of my King and country, not only as a dutiful subject but because I am a convinced monarchist, politically and intellectually. I mean by that, quite apart from myself and my relationship to my Bavarian and German fatherland, I believe monarchy to be the most successful form of government that the history of mankind has known. ~Adolf von Harnier

In Italy they are already speaking about a republic, but keep in mind that there is nothing less suited to Italians...... The Italians are individualists and a republic will become the cause of confusion and disorder. Certainly of corruption. I have no doubt of it. When all this comes to pass who will profit from it? ~King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy

If a nation does not want a monarchy, change the nations mind. If a nation does not need a monarchy, change the nations needs. ~Jan Christian Smuts, Prime Minister of South Africa

Constitutions become the ultimate tyranny. They're organized power on such a scale as to be overwhelming. The constitution is social power mobilized and it has no conscience. It can crush the highest and the lowest, removing all dignity and individuality. It has an unstable balance point and no limitations. I, however, have limitations. In my desire to provide an ultimate protection for my people, I forbid a constitution. ~Frank Herbert's "Dune Messiah"

Pietas prevailed, and out of the blood of Caesar the monarchy was born. ~Sir Ronald Syme things i cant stand soviet union hitler and nazis the kkk weaboos your not japanese your white get over it seaworld and all other marine parks google thay ruined youtube sopa soviets yoei fangirls just the crazy ones school people who only care about money 4kids thay ruin anime vladimir putin vladimir lenin i hate him more then i hate the devil he is the killer of the romanovs and the creater of the soviet union bolsheviks leon trotsky rasputin i have mixed feelings for him stalin kim jong un racists rude people bullys shipping wars democracy selfish people people who kill animals for fun people who dont respect nature pro captivaty todays humanaty trolls hackers anastasia haters olga haters SHES NOT A SNOB PEOPLE SHES A VERY NICE GIRL get off my page if you hate her mariotehplumber if i had to say hitler reborn it would be this guy Constitutions the sonic fanbase this is what tsarist russia was like… before the communists killed the land thay killed beautiful russia
God, save the Tsar!
Strong and majestic,
Reign for glory, For our glory!

Reign to foes' fear,
Orthodox Tsar.
God, save the Tsar!… in defense of Nicholas II Many have criticized Nicholas II for being indecisive, however, what those people call indecisiveness I call a sober appreciation for the weight and responsibility, as well as the sacred nature, of his position as tsar. Certainly there were many problems during the reign of Nicholas II and of course mistakes were made, but much of this has been overblown. The reign of Nicholas II also saw great strides being made in industrialization and overall internal development. However, I admire him most for his personal qualities. He was very religious, a very devoted husband and father, a good judge of character and talent (despite what you may have heard) and a man of impeccable moral standards. In hindsight I can say that his greatest mistake was involving Russia in World War I (something he was not eager to do) but even then he was acting with very noble motivations. Under Nicholas, coal and iron production tripled, more people were educated than ever before in Russian history and despite what detractors say he was not bigoted or intolerant, blocking efforts to limit the civil rights of Jews for example. Likewise, his management of the war was not the total disaster it is often made out to be. In fact, Russia was showing signs of being on the verge of a massive recovery when the revolution broke out. However, it is more than enough that he was one of the most (perhaps the most) virtuous, upright and moral men to ever lead Russia. why monarchy is better then republics… in defense of monarchy… russia would be much better under the tsar then it is today i cant stand Nicholas II haters if you hate him BURN IN HELL FOREVER and i will troll you untill you like him in defense of monarchyMonarchies are un-democratic!
Not true. Actually, most monarchies in the world today are more democratic than most republics in the world. Further, in most republics (even the United States) the President is not directly elected by the people anyway. However, being democratic is not necessarily a good thing. Benevolent leaders and bloodthirsty dictators have both come to power through democracy.

Monarchies are too expensive!
Not true, not by a long shot. Some monarchs (such as the Prince of Liechtenstein) cost the public nothing at all. In the United Kingdom, the money the Queen grants the government from the Crown Estates is considerably more than the allowance she receives from the Civil List, so Britain effectively makes money off the monarchy. Republics often spend more on their presidents, past presidents and first families than monarchies do on their royal houses. Many countries (like Australia, Jamaica or Canada) share a monarch and pay nothing and monarchies do not have the constant, massive expense of elections and political campaigns for the top job.

Hereditary monarchy just isn’t fair!
Why not? How can any system for determining national leadership be absolutely fair? It hardly seems fair that one person should receive the top job simply because he or she is more popular. Surely the correct criteria should be how qualified a person is rather than if they are good at making speeches, more photogenic or being more gifted at graft and deceit. In a monarchy the top job goes to someone trained from birth to fill that role. In a republic, even under the best circumstances, an elected president will take half their term learning to do the job and the other half campaigning to retain it; hardly a model of efficiency. Hereditary succession seems much more “fair” than granting power to those able to swindle enough money and promise enough favors to the powerful to obtain the highest office in the land.

Monarchies are dangerous! What if the monarch is incompetent?
The same question could be asked about republican leaders. However, rest assured, monarchs who are not capable of fulfilling their duties can be replaced and have been throughout history. Take two of the oldest and most stable monarchies; in Great Britain, when King George III became incapacitated the Prince of Wales was made regent and exercised his duties for him. Similarly, in Japan, when the Taisho Emperor was no longer able to fulfill his duties, the Crown Prince took over those duties for him as regent. On the other hand, even in the most successful republic in the world, the United States, only two presidents have ever been impeached and neither one was actually removed from office.

Monarchy is an archaic throwback! It’s simply out of date!
Certainly monarchy is an ancient institution as it developed naturally from the dawn of time and the growth of human civilizations. However, democracy and republicanism is just as archaic. The Greek city-states of ancient times tried direct democracy and found it of very limited value, lasting only so long as people found out they could vote themselves the property of others. Republicanism was tried on a large-scale by the ancient Romans and yet they too found that it caused too many divisions, factions and civil wars before they decided a monarchy was preferable. The oldest republic in the world today was founded in 301 AD. How out of date is that?

What about cruel monarchs like Nero or Attila the Hun? Surely no benefits could be worth risking leaders like that!
Actually, far more people have been butchered in wars or massacred by those in power since the start of the revolutionary period than in all history previously. Nero or Attila the Hun were unsavory characters but nowhere near as bad as republican monsters like Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong or Pol Pot. It has only been in the post-revolutionary era of mass politics and political ideologies that governments have taken to killing their own people in huge numbers. Nero was cruel to his own family and later persecuted Christians who were still a tiny minority and Attila the Hun, as ruthless as he was toward his enemies, ruled his own people well from what we know and with justice. No monarch ever wiped out as many of their own people as the communist dictators of the Twentieth Century, all of whom did so in the name of “the people” and “fairness”.

Royals are too out of touch. They have no idea how regular people live.
Some people believe this, but it simply isn’t true. Queen Elizabeth II was a mechanic and truck driver during World War II, the King of Thailand is a renowned jazz musician and composer, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has painted illustrations for several books, including the Danish edition of “The Lord of the Rings”. The Emperor of Japan grows his own rice, the King of Cambodia was a practically anonymous dance instructor before coming to the throne and many royal heirs take ordinary jobs, often in obscure places where they are unknown, after finishing school. Despite what people think, royal life is not all champagne and caviar. Compare this to many presidents who have often never worked outside the public sector in their entire lives, never served in the military (as most royals do) or ever known any other life besides making speeches and casting votes.

At best, monarchs are unnecessary. A president could do just as good a job.
Not true at all. Some republics have ceremonial presidents that are supposed to be non-political but they still invariably have a political background and are beholden to the party that appoints them. A monarch, on the other hand, is above all political divisions and has a blood connection to the history of the country, its traditions and most deeply held beliefs. No politician could ever represent a people in the way a monarch can whose family history has been the history of the country itself.

Monarchies must be bad or else there would be more of them!
That argument could only begin to make sense if most monarchies had fallen because of a conscious decision by the whole people to see them end. This has certainly not been the case. Most monarchies have fallen because of brute force exerted by a powerful, motivated minority or because their country was defeated in war and their state collapsed. How about looking at how people live? The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development annually puts out a list of the best countries to live in based on a variety of factors and monarchies invariably outrank republics by far. Last year, 2012, is a typical case with 8 out of the top 10 best countries to live in being monarchies; the only republics to make the top 10 were the United States and Switzerland. If republics are so great, shouldn’t their people be living better lives than those in monarchies?

Monarchs are so set apart, they cannot represent ordinary people.
Actually, that is precisely why they can represent everyone in a way no politician ever could. President Hollande of France is an agnostic socialist, so how can he truly represent those French who are Catholic or capitalists? President Napolitano of Italy was a long-time communist, which is certainly not representative of most Italians. President Obama of the US, a liberal from Hawaii, cannot have much in common with a conservative from South Carolina. Yet, a monarch, because they are set apart, can represent everyone because they are not from any particular group.

Republics bring progress, monarchies only oppressed.
Historical fact says otherwise. Time and time again history has shown that the end of monarchy makes things worse for a country, not better. In France it resulted in the “Reign of Terror” that saw tens of thousands of people get their heads chopped off. In Russia, the loss of the monarchy allowed the Bolsheviks to take power who then created the Soviet Union which spread oppression around the world and murdered millions of people. In China the result was a chaotic period of warlord rule followed by the bloodiest civil war in human history and then a communist dictatorship that took the lives of 60 million people. The end of monarchy in Germany and Austria resulted in divided republics that allowed Adolf Hitler to come to power, devastate the continent and butcher 9 million people. The fall of the Shah of Iran allowed a radical theocracy to take power that has spread terrorism around the world and brutally oppressed its own people. These are only a few of the examples that could be cited and the facts are inarguable. i did not make these just reposted them from a person called themadmonarchist all credit goes to themadmonarchist hopefuly you will become a monarchist now i will prove to you why captivity is evil and why orcas and other animals shoud be free

100 reasons why captivity is evil
1 orcas live much longer out is the wild true fact
2 orcas are much nicer to people out in the wild
3 orcas are much happier out in the wild
4 orcas never attack people in the wild
5 seaworld and others treat orcas very terribly
6 the tanks are to small for the orcas
7 seaworld does not care about the orcas or otheranimals
8 they also dont care about the people who come there
9 they say they do and make it seem that way but they dont look deep and you will see its true actions speak louder than words
10 they interbreed orcas thats so sick
11 there interbreeding orcas kills orcas all over not saves them
12 orcas have to be with there families
13 orcas are forced to perform tricks and they dispise it
14 orcas are healthier in the wild
15 orcas have to be with other orcas no matter what they can never be alone
16 seaworld drills orcas teeth how evil is that
17 orcas are way more social in the wild to people and animals
18 orcas are more fun in the wild
19 its free to see them in the wild
20 orcas are more smarter in the wild
21 orcas are more mature in the wild
22 orcas never live that long in captivity a lot of the times they die in there teen years
23 orcas die terribly in captivity
24 orcas are not normal in captivity
25 orcas cry for there families everyday in captivity
26 orcas are never happy in captivity
27 orcas are mostly always happy in the wild
28 orcas need a lot of space they dont in captivity
29 its so swet so see orcas with there families
30 orcas are mostly not starving in the wild
31 in captivity thay have to earn there food by doing being forced to do tricks the right way if not they get little to no food
32 seaworld hybrids orcas you cant do that
33 seaworld and other marine parks are killing orcas makeing them endangered
34 seaworld and other marie parks lie about orcas and other animals look deep its true
35 orcas are always petrified in captivity if not then there always scared
36 orcas never sleep that well in captivity
37 there families are never happy that there orca was taken away from them and cry everyday for them
38 orcas and there familes will never be happy until there back togther
39 orcas and there familes never forget eachother no matter how young the orcas are and how many years its true look deep
40 orcas love there familes more then anything
41 there familes never sleep well knowing there orca was taken away
42 seaworld likes to make orcas sad all the time
43 orcas never leave there familes
44 seaworld and other marine parks will do anything to get wild orcas and keep the ones they have its ture look deep
45 orcas mature faster in the wild
46 seaworld and others dont care if orcas or other animals die
47 they enjoy it when they die
48 and they enjoy takeing orcas from there familes
49 they like to make orcas and other animals suffer
50 they will never regert it
51 they take orcas away from there moms
52 orcas have killed people in captivity beacuse there frustrated 4 times in the wild orcas have never killed people 53 orcas fight other orcas in captivity that never happens in the wild 54 orcas never reject there calfs in the wild 55 orcas are always looking out for eachother in the wild 56 orcas are always helping eachother in the wild 57 orcas are more strong in the wild 58 orcas almost never get sick in the wild 59 orcas recover faster in the wild 60 the death rates are much lower in the wild then in captivity 61 orcas are more gentle in the wild
62 orcas dont kill themselfs in the wild

63 orcas have way more room in the wild

64 orcas are always bored in captivity

65 orcas are forced to mate in captivity

66 theres man stillborns miscarriages and many of the calfs soon after birth day in captivity

67 seaworld does nothing to help wild or other captive orcas and they dont help theres most of the time

68 seaworld only helps animals that are useful to them

69 some of the captivie orcas have depression

70 the orcas are locked into small cages when there not performing

71 seaworld does nothing that much to improve there orca care

72 many of the orcas have not many teeth these orcas shoud be sent to a seapen

73 orcas swim over 100 miles a day and they have to they cant in captivity

74 orcas need a lot of food and i mean a lot they dont in captivity

75 captivity is to unnatural for orcas

76 orcas ae to smart for captivity

77 orcas are to social for captivity

78 orcas are to sensitive for captivity

79 the sound of loud music in captivity bothers orcas and people screaming

80 no matter what orcas get huge tanks other orcas food toys traners love health care etc there still bored depressed attack humans die young

81 some of the orcas in captivity have no other orcas

82 orcas are very well aware of captivity and they dispise it a lot

83 many of the orcas have health issues for some ages someting not naturel they shoud be sent to a seapen

84 many separations of orca moms and dads form there child has caused them to become depressed forever become suicidal more aggressive etc there not the same orca anymore after that

85 orcas always thank if there going to be free see there pods or see there child again

86 orcas are always trying to tell people there not happy

87 orcas dispise being locked in a tiny cage

88 some of the orcas are locked in cages with orcas they shoud not be with

89 orcas always dream of being free and with there pods seeing there child again
more reasons will be comeing soon the more you buy tickets to see there shows and there other products the longer they will stay if you stop going to see them and dont give them money they will be forced to close down and the orcas and the other animals will be free so please tell everyone online or in real life friend or stranger not to buy a ticket or anyother product from marine parks oh if you speak more then english tell people in other languages sbout this thank you not to long ago two orcas where captured in russia please sign this to help free them… share this around everywhere please join this site to help stop shark finning share this around everywhere

fav orcas keiko lolita takara bingo kiska katina Tilikum Kasatka ocean sun hugo freya Ulises morgan springer Kshamenk Stella Rin Lovey Kalina kohana Skyla Junior Nemo Nami Oscar Orkid Miracle shamu Narnia namu wanda Sakari moby doll benkei Corky II Athena Gudrun Ai tekoa Earth Ruka Nalani Taima Katerina Kanduke Jumbo Makani Kotar Orky II moana unna haida Kyuquot kayla halyn kalia keet nakai taku trua makaio kim II shouka Sharkan hoi wai Pascuala yaka Victoria Valentin Belén Hyak II Skana Cuddles keto Goro Caren Kandu VII Nootka V Stripe tsunami Princess Angeline Patches Kianu Ahab Asuka ran Neocia Maggie Winnie kyu sandy kona chimo Ran II ramu Scarred Jaw Cow king Mega Alexis Moonlight Mystery Sarah

orcas are my fav animal they shoud be free or in seapens not in tanks the orcas i love more then the others are keiko lolita takara Tilikum ocean sun bingo Kasatka Corky II taima shouka

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I'm the Official #1 Biggest Fan of anastasia and ariel !


❤1- i love her family
❤2-I LOVE Blond types of hair
❤3-shes my hero
❤4 im a lot like her
❤5- i love tomboys
❤6 i used to be one
❤7 dont say anything bad about her family
❤8-im part russan
❤9-and proud
❤10-im part polish
❤11-Her voice IS THE BEST!!!
❤13-i want stuff from her
❤14 she sings good
❤15-shes the best princess ever
❤16-Her dresses are THE BEST;
❤17- shes the most beautiful girl
❤18 im part german
❤19-I am kind of a tomboy
❤20- I HATE when people insult her
❤21- please stop the romanov hate
❤22- i have royal blood
❤23-i hate imposters
❤24-i love god
❤25- i love to draw
❤26-im the youngest just like her
❤27-i love my family alot
❤28-i get along well with my brother
❤29-and mom
❤30-i love to joke
❤31-i love to play pranks;
❤32-im stunning;
❤33-i want to live in tsarist russia
❤34- i help poor people
❤35-i love baths
❤36-forget it im her only true number 1 fan
❤37-i like cold better
❤38-i want to meet her
❤39-i think she lived
❤40-her movie is the best
❤41-i love anything romanov
❤42-shes badass
❤43-She is cool;
❤44-She is great;
❤45-She is strong;
❤46-She is Amazing;
❤47-She is cute;
❤48-SHE IS THE BEST!!!!;
❤49 i help animals
❤50-i love animals
❤51-i love dogs
❤52-i have used to have a dog i was close to;
❤53-im tough
❤54-i never cry
❤55-My favourite Disney Princess is ariel
❤56 anastasia is the best princess ever
❤57-I dream to meet her
❤58-i love friends
❤59-i love to make them
❤60-i love freedom
❤61-im monarchist
❤62-i always will be
❤63--i always will be a russia fan
❤64--i always will be her number 1 fan
❤65- i will always will like her better then the disney princesses
❤66-i love history
❤67-i hate school but get good grades
❤68-her art is cool
❤69-I want anastasia stuff always;
❤70-i love purfume;
❤71-i love sports
❤72-i love the outdoors
❤73-i always think about her
❤74-i love funny stuff
❤75- im known as a imp to
❤76-I am athletic like anastasia
❤77-I am cute like anastasia
❤78-I am kind like anastasia
❤79-I LOVE germany
❤80-i dont care what people think of me
❤81-I ve got a anastasia bag
❤82-i love cartoons
❤83-i love romanov movies
❤84-she would be a good ruler
❤85-im bossy
❤86-i always talk about her
❤87-i defend her
❤88-always will
❤89-shes so lovable
❤90-i love her rooms
❤91-i love russian money
❤92-I Love russian music
❤93-I Love i have russian money
❤94-She is LOVELY;
❤95-She is AWESOME!!;
❤96-i will always keep it
❤97-i love art
❤98-i love to watch her
❤100-100 reasons
❤101-i have more reasons!! ;
❤102-i never show my weak side;
❤103-i love reading
❤104-I love nice people
❤105-i love animal lovers;
❤106-I Love Blond type people
❤107-same with blue eyes
❤108-im smart
❤109-anastasia rules
❤110-i love to dance
❤111-i love ballad
❤112-im good at it
❤113-she makes everyone happy
❤114-just like me
❤115-by telling jokes and pulling pranks
❤116-pranks are cool
❤117-i loved her all my life
❤118-I Prefer and I LOVE long hair!! ;
❤119- i love talking about her family^^ ;
❤120-I HATE lenin
❤121-I HATE soviets
❤122-haters suck
❤123-i have good reasons
❤124-i wish i looked just like her ;
❤125-i know a lot;
❤126-school sucks
❤127-i love the old times better
❤128-i love her smile
❤129-she makes me happy
❤130-shes better then her sisters
❤131-i love to learn;
❤132-i love my grandmother a lot
❤133- :no soviets are welcome
❤134-they runied russia
❤136-tsarist russia was better
❤138-i love music
❤139-i love cool people
❤140-i love her face
❤141-i love most animals;
❤142-i always help them
❤143- i want a dog friend;
❤145 she is always happy
❤146-i want anything anastasia has
❤147-god rules ;
❤148-i love anastasia sites
❤149-I always go there
❤151-i never give up
❤152-My reasons are TRUE !!;
❤153-i want the tsars to come back;
❤155-long live the russian empire
❤156-god save the tsar;
❤157-and anastasia
❤158-his family
❤160 and people
❤161-god will save them
❤162-they love god
❤164-god loves them
❤165-im a real fan
❤166- i love swimming;
❤167-history is the best
❤168-I create Blingees of her
❤169- :i love empires
❤170 there cooler the kingdoms
❤171i love life
❤172-She 's FANTASTIC;
❤173-i love her story
❤174-she has always been my hero;
❤175-she will come back;
❤176-i love anything she does
❤177- and always will;
❤178-"my love is strong
❤179-"family is awesome
❤180-"i cant live if there dead
❤181-I will always stay with them
❤182-i help them
❤183-i love to have fun
❤184-friends are awesome
❤185-they will be with me forever
❤186- i have some russian stuff
❤187-i join clubs of her
❤188-and the romanovs;
❤189-and other royals
❤190-anastasia owns you
❤191-shes the best thing ever
❤192-i love her looks
❤193-i love her fans;
❤194-i hate her haters
❤195- we all love anastasia
❤196- my life is good
❤197-i love to act
❤198-i love my icon
❤199-and my blingges
❤200-200 reasons
❤201-i love marie
❤202-i love olga
❤203-i love tatiana
❤204-i love nicholas
❤205-i love alexandria!;
❤206-i love alexei
❤207-i love don bluth;
❤208-hes better then disney;
❤209-im will meet her
❤210-im not lazy
❤211-More Love for Her!!!;
❤212-please help her
213 i want to be royal
214 Girls r betta than boys
215 be like her
216 because she rules
217 she is your tsarina
218 shes mine
219 respect her
220 im tough very tough
221 crying in public is weak
222 i have no such things as weak spots
223 i dont need a man
224 iim tougher then most
225 i love badass girls
226 i love rock music
227 Ii love metal music
228 i love to play
229 i am always bored
230 people need to be like her
231 watch her movie
232 it is awesome
233 its one of a kind
234 even in the most pain i never cry
235 i am never scared of anything no matter what
236 if i was abused by a man i would slap him and beat him up
237 I run fast just like anastasia
238 i hate people who cry all the time
239 i love anyone
240 ii love nature
241 I pretend im anastasia sometimes
242 who needs a man when you have a family
243 or friends
244 i call her grand princess
245 im tougher them most people
246 i used to be a brat at a young age
247 girl power
248 she and i would be best friends
249 I would be her best friend
250 i dont lie
251 I like anastasiaxdimitri
252 its a cute couple
253 I will never be a poser
254 trees rule
255 i know some french
256 i know some german
257 i know some russian
258 i know english
259 my love will never die
260 i know anastasia is not disney
261 its made by fox and don bluth
262 I like being called princess
263 shes to cool for disney
264 no princess will be better then her
265 i love fun people
266 i love happy people
267 i love funny people
268 i love happy girls
269 i sing a lot
270 i watch anastasia a lot
271 i make stuff about her
272 i say you go girl
273 ask me about her
274 i know everything
275 my stuff is true
276 i hate modern times
277 I am good at sports
278 long live anastasia romanov
279 i talked with her granddaughter
280 i dont care if people say shes daed
281 she lived
282 its a true fact
286 i hate republics
287 monarchy for the world
288 i defend monarchy
289 It gets so much unjust hate
290 want the truth about it
291 ask me
292 the stuff i say
293 is true
294 im hyper
295 watch don bluth movies
296 they rock
297 i just love to look at her
298 Im good at tennis like anastasia
299 i never stop thinking about her
300 my icon is her
301 i say stuff by her
302 i love scary stuff
303 old music is better
304 i love my icon
305 i love pro monarchy
306 I know I aint a poser
307 i wish i was rich as her
308 i hate anti monarchy
309 anastasia is better than elsa
310 and than cinderella
311 and than ariel
312 why
313 because anastasia is hotter
314 she has a more beautiful dresses
315 shes stronger
316 shes braver
317 she does not need a man
318 she is more popular
319 she is more well known then them
320 her fans are not crazy
321 shes the most well known princess in history
322 thats so awesome right
323 tsarist russia is better then the usa
324 there is more blingees of anastasia then the other romanovs
325 i love my reasons..
326 i dont regert them
327 i hate dimitri haters
328 how could you hate him
329 by the end hes totaly cool and kind
330 i dont care if you say he sucks hes cool deal with it
331 dimitri is hot
332 hes nice
333 hes cool
334 hes better then the disney princes
335 hes hotter to
336 his voice is better
337 his songs are better
338 he sings better
339 hes braver
340 he is more romantic
341 the romance is better
342 its more real
343 hes more funny
344 has more character
345 hes nicer
346 he fights better
347 he is more tough
348 anastasia is a good drawer
349 hes less shy
350 hes more likable
351 he has less bad points
352 hes more sefless
353 hes more gentle
354 hes not a coward
355 he knows what to say
356 hes more honest
357 hes more loyal
358 he wants wants best for anastasia
359 its rare to find someone like dimitri
360 i wish i could
361 anastasia is lucky
362 her music box is cool
362 hes more compassionate
363 hes more strong willed
364 hes more stubborn
365 he knows what he wants
366 hes more badass
367 he has more development
368 its not rushed
369 the romance is not rushed
370 haters are just jealous of him
371 i can see why
372 i wish he was real
372 i have good reasons to love him
373 and many of them
374 he has better clothes
375 i would marry dimitri
376 i hate modern stuff
377 anastasias rooms are cool
378 i love to bond
379 i wish i had blood sisters
380 just like anastasia
381 once upon a december is way better then any disney song
382 the lyrics are better
383 there deeper
384 the singer is better
385 and has a more beautiful voice
386 its one of a kind
387 i love that
388 why would you hate it
389 theres no reason to
390 its one of the best songs ever
391 i love everything about it
392 i hate being inside.
392 its boring
393 outside is better
394 its fun
395 i love photos
396i like to be in them
397 i love photography
398 who does not
399 i hate egos
400 i have a soft side
401 im lucky to be russian
402 russians rule )
403 aside from commies
404 they need to die
405 im anti commie
406 and proud
407 royalty is life
408 the romanovs are live
409 I would risk my life 2 save anastasia
410 and her family
411 i know im right
412 they would love me
413 the tsar would
414 thats cool
415 they changed my life
416 forever
417 for the better
418 im happy
419 that im a fan of the romanovs
420 anastasia
421 russia
423 royalty
424 monarchy
425 i dont regert that
426 i show it of
427 i never will regert they changed my life
428 i love royal stuff
429 and to wear them
430 and mainy the romanovs stuff
431 i love anything royal
432 or romanov
433 i love to look at royal stuff
434 i have before
435 even the romanovs
436 thats right
437 take that other number 1 fans
438 i love pro romanov stuff
439 and anastasia stuff
440 i will show you how much i love the romanovs
441 and anastasia
442and royalty
443 and monarchy
444and there stuff
445 the tsar is a good man
446 hes not weak
447 hes not evil
447 hes a good ruler
448 his voice is cool
449 i hate anti tsarists
450 be pro tsarist
451 I hate anti monarchists
452 be monarchist
453 i will tell you why monarchy is good
454 you have a good ruler for life
455 they know how to rule from birth
456 the child takes over remember like parent like child so you have a good ruler for all time
457 # fan
458 it has the best freedom not to much or little
459 to much is bad
460 to little is bad
461 you are not slaves
462 everyone is equal
463 its about equalness
464 theres less bad stuff
465 theres more good stuff
466 monarchs care about the people more then anyone
467 monarchs care more about the people then presidents
468 presidents rarely care at all
469 face the facts
470 if presidents where better then why do republics have far more poor people when monarchs have far less and far less homeless why does canada and europe monarchies and all countries under the queen have free health care when republics like the usa dont that proves monarchs are not snobby people who only care about rich people your presidents are the real bad guys not monarchs
471 its true
472 i love to talk about monarchy
473 and why its better
474 i want to live where a monarch is
475 i want to live in canada
476 god save the queen
477 the uk owns the usa
478 so does canada
479 and japan
480 the usa shoud be monarchy
481 it would be much better
482 its true
483 lthe birtish shoud have won the war on july 4th
484 god i hate that day
485 death to republics
486 bring back the monarchies
487 what i say is true
488 i care for homeless people
489 i will move out of the us
490 to japan
491 because its better and has a good monarch
492 i hate bad monarchs
493 they give monarchs a bad name
494 nero sucks
495 im glad hes dead
496 his fans suck to
497 i love brave people
498 i love strong people
499 I love sefless people
500 500 reasons
501 ''i love to say want i want
502 i love to tell truths
503 i dont like bashers
504 i love jewelry
505 and to wear it
506its pertty
507 i love to show it off
508 its cool
509 i love evil
510 im super happy all the time
511 and i am helpful 2 others
512 i love trust
513 i love peace
514 I hate war
515 rest in peace romanov
516 i hate fights
517 i love any race
518 i love beauty
519 im peaceful
520 I hate force!!
521 i want world peace
522 i love red
523 I love canada
524 its cool
525 long live freedom
526 i love tsars
527 mah fav Sonic Character is blaze
528 i love money
529 but im not greedy
530 i hate greedy people
531 i want to learn everything
532 i love power
533 but im not evil
534 no where near
535 i love to walk
536 its cool
537 and fun
538 i do it a lot
539same with running
540 i love anyone
541 and i forgive easy
542 depends on what
543 i hate lies
544 there bad
545 dont lie
546 i love games
547 i love to play them
548 there fun
549 with others or alone
550 im never scared
551 Iincludes a pink eyemask
552 i love canines
553 i love my art
554 i dont hate them
555 i want a empire
556 it would be cool
557 i love sweetness
558 i love cutenesses
559 i love my aunt
560 monarchs rule
561 they dont give up
562 i love there power
563 i love there kindness
564 and selflessnes
565 its awesome
566 i hate waiting
567 i hate small spaces
568 because its boring
569 and no freedom
570 i never get sick
571 monarchs die like heros
572 thats so noble:)
573 i hate pedos
574 i know whats a fact
575 i love disney
576 i love nintendo
577 i love sega
578 i love sega more then nintendo
579 i love disney music
580 its cool
581 I love nintendo music i
582 its cool
583 i love sega music
584 its cool
585 I like to wear my hair down
586 i love france
587 im calm
588 i want to go there
589 its pretty
590 romantic
591 and cool
592 i want to go to germany
593 Its pretty
594 and cool
595 i want to go to poland.
597 Its pretty
598 and cool
599 I love denmark
600 i want to go there
601 its cool
602 and peaceful
603 and pretty
604 i love ther royal family
605 i love june
606 its anastasias birthday
607 i love japan
608 its cool
609 its pretty
610 its peaceful
611 i want to live there
612 i love the royal family
613 i love anime
614 i love manga
615 I love video games
616 i love japanese music
617 i love japanese history
618 I love japanese art
619 i love japanese movies
620 i love japanese shows
621 i love japanese toys
622 i love japanese voices
623 i love japanese food
624 i love japanese drinks
625 i love japanese books
626 i love japanese money
627 i love japanese games
628 i love japanese myths
629 i love the stuff a lot
630 i love the culture
631 i love the language
632 i love the scenery
633 i love the articheture
634 i have a lot of japanese stuff
635 i wish i was japanese
636 i love russain voices
637 i love russian music
638 i love russian art
639 i love russian shows
640 i love russian movies
641 i love russian games
642 i love russian myths
643 i love russian money
644 i love russian books
645 i love russian scenery
646 i love russian language
647 i love russian articheture
648 i love russian food
649 i love russian drinks
650 i love russian cartoons
651 i love russian royalty
652 russia is underated
653 im right
654 i hate putin
655 i sing god save the tsar a lot
656 i love the anthems
657 im loyal to the tsar
658 i hate any leader after the tsar
659 i want to help russia
660 death to putin
661 love ww1 more then 2
662 im good at history
663 dont copy me
664 go to russia
665 i hate nazis
666 i hate revolutionaries death to them
667 i hate kaiser wilhelm ii
668. i hate leon trotsky
669. i hate stalin
670. i love my fans
671. i love russian sites
672. i love pro tsartist stuff
673. im 100% anti soviet
674 i always will be
675 its true
676 im the first person to be her number one fan
677 shes happy i am
678 anastasia lives on
679 she always will
680 she will watch over russia
681 ask her to help you
682 she always will
683 she is just that nice
684 she is a angel
685 to bad shes dead
686 i wish she was still alive
687 i would do everything with her
688 im not lieing
689 people hate me because im her true number one fan
690 all of you are posers
691 my love is true
692 i will always save her
693 im her hero
694 im her familys hero
695 with me the monarchy will come back
696 im telling people about it
697 and its working
698 it wont be long now
699 peace will return to russia
700 no more commies
701 glory to tsarist russia
702 i never back down from fights
703 im well known for being tsarist
704 and im happy
705 im a happy girl
706 always
707 i love disco
708 anastasia is better then the nintendo princesses
709 why
710 because shes cooler
711 every princess wants to be her
712 but they cant
713 people want to be her
714 but they cant
715 nobody can be her
716 she is more pretty then you
717 smarter to
718 more funny to
719 shes better then your princess
720 she has many fans
721 and loyal ones to
722 rock on anastasia
723 i got your back
724 the romanovs are better then your monarch
725 fear them
726 they rule the world
727 there better then any leaders
728 tatiana is super beautiful
729 shes the ideal girl
730 i would marry her
731 anastasia hates haters
732 she loves true fans
733 and im one of them
734 i love that
735 you know shes the best
736 dont deny it
737 haters are dumb
738 its true
739 i can never be her
740 im sad
741 lets talk about her
742 anything
743 my jokes are good
744 and pranks
745 im a master at the,
746 do you know at midnight if you wish a ghost will come out and kill you got you
747 im the best
748 my pranks rule
749 and my jokes do to
750 i will tell more
751 i love scary stories
752 there fun
753 i never get scared of them
754 i love to tell them
755 ghosts dont scare me
756 im that brave
757 i am
758 i love nights
759 i love to scary people
760 try to scare me
761 i wont get scared
762 lets tell jokes
763 why are ghosts white because there paper towels
764 lets do pranks
765 do you know if you dont go to say goodbye to your loved one you will have ghosts chaseing you forever i got you again
766 i love this
767 its funny
768 and fun
769 its never boring
770 lifes been good
771 has yours
772 do you like my jokes
773 and pranks
774 i hope so
775 because i do
776 i will keep doing them
777 its my life
778 anna is a cool name
779 im sometimes lazy
780 i love cake
781 its tastey
782 i love sweet stuff
783 i love action
784 its awesome
785 i want to see anastasias grave
786 i will be there forever
787 i will always put flowers over it
788 i wish i could
789 and the best flowers
790 i love being who i am
791 i am childish somewhat
792 i love being a kid
793 its fun
794 my friends are romanov fans
795 i love the word tsar
796 its cool
797 i love the birtish empire
798 its cool
799 but the russian one would have beat it
800 so many reasons
801 anastasia is always with me
802 so is the rest of the family
803 russia is crying for them
804 they where the best rulers
805 i have russian friends
806 the commies will never win
807 did i make you commies cry
808 well good
809 go die in a fire
810 everyone wll be happy
811 so will i
812 and the romanovs
813 nobody likes commies
814 monarchy is better
815 more people like monarchy
816 monarchists are more well loved
817 i know what im talking about
818 and doing
819 i want to meet royalty
820 and i will
821 i have sent emails
822 get on the monarchy train
823 to help everyone
824 im mature
825 dont become anti monarchy
826 or a commie
827 we need more monarchists badly
828 commies are evil
829 monarchists are good
830 i will tie up commies
831 and any haters
832 i love princess daisy
833 shes a tomboy like anastasia
834 i love my life
835 i know everything
836 ask me anything
837 i will know it
838 im pure
839 i want to help others
840 i love strong people
841 i want to be richer then the romanovs
842 i will try to be
843 im a hero
844 i love redheads
845 i want to be one
846 i have many guy friends
847 monarchy is my life
848 it will always be
849 i love hats
850 i wear them a lot
851 i love to party
852 i have no fear
853 i love to work out
854 i hate boring stuff
855 fun is my life
856 lets have fun
857 im one of a kind
858 everyone is
859 always try your best
860 never give up
861 i love peach
862 i defend her
863 i love zelda
864 i defend her
865 nintendo rules
866 im good at games
867 i always try me best
868 i look good in anything
869 i love my room
870 i know rich people
871 i give money to poor people
872 its fun to
873 god loves me
874 and everyone
875 i love my home
876 money rules
877 i love this site
878 its awesome
879 i love fanfiction
880 i love princess stuff
881 i defend my friends
882 and family
883 i make fanfics
884 i make videos
885 i hate trump
886 i hate the kkk
887 i can defend myself
888 i teach others to
889 im mature for my age
891 always have been
892 i love it
893 i hate hunting
894 im for animal rights
895 i dont eat animals
896 i want to be vegan
897 i love vegans
898 i love all animals
899 i want a farm
900 im almost done
901 im not always right
902 i have disabilities
903 i hate cowards
904 i hate crybabies
905 i am honest
906 i dont lie
907 i love jews
908 i am good
909 i hate sexists
910 i run a lot
911 i dont need a man
912 im not like others
913 im sane
914 i hate being the youngest
915 i love gameing
916 girls are just as good as guys
917 im a proud girl
918 im a proud fan of her
919 i wont have sex before being married
920 i love all purfume
921 im a proud white person
922 im a proud russian
923 i am who i am
924 i care about others
925 i help the poor
926 i hate mean rich people
927 everyone is a kid of god
928 god loves everyone
929 i give money to others

things i hate
rap music
pop music
country music
boy bands
orca captivity all of it
modern tv
modern disney nick and cartoon network
tammy newborn
yanderes and modern tsunderes
frozen not hate but its way overrated
sonic fanbase
anti monarchy

Favourite Visual Artist
walt disney don bluth shigeru miyamoto satoshi tarji yuji horii Hironobu Sakaguchi masahiro sakurai jun maeda Yuji Naka Tetsuya Nomura Hiroyuki Takahashi
Favourite Movies
anastasia sleeping beauty the little mermaid the lion king the swan princess beauty and the beast an american tail finding nemo the land before time all dogs go to heaven lady and the tramp thumbelina snow white and the seven dwarfs toy story a bugs life
Favourite TV Shows
pokemon inuyasha cardcaptor sakura air fruits basket sailor moon tokyo mew mew shugo chara mermaid melody kanon ashita no nadja clannad kare kano full moon wo sagashite ranma suger suger rune jewel pet wedding peach princess tutu angel beats lucky star
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
nana mizuki yui horie ritsuko okazaki jody benson mary costa liz callway sakura tange lady gaga taylor swift britney spears celine dion christina aguilera evanescence miley cyrus ayumi hamasaki utada hikaru mandy moore michael jackson queen
Favourite Books
cardcaptor sakura fruits basket gaken alice inuyasha shugo chara kare kano skip beat pokemon zelda kitchen princess full moon wo sagashite ranma sailor moon tokyo mew mew vampire knight kodocha the wallflower ouran high school host club
Favourite Writers
clamp rumiko takahashi Arina Tanemura natsuki takaya hans christian andersen jk rowling brothers grimm peach pit nicholas sparks eb white yuu watase Naoko Takeuchi osama tezuka Peter S. Beagle Matsuri Hino Bisco Hatori Eiichiro Oda
Favourite Games
zelda pokemon mario dragon quest final fantasy sonic kingdom hearts golden sun pac man mega man fire emblem metroid kirby pikmin viva pinata digimon magical star sign lufia donkey kong blue dragon chrono trigger
Favourite Gaming Platform
nintendo ds nintendo 64 gba gbc game boy wli gamecube 3ds playstation2 super nintendo sega genesis playstation dreamcast nintendo entertainment system playstation 3 wii u xbox xbow 360
Other Interests
royalty history my little pony art swiming winx club movies little pet shop care bears yugioh dolls ice age shoes waterglobes blingee my melody magic jewelpet tv helping others relgion betty boop barbie faries apples roller coasters dress up
im going to rant about antoni-matteo-garcia he is a crazy kagome hater who does nothing but make hate stuff about her all the time and its always the same dumb reasons its getting old now if you hate kagome i dont care its your opinion but this guy is crazy he keeps saying that kagome is a useless character thats not true even when she was captured she never just sat there she talked back to the people who captured her and just because a character does not fight or needs help does not make them useless also you rant on the sit thing she does it way less in the manga and you always use non canon stuff so it does not count kagome a lot of the time used these sit commands because he was being a jerk some also you call kagome a manipulator how i never see her use her friends and tell them to be on her side you also say kagomes jealousy of kikyou is stupid how if you see the person you loved with a ex would you not be jealous also you say kagome does not trust inuyasha because she wont
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his account is gone im so happy its all thanks to me
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his account is gone im so happy its all thanks to me
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Raccoon1986 i made this for you to truely prove im sorry about what i did i want you to unblock me and to anyone reading please talk to him to unblock me

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