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SHINY Gen 6 (Kalos) Pokemon Overworld Sprites

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For the regular version go here:…

I was planning to make a recolored shiny version after I finished spriting the original sheet but :iconlunardusk6: beat me to it and sent me the recolored sheet to post as a thank you. But I have him to thank too because it must have taken a while to recolor!

These are free for everyone to use, and as always credit is appreciated! Please be sure to credit LunarDusk6 if you use these because he recolored them.

Pokemon is owned by The Pokemon Company/Nintendo.

Updates to this sheet from the time it was originally posted:

Dec 6 2015- Fixed Barbaracle and Dedenne

Nov 24 2015- Redid Fennekin, Braixen and Delphox's design because I didn't like how they looked.
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IMO, Gen 6 introduced A LOT of good/great shinies which I love. Pancham and Pangoro's shinies are brown like a qinling panda, Hawlucha is green, purple, red, and black, which is why their is a dark hawlucha, and Furfrou and Slyveon's shinies are their colors switched around (and some poodles can be black)
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AjspammerHobbyist General Artist
Love these
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Totally using them for a future release.
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Oh my god Sap, you're amazing o.õ (and a little bit crazy...)
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pinkfloyd1234Hobbyist Digital Artist
great job! :)
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This is so amazing !! Love it !
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LunarDusk6Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't worry about time! it was super fun to do and i needed to do it anyways for insurgence :) Thanks for everything you've done to help Me, from these Ow, to Vivillion stuff, it's been super fun to help you after you helped us so much :D 
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