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Pokemon Yanma at Sunset

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I loved this dragonfly from the first day I saw it on the game, although I'm not too fond of it's new evolution. I really like how this one came out, and I'm going to totally turn this into an avatar later ^^

I re-drew the yanma about four times before I could get it to actually look like one!
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Cute! And beautiful!
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You've been featured! -> [link]
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Wow, thank you! (Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been able to check DA that much)
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nice job with the wings and the background, :thumbsup:
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Wow this picture is gorgeous! I love the colors and the yanma is very well done and highly cute. I agree, I'm not too fond of its evolution. When I saw it for the first time I was like "What did they do to poor Yanma?" ;-; But fantastic picture! It is definitely going into my favs ^-^
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oh yanma <3333 i really wanted it to be my flying type and then i learned it can't learn fly..
its still adorable however haha
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This is just wonderful, one of the best pokemon fan arts I've found on the site! :)
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your signature is amazing! my friend says that all the time XD
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Why thank'ya. X)
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Awesome! Yanma is so cute. I love it's evolution too, though. It's cool ^^; It's pretty surprising to see the amount of people here agreeing that they don't like it.
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Very pretty, i love the blur of its wings. :D
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Beautiful!! I don't like EITHER, honestly. XD Bug Pokemon just aren't really my cup of tea... lolz
princess-phoenix's avatar
It's okay, it would be insane to expect everyone to like every pokemon :)
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lolz So true. =3
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Yanma is awesome... but what is the deal with Yanmega? I hate it! My Yanma is a Yanma forever! Good art! :worship: I like it!
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: O awesomeeeee! :heart:
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I don't like Yanmega either! Doesn't seem to fit- looks too angry!
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Oh man! the colours ;___; so beautiful, I love it!
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That Yanma is so cute^^
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You're getting better at that. :)
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