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Due to many, many requests, I have decided to make some free-for-use fakemon. Most of these would comprise of designs that wouldn't fit in my fakemon collection or are random ideas not really needed in any of the games I help with. Sort of like adoptables, except it's only one color and anyone can adopt it, haha.

This is Merlicun, which is designed as sort of half larva/half pupae.

Merlicun is a hardy insect creature that has evolved to be efficient at both attack and defense. They gather in the tree canopies of ancient forests to feed on fruits and leaves.

When threatened they will first size up their opponent. If they feel as though they can win they will relentlessly headbutt their foe. But, if they appear to be overpowered they will compress their body into what resembles pupae and focus on defending themselves.

They evolve at high levels, and so they are far stronger than they initially appear to be.

Merlicun is designed and sprited by me. You CAN use this fakemon in your projects. And it would be nice if I could see the project when it is completed as well =P
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aaww its so cute. :3