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Iwanko/Rockruff (Sprite)

Iwanko is the Japanese name for the rock-type gen 7 dog Pokemon that was recently revealed for the Sun and Moon version Pokemon games. It looked rather cute so I wanted to make a sprite of it. When the shiny version is revealed I'll add the shiny version to this.

Feel free to use these in your Pokemon projects if you want to. Credit is appreciated.

Iwanko is owned by the creators of Pokemon!
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Great work! but I, uh, found someone who keeps on stealing this sprite and makes poorly made fetish edits to it...
Rockruff Ate 01pikachu With His Tail by KoreyRiera Rockruff Ate 01pikachulover His Tail Suck In Belly by KoreyRiera Rockruff Ate 01pikachulover His Tail And Sit On It by KoreyRiera Rockruff Unbirth 01pikachulover by KoreyRiera  (this is all of them I think)

Can you please do something about this? I have a vore fetish myself, but I always hate art theft no matter what.
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Hey princess-phoenix nice work, I'll be using this for the Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite project which will then have this on Pokemon Showdown, which is the largest Pokemon sim out there. Thanks for letting your sprite be used. Would love to see more stuff from you : )

project link:…
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Looks both cute and accurate. Nice work! :D
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Ohhh is very cute, I think that you use it in my next project, with credits obviously.

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OMG! That's a really cute sprite! :D
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This is great, we just got a pic of this Pokémon and you already have a Sprite! GG
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Thanks Nick! And wow I just uploaded this like a few mins ago; you comment on these fast o_o
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