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The Steam Team (Season 23)

Fuckin' rip to Rebecca and James you had a good run lmao
~UPDATE~ Updated Gordon, James and Emily, added front views.
~UPDATE 2~ (Final?) Edits to Gordon, rivets on James' bufferbeam sides.
~UPDATE 3~ New James and Gordon sprites, Edits to Thomas and Percy.
~UPDATE 4~ Added Emily's new number (as well as a few other minor changes to her), updated front views.
~UPDATE 5~ Updated Percy and fixed Emily's number.
~UPDATE 6~ New Emily, added rivets to Thomas' underframes, given everyone textured coal and eye shines.
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Front View Sprites were made by Cj-The-Creator
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its season 24 cuz emily has number 12

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@Princess-Muffins I've got a question: What's your favorite locomotive class?

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James certainly had a good run. Rebecca, not so much...

zanetwinsfromsodor's avatar

What'd ya think of Emily's number?

302195's avatar

Actually, Emily got her number 12 in Season 24.

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If you dislike Thomas and Friends: Big World, Big Adventures! (Series 22-24) or the entire CGI Era of T&F along with Series 8-12, I. R. Y. O.(I Respect Your Opinion).
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How do they look like that in the twenty-third series?

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Finally, Emily is number 12, the number she truly deserves. 
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What do you think about Emily finally getting her number?
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Queen got what she deserves!!

sodormatchmaker's avatar
Yes! Some times in life are worth the wait!:la:
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Nice updates.
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Emily has No. 12 in it.
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Edward Henry and Toby too
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Hate to burst your bubble, but they aren't in the Steam Team anymore.
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They still on the team
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But it's not really that Edward, Henry, and Toby were still in Steam Team, then they're left from the steam team on Confusion Without Delay, Season 22.

The list of the engine that moved to shed:
Edward in Wellsworth Sheds (or Edward's Sheds)
Henry in Vicarstown Sheds
Toby...  he has no sheds anymore though.
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Toby still has his engine shed at Arlesdale End. The Fat Controller bought it long after Toby's old line was closed down and he and Henrietta came to the NWR in the 1950's.
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Just Look… and scroll down to where it says "Meet the new Steam Team!"
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Edward, Henry and Toby.
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They look nice with their new updates.
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