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Aha! The fun has been doubled!
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Strawberry Cocoa (MLP OC) - Commission Work by itsdorou  
Traditional Art, my first pony drawing :D
I don't know abaout the others, but when I got notifications about new pic's in this group, I would like to see Luna! Just Luna!
Not OC's or Mane 6 in the featured folder. -.-
I'm 2y late, but you can circumvent that by using the native RSS/Atom notifications system through an RSS/Atom feed reader or a website like Blogtrottr to send you emails with the link and preview. I make a huge use of the system with Blogtrottr for DeviantArt, YouTube, and many other sites.

^ You need to read the HTML code, though, to find the exact links if you dunno the link syntax yet.

For ex, for the Luna-only folder, below is the line in the HTML, containing the link to the pure-text (XML) file DeviantArt automatically generates. That's used by feed readers and Blogtrottr to know when a new upload is in:

link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="DeviantArt: Luna" href="…"
I'm not exactly someone I would call a "brony", partly because I'm still trying to understand the ins and outs of the series, so I'm looking to see what the fandom thinks about certain issues that are not really explained in the MLP canon, as far as I know of, anyway. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you guys a few survey questions for your opinions:

1) Exactly whose dreams does Luna have the power to enter and what happens if she is denied entry?

2) As she is bound by the rules of the dream, is it possible for Luna to possibly die or get captured while inside someone else's dream and never be able to escape?
I have a Past Sins AU fic where Luna was the ruler of Equesria and Daybreaker got sealed in the sun.