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Devil may Cry- Trish

Devil may cry


Cosplay in progress .... x)
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I want that outfit, boots, sunglasses, gloves and motorcycle now please and thank you. I want to be sexiest badass biker girl on the Harley Davidson Panhead motorcycle from the Ghost Rider movie 2007
godhi's avatar
Delightfully sexy. Love 
Fuschia1600's avatar
You're so pretty 😍❤💜💛💘💚💙👍 Awesome cosplay tho
seimeisamarian's avatar
Hm, all things considered I think you got it pretty close, assuming you went for the DMC4 model.  Hairstyle? Check. Her clothes? Both choker and the corset are there, all you are missing are the leather armguards. Confident and sexy look? Hell yes. All in all, the resemblance is definitively there and you look great, well done.
masimage's avatar
You make one GORGEOUS Trish - nice work. :)
beautiful girl!
yukisanava's avatar
ow... I have the same corset . Although great pic. :}
delia08ful's avatar
It's good, but you look really young which perhaps attracts people's attention more than the costume itself. . . . but very good. :)
my question is how do you aim on doing the lightning bolt design on her corset itself?
schloemixi's avatar
Wow looks really sexy, it suits you, really love this ! ;) :) :0
ScarletLetter62's avatar
How old are you..?
monica52404's avatar
you look really pretty
monica52404's avatar
KahlanAmnell123's avatar look 10 :rofl:
KahlanAmnell123's avatar
I wouldn't say anything about someone whose I don't know...of age but come on! She's like 8 and she dresses like stripper... Where are her parents!!!
theme101's avatar
best cosplay I have seen or her yet
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