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Morphine and Chocolate by cu-petale Morphine and Chocolate :iconcu-petale:cu-petale 37 17 World E-Motion II by 54ka World E-Motion II :icon54ka:54ka 10 11
The Little Mermaid
She thrashed,
horribly tangled in the net
of he who had fallen into the sea.
As she caught him,
breathed life through his lips,
cradled him toward the moon,
the breezes of the ocean sang
a melody of mourning.
Dawn found him on the beach,
a supposed dreamer.
She curled around herself.
No number of pearls could slow
the river of tears that mingled
salt to salt with the ocean
while she sang haunted songs
for the color of his eyes.
The tide grew with her longing,
but could only lap at his toes
as he stood on the shore and searched
for a kingdom under the sea.
She traded her voice
for legs and was silent.
The sea roared for her
as it washed her ashore.
He found her
and carried her
and smiled at the life in her eyes
but yearned for the ocean.
A barely remembered sparkle of scales.
A press of lips and flow of salty air.
Each morning he slipped away
to stand deep in the water
while she watched from his window.
He cried.
New lakes formed in her eyes.
:iconfelixishomicidal:felixishomicidal 9 22
Aiyana's Incandescence by nitehood Aiyana's Incandescence :iconnitehood:nitehood 22 28 S21-16 Sky as Nitroglycerin by iksela S21-16 Sky as Nitroglycerin :iconiksela:iksela 4 17 Last day by GabrielElArgentino Last day :icongabrielelargentino:GabrielElArgentino 2 6
Epitome of Romance
it's spring, now. we keep our curtains drawn after it rains because the rainbows still make you cringe. the stars are out at night, though, after clear evenings that wait and stick. you explain constellations to me because i never read the books. our bed is always left unmade because whenever one of us walks by it, we like being reminded of hungry hands and hungrier hips. you leave me shower-steam messages on the bathroom mirror. you make us dinner and i watch you stir, secretly using extra ingredients to spell out our initials near the sink. we watch a sad movie and i can't find the tissues, so you let me use your sleeve. "i bought you this." "i know." and then you sneak away, coming back with crackers and a british accent.
in the summer you wake me up with ice cubes and your tongue. our windows stay open all night and you nudge me when the neighbors whisper as they pass our house in the morning, so sure that they heard me the night before. you tell me about how you used to wait for m
:iconrejecting:rejecting 71 38
One Mic by hidden-image One Mic :iconhidden-image:hidden-image 10 16 To the death by qwerty-dot-me To the death :iconqwerty-dot-me:qwerty-dot-me 4 30 B r i d g e  by  Q by qwerty-dot-me B r i d g e by Q :iconqwerty-dot-me:qwerty-dot-me 2 9 Fear Of Mirrors by pekerhed Fear Of Mirrors :iconpekerhed:pekerhed 18 17
monotonous conversational merry-go-round
everyone's pretense and pretend,
bag and bicker, cough and cry in the dark
and light of leperous pop culture gods
while the hastily erected idols of dollar and cunt crumble
flashing edges of a non-life over-lived
the rumble in the dark
is not you or me,
but us.
they say all lovers need distance, and i love you even in my heart of darkness,
even in my house of pain.
i love you, my false society.
my harlequin world.
world that still has not looked up to see if there are stars,
as it is too busy trying to become one.
world. totally oblivious.
my world?
the pavement and old gargoyles
with eyes and faces and nothing human
I write this to them
they are the darkness watchers now.
they've seen the real you.
:iconkountrklchr:kountrklchr 2 3
The Hand That Burns by vipersniper007 The Hand That Burns :iconvipersniper007:vipersniper007 5 7 Scattering of an Idea- Writing by curran Scattering of an Idea- Writing :iconcurran:curran 7 18 Gentleman In Black And White by spacehymns Gentleman In Black And White :iconspacehymns:spacehymns 3 5
Close - The Death of Ten Cats
A tear
The pain
Pain my senses can\'t bring to comprehend
Pain I won\'t -- can\'t -- let myself forget
Etched on your expression with equal
I press your soft form against mine
Holding something that will soon be
just a shell
You\'ll leave, you\'ll leave
Long before I let you
Mercilessly forced out and in of your body
The nerve-wracking breaths of
out out, out in
the only movement I feel
Only indication you\'re still
With me.
My eyes are blurry but I fight
Just like I\'m fighting my shoulders
S h a k i n g
just like I\'m fighting
not to let you go.
We were supposed to have
some kind of future
Of playful fun
Of silent understanding
Of many evenings holding you close
You\'re going, going
It\'s too fast
painfully slow
You\'re fighting too but
I know you have to let go.
My fingers grasp you tight
tickle you gently
You try to say something - you can\'t
Maybe that tickle hurt you
I don\'t know what does anymore --
can\'t see anything beyond your tears
I hope --
Bite my lip
:icondizzyfirefly:dizzyfirefly 1 5



Making myself harder to google
United States
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