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Hi follow me in my other social accounts ive been lurking around more than here

Main twitter: only for RTs so follow the ones below~

Art twitter:

Fanart/Game twitter: (Im much more active here!)


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No need to thank me for watch, fave and llamas!

If you see this note it means you own a Mocchi with Extra Traits/Mutant/Fable/Dzucchi/Unused Traits for the Mocchi species by me! Currently we're trying to create a Visual Masterlist on The-Mocchi-Barista to keep track of particular Mocchin easier, and it makes trading these special Mocchin also way easier. We've tried pinging you in comments before, but since it might've not come through we're sending a note instead. There will not be any pings or notes after this one anymore, so please read through this carefully!

As registered on our Excel Masterlist, you own the following:
1. 1 Mage/Pink Trait
2. 1 Hidden/Red trait

If you have traits bought from me or won from events in mocchin-cafe, but haven't used them yet, there's no problem and you don't have to do anything!
However if you have used them on a Mocchi, you'll have to fill out a Google Form, which is linked below.

If you own a Mutant/Fable/Dzucchi/Adopt by me you have to fill out the Google Form as well to get the Mocchi registered to the Visual Masterlist!
There's no deadline to registering your Mocchi(n), but if you do not do that it means your Mocchi(n) will count as voided. This means it can't be used in events in mocchin-cafe and you won't be able to trade/rehome them without getting a strike for the species.

Here's links to the info journal and Google Form:
1. Journal with more info…
2. Google Form to get your Mocchi registered

I know creating this Visual Masterlist is 4 years late, and in hindsight we should've implemented it earlier, so apologies if this comes out of the blue for you- We don't mean to cause panic, but if you get this note it means you might have to fill out the Google Form to get your Mocchi(n) registered.

If you're not sure whether your Mocchi(n) needs to get registered feel free to reply to this note with links to your Mocchi(n), and I can tell you if they have to be registered!
Or if you have any other questions before filling out the form, feel free to let me know as well!
And once you've filled out the Google Form, reply as well!

Thank you for your time!
(Apologies for the long comment on your profile btw, can't send notes atm OTL)
Im pretty sure I dont have a Mocchi with extra traits and havent used those traits yet so i think im alright from what im reading ;v;9 thanks for the heads up! <3
no problem, thank you for letting me know!
your art is super cute !! 
aaaa thank you!!! <33 your art is adorable as well ;3c