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Web 2.0 Template

By princepal
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Template and icon designed for Domain seller company.

Live Version:: [link]

Client Wants::
Clent wants very clean/web 2.0/coperative look. Some thing like Mac.

Target Audience::
Client's target audience is from corporate world.

Icon Style::
*Wants Web 2.0
*3D Look

Client did not like::
* Not too Gothic logos.
* Cartoonist look.

Note:All images are used for presentation purposes only.
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Pretty...nice colour balance
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Nice work.
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Amazing work -[link]
Clear Web-Page absolutly Top !
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i think this design is best in your gallery
have a look in my gallery : [link]
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Amazing work - in fact, I think that this is easily in the top 10 designs I've seen.
And now please excuse me, I'll be picking up my jaw from the floor.
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thanks for nice comments.
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Great color scheme, truly inspirational. The corporate look comes out, and it is super clean which is great.
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I like this. nice ;)
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very well done..clean noise :D
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awesome! perfect colors..:d
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thanks for comments
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I don't like some of the fonts used. For instance the one in the navigation is very large and pixely. Quite usable though. I especially like the first page. :)
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thanks for comments bro
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Looks great, I have a couple of suggestions though:
> Custom programming should have a colour, otherwise its faded with the BG colour. You loose the button.
> All buttons are colour with white text, while submit is black text.
> The main slab of text needs some padding from the header, and padding to the right.
> Sign up bottom alignment is off.

That's all =)
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thanks for you comments
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