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Staring at your picture all night,
Trying to figure out how to make things right.
Seeing that smile on your face,
Knowing of the hurt I want to erase.
Confusion between us I could've prevented,
The rules of my heart were circumvented.
And what was wasn't nearly as it should've been,
Shaken to the core, and I can't win.
Want to know that on the other end I've made your day,
Want to know that you take to heart everything I say.
Damn, if this got any clearer, I could see straight through it,
I want to please you; and the desire grows bit by bit.
I asked, just wanting to know,
Already acknowledging the truth in my heart; here I go
Doing it again, wanting to be your every pleasure,
Your heart's desires fulfilled; never
Wanting to disappoint, only wanting to make sure I did things the way you wanted,
I'm giving up my stubbornness and throwing down the gauntlet,
Because the battle between what is and what could be is turning into a war,
And the winner depends on you, because the final say is
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Oversexed :iconprinceofstars:PrinceofStars 0 0
Walking step by step, arms straight out ahead of me,
Feeling around for anything that might assist me to getting where I need to be.
Eyes blind from the unknown, no knowledge of what may come,
Fighting desperately to grasp onto what eludes some.
Every time I catch it, it slips right through my grip,
And every time I take a step forward, I jump back, afraid to slip,
Into the abyss where I'm afraid to fall,
Into the darkness where my carefully cultivated logic doesn't make sense at all.
I wave my arms madly, searching for something to stop me in my tracks,
Looking around for the obstacle that will give me a reason to turn around and go back.
But there's emptiness in front of me, so I must trust that you're guiding in the right direction,
I have to trust my steps on this rocky path, even if that is against my own predilection.
It's so hard, because I'm not used to going into anything blind,
But love is of a different caliber, so the plan of execution is of a different kind.
My eyes are un
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Wine-Induced Insomnia :iconprinceofstars:PrinceofStars 1 0
Unrequited Love
You've never seen me shed a tear, you've never seen me cry,
You've never seen the look on my face after you said 'no' and I wondered why.
You'll never know how I sit in my room and stare absently at the four walls,
You'll never know how hard it was to not return those four missed calls.
You've never seen me cringe at the thought or sight of you with someone other than me,
You've only ever seen me hold my head high and make ignoring you look easy.
You've never been able to see past the smile that held so much hurt and anger,
Never knew how it tore me up inside to see boys play you like Lil Wayne in the CD player.
All I've ever given you was the chance to never see me sweat,
All I ever did was look calm and collected, even though I hadn't quite gotten to that yet.
I laughed and talked to my friends as if you didn't interrupt my life,
Not showing you the gash you'd left in my heart with your emotional knife.
I would never give you the satisfaction of watching my internal death,
Never show
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The Prince and Her Princess by PrinceofStars The Prince and Her Princess :iconprinceofstars:PrinceofStars 0 0 Krishna by PrinceofStars Krishna :iconprinceofstars:PrinceofStars 0 0
Help me, I feel myself getting weak,
Please, call someone and tell them what's wrong, because I can't speak.
Get the ambulance; quick, things are going black,
Make sure you get me my doctor, because only she can bring me back.
Hurry, hook me up to an IV,
So that you can put your love back into me.
Can I get some kind of CPR,
Breathe into me your affections again, or I won't get very far.
Doctor, I can feel my line going straight,
Only your medicine can save me from my fate.
My heart's beating too fast, do something to slow it down,
Give me something baby; please help me stay around.
I'll die without you in my life; you not being here is putting me through some changes,
I'm feeling empty, and I can't go on, and you not next to me is too strange.
I'm flat-lining; save me, because I need you,
I hope so much that you feel the same about me too.
My heart's seizing; please, all I need is a kiss to resuscitate my life,
Just a show of love, and the promise that you'll be my wife.
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Scrolling through Yahoo, looking at the accumulated messages,
Clicking on each one with her name, reading the aged passages.
So many hers have sent their joy and pain to me by means of a click,
And so many of the words remain true, and so many of the thoughts still stick.
Memories about good times with her here,
Memories of bad times when I couldn't hold her near.
Words of adoration and forever punctuated with a smiley face,
Phrases of hatred and ended relationships peppered throughout this space.
Too many frivolous promises about matrimonial bliss from this one, and this one, and that one,
Far too many blames placed on me by women who proclaimed in Caps Lock they were done.
Emoticon hearts with sentiments that lulled me into a false sense of security,
Smiling icons that took the edge off of words sharp enough to puncture my fragile reality.
As I look through the names of the messages I intend to delete,
I notice one thing these women have in common; they're all on repeat.
These are th
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Mature content
Crime of Passion :iconprinceofstars:PrinceofStars 0 0
I Hate You, I Love You
Sorry only solves so many issues,
And I can only use up so many tissues,
Before my world is submerged in my tears,
Before I'm crushed under the weight of realized fears.
It takes seconds to make a mistake,
And a lifetime it will take,
To make up for the wrong I've done,
To make you believe you're the only one.
Kiss from a rose, the thorns I didn't see,
Only knew that I couldn't feel your presence surrounding me.
So I took the kiss that would ease my loneliness,
And hid it away in my heart, never to confess.
But you took a glance just under the surface of my 'truth',
And found what I'd hidden, showing my shameless lack of couth.
And while you were in the right, there was a method to the madness,
You took yourself away from me, and this hiding was an expression of sadness.
I missed you so much, wanted you by my side,
You left in a blur, my actions the direct result of your desertion and my mental override.
My loneliness pushed me to actions that only I knew the reason for,
And the perman
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To The Critics
I sit here and think about all this bullshit,
People telling me what to do in life and how I'm supposed to live it.
I hate how people take my life and try to live it for me,
Try to tell me who I am and what I'm supposed to be.
I live my life for me, not for you, her, or them,
So please, spare me the crap; it's not your job to condemn.
I didn't ask for your opinion, didn't ask for your contempt,
Because you sin just like I do, and you're not exempt.
Hold your tongue, because I didn't ask for your say,
Didn't ask for you to condemn me for how I live my life each day.
Bite your lip, because I don't want your opinion,
Don't want your beliefs thrown on me, just as a mention.
He that's without fault cast the first stone,
You've screwed up like me, so nothing ought to be thrown.
This is my life to live, and to me it was given,
So please back off mine, you got your own life to be livin'.
I didn't ask for your comment about my tastes,
Save your breath because criticizing me is a waste.
I'm goin
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Can I?
Can I...
Hold you in my arms,
Sway you with my charms,
Keep you here and make sure you're safe and warm?
Can I touch your body and make you writhe,
Make your emotions come alive,
When I get inside your mind?
Can we kiss,
Just like this,
Make up for what we missed?
Can I take the time to inhale your scent,
Reminisce in the sentiment,
Give you an honest compliment?
Can I look on your face,
Full of beauty and grace,
And know that I'm the luckiest one in this place?
Can I appreciate you
Make sure no one depreciates your value,
Be here to carry you past the storms that we go through?
Can I dispel your agony,
Never show your eyes a tragedy,
Make sure that the life you live falls together magically?
Can I create a storm in your bed,
Give you peace in your head,
Trade and give you my joy for your pain instead?
Can I have the pleasure,
Of giving you more than you can measure,
Make everyday of your life like another new treasure?
Can I give you your dreams,
Be more than I seem,
Be all that I can
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You Are
Magnanimous, amazing, totally magnificent,
I'm hooked like an addict; you were my missing coefficient.
Your smile, your walk, your turns of phrase,
Kept my head spinning, kept me high for days.
Your voice is just like music, words so damn lyrical,
Your touch just like magic and it felt just as mystical.
Yes, I must confess I've been watching the sway of your hips,
Won't lie, I've been imagining you licking your lips.
But goodness baby, in the most secret of my wishes,
I hope and pray that I can go all in and give you the business.
Perhaps my dreams are vast, though I would be remiss,
If I didn't mention how much I just want your kiss.
And I'd be just as negligent if I didn't mention your eyes,
Just like crystal, the masters of your disguise,
I realize, much like the rest, that you're here to do you,
And no problem, because I'm here to do you too,
But more than the physical, there's got be the mental attraction,
Gotta impress me enough to get a reaction,
No half stepping, bring all that
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I Love You- 2
I heard it the first time, the words echoing in my ears,
The cadence of the words matching the rhythm of my heart.
Was it true, the lexis that was spoken?
Was it merely a mistake that I could attribute to blind hope?
I heard it again, but in my soul the words echoed,
Singing sweetly to the destitution,
Shouting at the walls of Jericho that housed mi corazon,
Taking down the only protection I'd ever had.
And now I was naked; now, I was vulnerable.
Now the scars could be seen.
Now the nicks and scrapes,
Dents and scratches,
Were noticeable.
I could no longer feign that I ruled with ice,
Could no longer fake an iron grip.
I was found out.
Found out to be a bleeding heart,
A broken heart,
A heart in need of much healing.
I had heard the salve for my heart,
Had heard the band aid that would make it all better,
Had heard the miracle that I was wishing too hard for.
And I wanted to trust it,
But the lock and chains wouldn't let me,
Because it wasn't the outside that needing patching up,
But r
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I Love You- 1
Three words. Eight letters. A lifetime of grief. Or pleasure, if you're lucky
How often do we hear these words and expect a miracle?
How often do we hear these words and expect the worst?
'I love you'; hell, you might as well be saying 'I hate you'.
If love is so wonderful,
Then why do we end up in pain?
Is it because we don't know how to give it?
Is it because we don't know how to receive it?
Perhaps it's because it's a bit of both.
How is it that this thing that's so lovely
Hurts us,
Burns us,
Pains us,
Stains us,
Kills us,
Chills us,
And brings out the worst in us?
Why does it make us
Why do we feel like dying?
Why does she/he leave us crying?
Why do we base love on
What they can do for us?
Our loneliness?
Amazing how one thing will make us change our minds,
Do things we've never done and say things we've never said.
Amazing how convictions are tossed one by one,
Until we're left broken when all's said and
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