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Events of Star World

Hello! It is he, the author of this story speaking in third-person, with a little message. Lots of little messages actually, which might be combined for one big message, if you look at it that way. Now, that was one of the messages. The author of this is a big Koopa fan, but will not be in character as you see him all around the boards. He will be out of character, which means he won't censor the plumber's name. Mario. Luigi. There's your proof. He just wanted to start a story, and this idea came to him out of the blue. Even this message. All characters here are properties of people. Nintendo, the author, some random guy…  yeah. You never know what'll happen in this story...unless you've read it before, as this is a repost. The story is historically random up to a point but still keeps up a streak of randomness. And there will be crossovers, the author promises. Yeah. The story shall be started…now… or maybe not. There's something about beginning messages that just makes an author want to continue them forever and ever. So…this is going to be a much more random, yet reasonable, than 7's Adventures plot-wise. You know what, we're going to cut the crap and the author is going to just start now. He thinks he may have lost the reader's attention. Reader, do you have a long attention span? You'll need it for this awesome story. …Let us go, and the author means it this time.
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The introduction to Events of Star World, a fan-fiction taking place... in Star World, the world of the Mario series.
Well, for the most part.
There are a lot of crossovers.


This is the same "scrubbed" Events of Star World that was posted on NSider2, edited from the original version on the Nintendo NSider Forums and made downloadable on my own forum, Planet Koopa. I'm expanding my audience.
I'll admit, this introduction is nonsensical to those who don't know me from NSider. The story will quickly make sense anyway. Hopefully. It did back there.

Chapter 1: [link]
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