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Yah that ONE guy

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You know? You don't know?
Don't blame you. We've never gotten his name. even in his bio he's simply known as "The Red Head Guy"

That's annoying to type so from this point forward and until he recieves a name, I'ma gonna call him.....Gene.......((ARGH TEH OUTLAWSTARCROSSOVERLIKESATAN.....))

So....Gene "the redhaired guy" from Twokinds. I dunno why I drew him. Perhaps drawing him SD seemed ammusing at the time. Sooo....

Drew this in about 3-6 minutes....or something...
I can't think today.....

this rant has a lot of "..."s

"gene" belongs to Tom Fischbach
Doodle a la le random belongs to me, Kyo.
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its [Database Error]

yes that is the name that Tom gave him :)
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lol i hope he never gets a name - just to make some people angry... like that person who says his name is Lance... he knows im talking about him ^^;
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So Red haired guy is Lalna from the yogscast (Read Zerere's headcanons if you know who the yogscast are)
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Sucha cuties!!