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'I am...Trace...'

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He is who he says he is, Trace Legacy from the webcomic "TwoKinds" (subliminal message: READ THE COMIC, DO IT NOW!!!!!) which I love oh so much. My buddy Xero1 sent it to me while I was in the worst of moods and well, the sap that fried my brain kept me wired for the next two days and my life is that much more enriched because of it. Thank you Tom, I'm keeping tabs on you. Speaking of, he has a dA account (OMFG!) [link]

Seriously, it's cute. Go read it.
(( I allowed to use that word? Cute? Whatev...))

This would be Trace back when he was all evil, overpowered, slightly crazed and such. He pops into those moods ever so often. I think he wore this coat a flashback...XP. The dragons are fun like. It's like when Trace says something they're there to back him up with a "squaw!" or something.

I've been tinkering with my styles a bit and I'm liking the results. Actually I'm just trying to justify totally taking the Twokinds' art completely out of context to fit mine...and to practice teh evil stuff. It was fun to draw though, hope he likes it. I promise I'll make his characters cute and fun the next time I draw them. Well...I'll try...

Trace Legacy belongs to Tom Fischbach (which is a name which screams greatness and the mear sound, I mean, try it! Fischbach....)
Teh picture belongs to me, Prince Kyo
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lol yeah he does look very Japanese -- kinda like a J-Rock lead singer -- he's all punked out! If i had time to clean it i would had loved to color this one... very nice job ^_^
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Heh, I'll probably pen it eventually.
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lol...yeah, I guess he does. XP
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he looks Japanese.... XP