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Growing Up

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"I suffer from the pains of a lost past, and childhood I never had. I've learned since then and with my own power carved the history of this world to my will...."

Here we have the Grand Templar Himself...though at different stages then when you're used to seeing him. Look at sad 'lil ickle Trace! The middle is Trace around 12-13ish and the last one is Grand High Templar King Trace with (heaven forbid) long locks of hair and looking evil. King Trace is from my little fan-fic thing I've been writting with an unhappy ending. Kinda a "what if?" universe if you will. I believe Tom himself was working on one as well. I dunno...if you're interested in the story, drop me a note and we'll see what I can cook up. Technically, King Trace should have two/three large scars on the right side of his face where a certain character attacked him (whom obviously had claws...^^;;;;;) but I decided to leave them out. Artist's poragative (sp?).


not much to say....15ish minutes....

Trace (c) Tom Fischbach
Picture/concept (c) me, Kyo
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wow the last one looks intimidating i like... hmm i do alot of originals... maybe i should do more fanart... i've done enough for EGS in the past about 35 too my last count... but only 4 or so for two kinds, 2 for Yosh... 6 for Terinu... and 500 some original in the past year... yeah more fanart... i'll get on that.
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Um...this sounds kind of hypocritical coming from me you think you could do less fan art for TK?? I mean...I should start doing some originals myself...but I can't break the chain and keep doing fan art for at least someone =3

Just saying. Your art's good (although the foreheads seem to shrink per deviation...) so some more originals would make it more unique.

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I never thought this would happen to me....
Since I suck at drawing....

I don't "just do fanart" I only really post fanart...

There's a difference...
and I do fan art to fix my crappy art so I won't srew up my own characters which are special to me (and in plentiful supply)
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Post something more! I like your style, and you could probably get more good comments on originals because not everybody is familiar with the characters you do for your fan art.

You're not that bad...I know my major problem is putting myself down, and as soon as I stop it I can get some really good drawings going.

^_^ Keep up the good work.