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Pure VS for Custo Pack Tools

For anyone who don't want the bad shine of the small orb, I have fixed it so download it here >>>> [link]

Pure VS for Custo Pack Tools
*Windows 7

(It's still on 2nd Beta, I find it AWESOME so I created a pack early. Updates will be release relatively to the author's release)

The Pack is created for easy installment, best for those who don't know how to change a theme manually.

Download CustoPack first here (if you don't have CustoPack Installed yet) >>>> [link]

Download the pack here >>>>> [link]

If you have any problems just post a comment here.

The Pack contains:
PURE Visual Style - S-u-P-R-e-M-e [link]

Pure Wallpapers - Stamga [link]

Basic Candy Log-Ons - xFino [link]

Token Icons - brsev [link]

- - -

Say thanks to the pack containers.
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How to download it? May someone help me? Thank's ;)
Basic Candy Logons link doesnt work, please fix it :)
Nice work.
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maybe the owner deleted it. . . Sorry :(

Just check his deviant page
Why my Local disk and disd (d) not change (the Icons)
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I don't know but I tested the pack, and it seems to be working.
How To change the icons with token icons????
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It's all included in the pack.
Cuddleforever11's avatar
The link to the pack doesn't work... :(
PrinceNuisance's avatar
The link is working.
witchhunttress's avatar
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wow... amazing theme bro
jarvarro's avatar
Awesome style, there's a bug with the taskbar though, anyway to fix it? [link]
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Got to see your screenshot, and the taskbar only works with icons only, not with text.
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Sorry, haven't have a focus on this project for a long time, so I can not update this one >.<
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You may also check the VS itself here: [link]
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bug on taskbar..when you choose never combine on taskbar button,..well you'll see.
chokomotion's avatar
how to install?

Thanks looks amazing!
PrinceNuisance's avatar
On the Description :)
N00bizme's avatar
All my moneys are belong to you.

When I get some that is :)
Cool man I love it.
parthinhell's avatar
Superb pls make another one man i like your sytle
Cr7NeTwOrK's avatar
amazing work. looks more like a windowblinds theme :D
Kronos454's avatar
hey man i FRICKING love this theme
but the prob is that it doesnt work on my 7 Ultimate
it applies and all but once i move the mouse or something it reverts to 7 Basic which is beyond ugly
i've tried everything plzzzzzz fix it
here's what happens:
Theme Installing....
theme installed
i click something
aero turned off and i have to troubleshoot in Personalization to get it back
basically it ends Desktop Windows Manager process :((
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