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Prince Nuada :: 088 School
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Fanart100 n°88: School :meow:

Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala went to school like all other elves of their age.
But the Prince liked so much battles, and he often left the kingdom for missions.
When he came home, he was completly exhausted...and slept in class.
Nuala took care of him by taking his notes during school :love:

Note: of course, she got the same wounds as him <3


From now I'll try to write a little background story for Fanart100 Challenge pics, I hope you will like it! :)

This is almost color & painting practise, and it took me a lot of time because of the study of light *.*'
It was the really first time I was thinking about how to color while drawing this...I really need to change my way of working :XD:

See yu! :blowkiss:
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Casirethedragon11's avatar
Casirethedragon11|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice~
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QueenAvalanche's avatar
QueenAvalanche|Student General Artist
This is really amazing work... Clap 
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EricaXchan's avatar
EricaXchan|Student Traditional Artist
i absolutely love this. everytime i see it i smile.  i wonder if she learns something, he learns it too; so it wouldnt hurt him to catch some z's. XD
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marigold-8's avatar
marigold-8|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Nuada1990's avatar
Nuada1990|Hobbyist Artist
Love it man. Keep up the good work!
- An obvious fan. 
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Nebride7's avatar
lol  Love it!
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EricaXchan's avatar
EricaXchan|Student Traditional Artist
i can see it. *shrugs*
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SweetnSour333's avatar
SweetnSour333|Student Photographer
Aww! ^-^
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CrisisHalfPrincess's avatar
CrisisHalfPrincess|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so cute :icondesucraiplz: i love such days where i hang around with my friends while the sun is shining
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tomytieneblas74's avatar
tomytieneblas74|Student Traditional Artist
Nicely Done !
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Delicatestrength's avatar
Delicatestrength|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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MoonaBluesky's avatar
MoonaBluesky|Hobbyist General Artist
C'est vraiment très beau, les couleurs que tu utilises sont magnifique!! Et l'effet de lumière est à couper le souffle! J'adore ton style^^

Même si il est un de mes personnages préférés, je trouve Nuada un peu égoïste...il pourrait penser à sa sœur qui souffre chaque fois qu'il se blesse....
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Backgroundchick41's avatar
Backgroundchick41|Hobbyist General Artist
Love it!!
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Nalledia's avatar
Love this! I can totally imagine Nuada doing that!
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AnaxErik4ever's avatar
*sigh* What I wouldn't give to be him right now. I feel like shouting at the sun, and letting my pain fall like rain from the clouds, while I train, shirtless, at my art. The only thing is, I can't because I'm a girl.
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Annie-O's avatar
Annie-O|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I still think it'll be a hilarious scene to see Nuala pregnant/close to labor and Nuada feeling EVERYTHING! Believe me, many has thought in that.
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vexen-the-cat's avatar
vexen-the-cat|Hobbyist General Artist
I can definitely see them doing this. So cute!
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Kat-7's avatar
Kat-7|Hobbyist General Artist
Aww so lovely and very fitting XD
Darn, I really should make a Hellboy folder...
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violetofviolence's avatar
Ha ha ha that is so right!
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silvereye94's avatar
silvereye94|Hobbyist General Artist
awww i love it!! <:D
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Evey18's avatar
The band-aids are the best part <3 <3
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Pantherflame's avatar
Pantherflame|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, thats cute :3 i love it
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M3smer-3y3s's avatar
Draw more Nuada and Nuala fanart! :meow: I love your artwork~!
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Solomirathnius's avatar
I...I love this!!!!!
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