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I suppose I'll do this just for fun.

Tagged by: :iconvividwanderer:

  1. What's your favorite dish to cook or bake? I personally don't enjoy cooking or baking in general, but I guess if I had to choose, Red Velvet Cupcakes. I love mixing and eating the batter and last time I made some with Shikio, they turned out deliciously amazing!
  2. If you were shipwrecked on an island what 5 things would you bring? Well, as much as I love my computer, it would be fairly pointless to have. Electronics are out of the question in general, so I'd probably bring my books, my empty notebooks, my sketchpads, my blanket and a batty bat plush.
  3. Do you have a favorite type of drink or beverage? If so please tell me why. Shirley Temple. I just really enjoy the simplicity of them. I also enjoy lemonade, but with sprite instead of water. It definitely makes for a sweeter and less tarty flavor.
  4. Do you find yourself longing for the sun or seeking out the moon? The sun. I've always adored it and use to sleep in it for hours on end as a teenager.
  5. If you had to write a story at this very moment what would be be about? I'm feeling personally like writing about myself and Master. I haven't written anything about us in ages.
  6. Most developed OC and OC you desire to work on more? Master is my most developed OC. It's hard not to improve someone you constantly rp and increase bonds with. Work wise, at this time, I want to develop Violetta Vitorio, the lovely woman.
  7. It's a hot summer day you see three things in front of you a shaded tree, a cool pond and a your house, which do you choose? House forever. *hisses* I love the sun, but lazy and gross people outside.
  8. Favorite number? 13 of course, everyone considers it unlucky, much like me since I'm the black sheep of the family.
  9. What is your favorite accessory? My collar, though I'm known moreso for my glasses.
  10. Do you prefer moths or butterflies? Why? Butterflies, glass winged ones in particular steal my heart.
  11. Would you rather be in the middle of a forest or in the middle of the ocean? Either way you have an escape, but if you leave too soon you will not get the prize. Forest. Anywhere except the ocean! Ugh! *shudders*
  12. What would you say is a quality in me you enjoy most? Simple. You. Everything about you has never disappointed me and to be able to pick something is like forcing me to choose between two major parts of myself.
  13. No...wait just um, I didn't mean it, um quick tell me your favorite nickname to call someone!? Addikun!!!!
Dear Followers,
I left ages ago on account of the art theft going on and then of course I realized it kind of goes on everywhere, more so a lot in some places than in others. All I can do is do my best to prevent it. There is a ton more art out there that is ten times more flashy than mine, the artists as amazing as ever, but that shouldn't suggest my own art still isn't at risk.
All the same, I've returned to DA because I did miss this website quite a bit. I've opened an art shop since then and am able to sell my art in general now. That being said, I won't be doing commissions I'm afraid as I usually never get them done in time, but I'm still willing to sell what I do make.
If you are interested in buying a particular print that isn't up for sale, do let me know and I'll change it for you. All of your support and comments are always appreciated. Thank you so very much.

~Prince Neo