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'You Aren't Perfect Enough' by PrinceNeoShnieder 'You Aren't Perfect Enough' by PrinceNeoShnieder
The Seraphim realm in which the angelic beings lie was in fact corrupt with that of creatures obsessed with perfection. Upon find out his adopted father, Aria St. Francis was being forced out of his home for expressing his approval of difference and "non-perfect" beings, Azaelion exploded with fury. Being an android and witnessing similar acts done by his creator, he would not stand by and watch it happen to his father. Azaelion didn't hesitate to grasp his grandfathers collar, chain him up and drag him out to the exact cliff that had seen far too many deaths in its time; the one in which every 200 years a child that lacked blue eyes and black hair would be cast out over it. Some died where others survived. It didn't take much for Azaelion to feast on the irony that was his actions as he threw the prideful seraphim from their perch on the edge of death, unable to fly due to the chains binding him. 

"The ones you cast out are hideous on the outside to you, but to me you are both hideous on the inside and the out. Only perfect people can remain in this realm, right? Then you don't belong here."
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June 25, 2015
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