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The Last Shinto by PrinceNeoShnieder The Last Shinto by PrinceNeoShnieder
After the fall of the Shinto Colony over a century ago, the only two remaining are Dothol (left) and Thaddeus (right) Katseru. What are the chances two siblings survived the downfall? It's most likely because of the paths they took, it often kept them far from home and during the invasion of the Chimera they got lucky having been absent. That's how the story goes anyhow.
In truth, Dothol was on his travels, but Thaddeus was still a child and had been blocked in a cave by a rock slide during the attack. After that, all he could do was attempt to find a way out and by the time had, there was nothing left. It had been a massacre from the enemy.
Shinto are known for their keen and vivid memory as well as their gift of talent. They can become anything and magic is their natural second nature. Shinto will often travel around the world telling stories of their journeys and if you ever come in contact with a book written by one, it is fortune smiling upon your path. Not only are the books binded by their authors, they are also full of things that the average person has not experienced.
Traveling from his destroyed home, traumatized and alone, Thaddeus made a deal with a creature that landed him where he is today; serving a Sinful Lord.
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April 15, 2017
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