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The Creature in the Chamber by PrinceNeoShnieder The Creature in the Chamber by PrinceNeoShnieder
It rests in sleep eternal until it is reawakened. This creature once dwelled among the other worlds, seeking ways to guide those it lead, but as time wore on it began to crave rest. Chaos was no stranger to it and for the first time in its life, it was able to feel emotions. Perhaps not strongly, but vaguely enough to understand them. Eventually, the creature lost track of time and those that surrounded it until it realized all that once was began to change and was no longer. It desired to indulge in the lives of the futures that it helped create, but alas, it held no place. It no longer belonged and because of this newfound emotion known as "loss", the creature retreated back to the home it once knew. Back to the beginning where its creation began; to its chamber of energy. There it feeds and remains until the time is right for it to return. With nothing more than little scratches on the outside, the real proof of its life remain inside and locked away. Having no regrets, Addicus shuts his eyes and waits.....
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October 24, 2014
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