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Lord Drakul by PrinceNeoShnieder Lord Drakul by PrinceNeoShnieder
Hello Friends,
I know I haven't drawn in ages. Working so much has made me overly exhausted and so I'm taking a week off in a couple of weeks to get my motivation and sanity back.
I drew this yesterday, a collab art with 221BJohnlock

Lord Drakul, one of the spawn of Darkness itself, and neither human nor a super natural creature, he simply is made up of a raw, forbidden magic and Darkness. Insanity is his best friend and he lacks any normal access amount of emotions. Understanding them is difficult as his mind set doesn't function the same as someone naturally born. Consider him a creation of a bastard child. Despite having the ability to feel, he can't grasp or register the idea of certain ones; remorse and empathy are not in the list of abilities for him. All he knows is finding a way to succeed in his endeavors and because of this, he finds lack of attached strings to anyone. This results in anyone finding out anything about him ever, weaknesses included. It's hard to defeat a villain that doesn't even trust himself.
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June 22, 2017
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