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Korvan's Birth by PrinceNeoShnieder Korvan's Birth by PrinceNeoShnieder
Instead of causing the fire too grow,  it turned it to embers and the grey smoke arose. This was much lighter of a smoke  than before. It didn't seem nearly as thick and my eyes didn't even sting. It wafted through my nostrils smelling of ash and charred earth.
I sifted through it, studying the strange creation of mine. That's when two large, lavender orbs  looked up at me. They had a smokey tint to them and the being they belonged to was an infant no larger then my palm. My heart strings were tugged, but I refused to get lost in this newfound creation. Their arms were hardly there,  little stubs of smoke. Their legs they could barely use and their horns, similar to a rams.
This child was mine. I wanted to raise it and care for it, watch it grow into my work. I wanted to. I couldn't.
Not only was this child different than my other, it was useless in the long run. I didn't measure any of the ingredient precisely and this was the result. A failure of a experiment. Yet I found no disgust whatsoever. I was proud and even satisfied.
Reaching out to grasp my finger with their seemingly transparent grip, this moment would never be forgotten.
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June 28, 2017
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