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Jackira At Night by PrinceNeoShnieder Jackira At Night by PrinceNeoShnieder
Another JackxAkira picture. This one is more of a "You caught us" feel to it. I enjoy them greatly together as a bromance. They both are so alike and yet so different. Both have stood their grounds and had such extensive character development that I can't help but love them.
After having followed the Rule of the Council all of his reign as King of Stelonia, Akira eventually retired and his son, Emasu took to the throne. It was then that Akira lost his purpose and had no idea which direction to go next. He found himself in relateable company in the Rebellion, the people he fought against his entire life. It opened his eyes to the world around him, outside of Stelonia, there were so many other rules to play by, so many truths to discover and so many adventures to experience.
Jack on the other hand never cared for rules to begin with and it landed him into a lot of trouble, unable to find his way to settle down and lead a decent career. He explored places that people would often avoid at all cost and the thrill of making those memories, those moments made it all worth it to him. Jack was never a large dreamer, he simply wanted to run his own bar in Stelonia, but Fate blessed him with granting his dream and even more.
Akira is still figuring himself out and he has a long way to go yet. He'll travel to every corner of Lycidia until he's finally found his next role to play.
See what I mean?

Collab art with: :iconzombifaied:
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August 16, 2017
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