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'It's just us. It always has been.' by PrinceNeoShnieder 'It's just us. It always has been.' by PrinceNeoShnieder
You and me have fallen over the years like drops of rain
Our spirits erupting like a volcano in all its fury
Each and every drop of lava seeping through its victim
Regardless of the cool breeze that blows around it.

Now as the years have worn on, we have rings as trees 
It resembles every year we've been alive and still dwell
However, our leaves are changing colors and we cannot do a thing
They will fade to sunset and then to mud.

We've stuck together as a flower would a bee
Not together side by side all the time, but enough to make memories
You've watched my small creek flow into a lengthy river 
I've watched your river expand into a vast ocean.

Everyone who enters your ocean plays around for a bit
Eventually they leave, bored of the water and its chill
I've felt people face challenges trying to get over my river
I've helped them along with the rocks covered in moss.

The people who have crossed my river, found their way into your waters
At first they seem intimidated, but eventually grow fond of your beauty
What you have to offer is far more than they will ever know
I've watched them try for so long to solve your mysteries deep down.

I use to have crystal clear waters because life had yet to teach me
Eventually they became murky and what rocks I have left
They are covered in moss so that I may drown those who slip
I no longer flow gently, but roughly, destroying the rotted trees beneath.

You tell me that once my job is done that it isn't over
I saw you smile as you told me to pursue another dream
Another dream? What sort of dream would that be?
I pondered until I had finally decided what to go for.

I want to be more than a river that flows through the forest
My true desire lies in becoming part of the giant ocean 
You dwell there and with enough work, I can become part of you
Then together, we can flow and feel the people play in our waters.
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October 16, 2014
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