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Finish the Heart! by PrinceNeoShnieder Finish the Heart! by PrinceNeoShnieder
Despite being a near seven foot smoke demon, Korvan up there at the top is Ramiel's biggest fanboy. Having been picked up during his training by the General, Korvan often finds him and "Remi" butting heads. Ramiel can be quite a bully to his apprentice, but his expression of care is there beneath that onyx armor.
Korvan is an aquired taste for a person as he lacks any decency at all and working with him is impossible. He fools around quite a bit, but Ramiel does respect that he gets a job done when he's told to do so. Now that they are trying to prevent the Cyborg Seraphim that somehow came into play against the Underworld, their only choice for allies are the actual Seraphim of Tallt and the Android created by a mad sorcerer whom is currently in their keep.
Phones and other worldly possessions of the future are in their grasp as many higher ranks in the Underworld have the ability to travel when and where; modern technology wouldn't phase them if they ever decided to keep an iphone, but I imagine the signal would be awful.
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April 15, 2017
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