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Don't Miss Me Too Much While I'm Gone by PrinceNeoShnieder Don't Miss Me Too Much While I'm Gone by PrinceNeoShnieder
"Don't Miss me too much while I'm gone." -Velventeen

It's super rough letting an oc go. I teared up drawing this.

Velventeen is one of the few survivors that came out with scars proudly. He lived in a chaotic world where there would never be a properly restored order. After his unborn child was killed, he never let it go. He grew rougher around the edges, afraid to show any sign of emotional trauma. Yet still, he couldn't help but latch onto what affection and love he had left. Vel's closure was admitting that he really didn't hate the one who killed his child as it was a boy he'd come to trust and take care of. After accepting that there was nothing he could do, no matter how many he killed, Vel sacrificed himself up against Lord Drakul in an attempt to retrieve the powerful Sphere of Broken Dreams. Despite his vulgar mouth and tough love, Vel caused an impact on a lot of people that he came across in his journey. Now at last, he let go so that he could see his baby again.

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Collab art with: 221BJohnlock and ZombiFAIed
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June 23, 2017
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