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Women that are small

Oh, I crack myself up. These would be my own versions of the characters from Alcott's Little Women. I got hell from my sister and mom, an endless list of all the details where I got them wrong, i.e. where they differ from their memory/imagination. Then again, they both read it dozens of times, I only read it once. All in all, I'm pretty glad with how these turned out.

The original characters are not mine. But these designs are, and they might be used somewhere, so please don't copy, cut, save, paste, fork, frown, measure, diagnose, regurgitate or toss. Thank you.

John: Meg, I love you!
Meg: oh, I dont know I'm so young
Aunt March: If you marry that man I will be angry
Meg: I will do what I want John I love you now
John: I'm so happy let's get married and have dinner
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Little Women is my favorite book.  I love your portrayal of the characters.
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I agree. Little Women has been made 7 times as a feature film.






2018 - the characters were wearing modern clothes (shirts, blue jeans, etc) instead of fancy dresses


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they look adorable!!Giggle 
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very nice style !!
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Much appreciated!
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I love them all but especially Jo. She looks very similar to how I imagine her!
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They need to be placed in a Jane Austen film some where.
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Delightful renderings!
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Cute and lol at the convo in the description
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All of them look perfect, except Jo. She`s supposed to be tanned! Also, pleaaase draw Laurie 8D He`s my favorite!
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I think Elizabeth is adorable though i like Margret's dress the best.
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Oh, I love it, this fits so amazingly well!
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I love this. It differs from how I thought of them but you thought of them different like everyone
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Aw, that's so sweet! I love this SOOOO much :heart::heart:
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Beth has always been my favorite character, and I absolutely love the way you drew her! Perfect! :iconsqueeeplz:
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Aw, they are lovely!
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haha i like how jo's giving the viewer the evil eye, which i can relate to.
ISH AWESHOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I though Meg was supposed to be a blonde
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thats exactly how i pictured Meg
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