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Tamiko Character Profile by PrinceLink Tamiko Character Profile :iconprincelink:PrinceLink 3 1
Our Bodies
As humans our bodies are capable
of doing so many wondrous things
yet why is it we no longer treat it
with our undying respect
We sit and stare without care
shying away from pain
no longer doing our share
and when things go wrong
we often wonder where
Our bodies we've begun to shun
sitting down and not always under the sun
feeling like there's something we've lost
when we should be feeling like there's
something that we've won
There are so many things we've seen
often wishing it all were true
but if it lies in the realm of possibilities
what we see if we tried, we can do.
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That which my eyes see
I must ask my tongue and body to refrain
lust begins to creep into my eyes
so I must turn my head away
It is a vile thing
despite what others may say
it causes so much heartbreak
each and every single day
It is not love
for love can tie it down
more often than not
lust is dangerous on its own
So when my eyes see
and my mind begins to imagine
I must turn myself away
less I be consumed by a dragon.
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Through A Bad Day
You command me to write
and to never sin
but if I were to sin
all I'd have to ask is to be forgiven
Now here I am alone
far away from home
and I ask what can be done
when the important things are gone
My eyes are weary and heavy
as my mind begins to think
I fear that should I sleep
everything will be gone in a blink
So I sit and do as you ask me to
and there is only one thing I ask
is that everything will get better
before the day is through.
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To Many Things
To many things said and done
many more left undone
as the day goes by with the setting sun
looking back wondering what I've done
Looking back helplessly in regret
then looking forward hoping for the best
stuck in the middle with all this unrest
wondering if it's all just a test
Always one thing and not the other
perhaps because I've never had a brother
my guidelines were set by my father
maturing faster due to my mother
Standing under the misty rain
wondering what there is to gain
and what is left to regain
relying on God to keep me sane
Everything now seems surreal
looking inside wondering what to feel
while waiting for one to love
to be sent to me from the one up above.
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I Can Out-shop Women by PrinceLink I Can Out-shop Women :iconprincelink:PrinceLink 0 0 Nocturnal T-Shirt 2 by PrinceLink Nocturnal T-Shirt 2 :iconprincelink:PrinceLink 0 1 Water fountain Garden by PrinceLink Water fountain Garden :iconprincelink:PrinceLink 0 0 Lilys Character Sheet by PrinceLink Lilys Character Sheet :iconprincelink:PrinceLink 2 3 Detailed Character Profile Template by PrinceLink Detailed Character Profile Template :iconprincelink:PrinceLink 20 4 Character Profile Template by PrinceLink Character Profile Template :iconprincelink:PrinceLink 3 0
The Discussion between Royals pt 2
With grace Lily entered the room eying all those around. "Gentlemen... and Ladies, if I may inquire a moment of your time to discuss our vastly unfortunate situation we have seemingly caught ourselves in." Even a displeased look on her face made her look beautiful as she talked. "Our enemies those who have found themselves through their own portal have come into this world with us, and have begun to wreck havoc."
"It seems we are ill-fated in more ways than one, while it is true that our enemies have arrived here, what news do we have of our planet in which we came from? And then which course should we take while defeating our enemies here may seem like an facultative choice of action, what then of our planet?" Felycia would ask while in pondering the possible actions.
Immediately all eyes fell on Aurora, who simply let out a slight cough. "Um... Well... uh... where do I begin?" She would ask mainly herself before continuing. "It seems like our Planet has vanished, either that or I hav
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The Discussion between Royals.
Would it be any surprise, stuck on the Earth as they were. For them to talk about it in some secure location in order to have some peace from, being harassed if you will, from the Government powers? No I should think not for there is very little time to discuss, and chose there next course of action before once again being found and having to deal with the idiots who wish to control them. It's not only controlling them mind you, it's also asking, or rather demanding for their advanced technology. They of course could fight, but that would only cause more conflict, because then... then they'd be considered hostile.
So there they sit, around a round table, their leader Lily playing with her hair as they look at each other, in a rather tense moment. "So..." She would begin with a sweet smile that would charm any man. "Do we know the location of our home world which we were thrown out of?"
"That's putting it lightly." Aurora the resident scientist would say with a sigh, while keeping an ey
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Auroras Profile by PrinceLink Auroras Profile :iconprincelink:PrinceLink 10 0
My Love
My Love
My Love today I watched you die
sat beside your bed
took your hand in mine
and saw you smile at me
My Love please don't leave me behind
I watched you peacefully go
so many thing left undone
and now you're gone
My Love our life has barely begun
I searched for you for so long
we had just begun to know each other
now you've gone to see The Heavenly Father
My Love we haven't even met yet
if there is one thing I could ask
when we finally meet
please don't leave so soon.
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Persona 3 MC sketch by PrinceLink Persona 3 MC sketch :iconprincelink:PrinceLink 2 1

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So what have I been up to since the 2 years I have basically been... more or less... inactive here, for let's just say save a few yoinks from here and there, but you know, people do that. Well the primary thing is that I used to have a gaming channel... but when everyone's doing that it's hard to sneak in. So I've mainly focused on doing personality videos and other such videos on my channel here. Which of course isn't that successful either but I enjoy doing it... to some extent so I stay. I also have become more obsessed with MBTI and all the cognitive functions that go along with it, to the point where that lead me to spending excessively more and more time on tumblr, among many other reasons. None of which I assure you have anything to do with the certain insanity we know Tumblr is associated with. To the point where I am also doing a webcomic based on MBTI... did I mention I was obsessed with that already? Well anyways the other thing that I have started is said Webcomic which you can go see here.

Other than that, I have been bouncing around with no focus from one place to the other as I try to write, and all that jazz. Which is strange because DA used to be my go to page, it used to be where I went for all the pretty pictures, and I used to always, ALWAYS have it opened on my tab at any given time, one of my tabs for several years would always be DA. To be honest I'm not sure what changed, it could possibly be that I lost contact, or I have lost interest in commissioning artists, which was one of the primary reasons I had been on here, to commission people to draw my characters, and they were awesome. The other reason was to look at pretty pretty pictures, which I still do from time to time. Something of course changed, and like I said, I'm not entirely sure all of what that could have been. But there you go, the reasons why I've kinda been mehing around DA and not been as freakishly active as I once was. I still love this place, and it will always have a spot in my heart, it is after all the place I went to in High School to find characters, and draw inspiration off of them. It's just not the same anymore for me, as through growing up, and understanding what it is I enjoy, art to me, if it has a character, is a reflection of personality put down onto paper.

There you guys go, the reasons why I've been MIA, not that any of you have noticed or cared probably, but let me just put one more reason down. I lost contact and became more secluded, whether that was people around me not wanting to spend time with me anymore as their lives changed, whether it's the games I used to play that inspired me to consistently look for and at art that also stopped. I became a shell of what I once was, and I've chalked that up to. "Well maybe that's just life." which is why where DA used to be such a source of joy and happiness, has become one of sadness and nostalgia for me. I'll come on and be all "Man look at all these awesome artists" and the remembrance will begin, it didn't use to be like this of course, but that is what it has become. Do I know if this will ever change? Not really, but yeah it's become a little harder for me to come here, and as the first episode of Season 5 of Samurai Jack stated... I have forgotten my purpose. And that right there is what I search for every time I return, to search for that lost purpose beyond the looking at beautiful art.
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