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Positive Reinforcement

By princefala
Because my last take on Mystique's training Todd was so violent and dark and ultimately depressing, here's a more positive take on it. Avec half-arsed shading job, badly drawn boxes and likely as all wildly out-of-character behaviour! :D

Sorry about my shodtacular handwriting. Here's what it says in case you can not decipher it;

MYSTIQUE: Well, Toad. It would appear you have completed your training.

TODD: Yes Ma'am!

MYSTIQUE: Now, understand that your performance during our last mission was, shall we say, less that satisfactory. Some significant improvement is called for. And that means no more flirting with Summers, for a start.
TODD: Eh heh, yeh. Sorry about that, won't happen again! :D

MYSTIQUE: So tell me! Who's ready for some highly dangerous work activity you can not possibly sue for?
TODD: Aw man, I am SO ready! I'm your toad, bosslady!

MYSTIQUE: Yeeeesss . . . And who is going to do brilliantly?
TODD: ME, yo!

MYSTIQUE: And who is going to royally arse it up?
TODD: Piet- Someone Else!

MYSTIQUE: Very well then. Let us PROCEED . . .

BOTH: Hut! Hut! Hut!

photoshop, ballpoint pen

Raven "Mystique" Darkholme and Todd "Toad" Tolensky belong to Marvel, the WB, Toonami and other people who are not me.
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Homunculous7's avatar
Hut hut hut!!! LOL xDDDD So awesome.
GimmieSushi's avatar
Hahaha I love Toad's enthusiastic posturing. "<strike>;Pietro!</strike> Someone else!" (kick!) made me lol. Hardly anyone I know uses the phrase "arse it up", but I wish it would catch on. Very hilariously drawn. ^_^
animatedG1's avatar
Love it, just love it.Todd is so adorable went he's shouting"Me yo!"
JCRobin's avatar
XD! Feckin' hysterical. Expressions are the win!
muffinelf's avatar
loved the stick panel best XD -- although a little pi-pi bashing is always my forte
rainrach's avatar
This brings me joy. :heart:
Wilt2PoOkzzz's avatar
555+ =) ';P
Someone else ;) =D
Turned into stickman! =( =P
Silly :P :O

=);)=(=D=P:P :O ';P
BlazeRocket's avatar
.... you realize you make little to no sense, right? Even accounting for the language barrier, you're still using more emoticons than words o_O
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
Lol - brilliant facial expression, I just LOVE Mystique's first face. Awesome ;)
kyria's avatar
Cute :) And like you said, refreshing....

The last panel is so Sorcerer Hunterly XD
Farbjous's avatar
Hang in there Toad! You might get your lime light someday!

... Someday...
TheSylverLining's avatar
OH, this is beautiful. xD Made my absolute DAY.
I love the sketchiness! Even not cleaned up, it's gorgeous and ye've got Todd's expressions just DOWN! The third-from-top-left panel's my favorite, HAR.

SO MUCH WIN it isn't even slightly amusing, although this certainly be. <3
bonnieslashfiend's avatar
The dark drooling possessed face kills me! As sketchy as this is these are some wicked expressive face shots. Todd's hyperness, so beautiful.
Dendraica's avatar
*just friggin' dying over here* AHAHAHA XD this made me so damned happy. Loved Todd's exuberance in this one. And how he almost says Pietro. <3 so much love to you. And the stick figures. Holy shit. You are genius.
PLCTheCd's avatar
You should try add Blob next!
Hybrid-Connection's avatar
O shit, I mean flirting D:
Dendraica's avatar
*coughs up pepsi when she re-reads your first comment* XD ow. my nose.
Hybrid-Connection's avatar
D: I cant picture toad firsting with Scott. But I would like to! XD
princefala's avatar
Heh, it was mostly a reference to the first episode in which Todd wanted to get close to Scott, mostly-if-not-entirely because he was a fellow mutant in school. A suggestion to "do lunch" was put forth.

Mind you, I was joking in this context. But if Mystique had been there for that little exchange, she would have probably taken it to mean as much :P

. . . And hey, she never said anything about no more flirting with her son, now did she? ;P
Hybrid-Connection's avatar
Oh yeah! Good reference. *laugh* I haven't seen x-men in a looong time D: its a pity, otherwise I probably wouldn't have asked.
Poor Mistique, I doubt she'll be able to get close enough to Kurt to notice the chemistry between him and Todd
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