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Ohana Morning

By princefala
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I was looking through some of my older sketchbooks and rediscovered this. It's probably at least two years old. Back then, it failed because of Nani (I simply cannot draw her!), but now that look at it, I like it enough that I can ignore her. And I haven't put up and Lilo and Stitch stuff in quite a long time, so it can go up in my main gallery for now. I'll probably scrap it later.

ballpoint pen

Lilo and Nani Pelekai, along with Jumba Jookiba and Wendy Pleakley and Stitch and Scrump (good LORD so many characters!) belong to Disney
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Jan 21, 2005, 1:30:58 PM
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Couldnt you imajin Jumba picking his nose?
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Aww Stitch is so cute :) Great job!
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Ha ha, It's funny! I love it ;D
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i'm confused. not to be a perv but what is stitch doing? is he eating that cereal or drooling in it?
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I believe Stitch lapped up the cereal and milk is dripping from his tongue.
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I actually like how you drew Nani
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Ah, this is such a nice little scene. It makes one feel warm inside.

I will fav this. :+fav:
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See? Who says you can't shade with a pen. XD
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I just love how you did Stitch. He looks like a chubby version of my chihuahua.
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That is so bloody cute! Stitch looks like a little fat teddy bear or something! You're an amazing artist! AWW! Pleakly actually looks decently pretty in this picture.
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You draw Pleakley so cute. <3 Gorgeous pen work!
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Cute! Got a hair bushing chain going on!:D
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:giggle: Very cute. I love the 'ladder' u have in here.
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That is simply all kinds of adorable. I can just see them all doing this almost every morning--so cute!
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A cute moment. I love the line of hair brushing.^^
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goddamn! You're frickin' crazy man! How in the world do always have perfect drawings in ballpoint pen? It's craAzay!
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kinda gives me more incentive to watch this movie.. ^__^
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Heh, I just went through your older sketches and fav'ved a bunch...Great minds think alike eh? ::lawls::
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Whoa! That's awesome! The characters look great in your style. Aha, I love how Pleakley is doing Nani's hair. Nani must be in a really good mood, because otherwise I couldn't think of a reason why Nani would even let him touch her hair. I love Lilo in your style. She looks so adorable with Scrump in her hand. Jeez, is that seriously with a ballpoint pen?! It must be a pretty friggin' good pen to be able to shade like that.
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And you know? My favourite expression on this drawing is Nani's. It's so tender.
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Aaawww! Its a love train! :heart:
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Nani looks great to me. The whole thing is really cute, a good blend of the movie's style and pseudo-realism.
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