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Boyz in da Wood

By princefala
Boys will be boys, eh?

And yes, My!Lance is a bit on the fuzzy side. Deal with it :P


Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner and the boys of the Brotherhood belong to Steven E. Gordon, the WB and Marvel and now, Disney. I'm making no profits off of my fanart of them, a fact which I hope will satisfy the big, corperate Mouse in the sky.
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© 2009 - 2021 princefala
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godoftoddxkurtlover's avatar
WildCat7812's avatar
mizuzu-sama's avatar
Found this a long time ago, still makes me lmao.but in the 3rd panel, who has the branch?
(Idk if i asked that before)
SilkenWinds's avatar
:rofl: OH MY SO FUNNY!!! Kurt hanging by his tail is just epic cute,and I love the stick figures giving high fives :giggle: Why do we just KNOW the brotherhood would do something like this? LOL
MonicaOkami's avatar
On the floor busting every gut I have thanks to this picture >o<
Squibley's avatar
I'm scarred for life but...I like it....
Emlindes's avatar
Lol lol lol lol lol
Linx8489's avatar
n hes just hanging there................................................................
HeadSmashScrafty's avatar
Love it, and made me laugh loads!
But in all seriousness, no friends do that together.
Darling-Daisy's avatar
It's 5:57 in the morning. I read this.

Totally glad I don't have any neighbors like I did in the apartment I used to live in, because I laughed so loudly I scared the shit out of my dog. Love this.
Ninnik's avatar
This is hilarious, especially the second to last panel.
Cayalice's avatar
Oh god, I can't tell you how hard this made me laugh! Thank you so much. :D
Bwahahahahahaaa That's awesome and soo freaking funny. Poor Kurt though he'll probably be scarred for life now. lol ^_^
greenmamba5's avatar
The last line. OMGWIN
This just keeps making me laugh and laugh and laugh some more.
Poor, poor Kurt.
Firehound237's avatar
This was awesome man
Hermania's avatar
haaha i love how random it is, and kurt just happened to be there

"I am a pilgrim in unholy lands"
Poor Kurt I feel that way too if I saw Blob and makers >.>
XCrazySpiralsX's avatar
lmao! oh wow I can just actually see this happening! xD :lmao: Awesome and I like Your!Lance fuzzy ;D lolol
OmegaToadQueen13's avatar
loooooove it!
i like how it goes from natural to cartoonie and natural again.
this is really good!
xX-Frostbyte-Xx's avatar
ohhh naked Lance. I prefer guys with no body hair. apart from hair on the head OBVIOUSLY. But naked Lance :drool: yes boys do indeed like their naked time, and I do to XD
Yobi-chan's avatar
xDDD Awesome!! Poor Kurt! xD
Gothicthundra's avatar
I swear to god I just stopped breathing due to laughter... "Pilgrim in unholy land" indeed.
SollinFaolan's avatar
Fuzzy mmmmm...... *dies*

OMG WHAT IN THE WORLD INSPIRED THIS MASTERPIECE?!!! Poor Kurt. XDD he just cant catch a break whether its an angry mob chasing him down through the streets or a naked mob running a muck in his "holy" place. will the sin never cease? *shot dead*

dare i ask you to color this? lol
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