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Cornered By Mares Inside Canterlot Castle

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Looks like Waterwave has been cornered inside Canterlot Castle by a group of mares in the hallway. Looks like there's no where for him to go. ^w^

Stop Sign Disclaimer:

Software Used: MS Paint 3 Icon and Paint.Net Icon 

Art Copyright :iconduskstripe87: (Me)

Waterwave was adopted by :iconduskstripe87: (Me) from :iconretrokitty83:

Pony design by :iconretrokitty83:

Vector #554 - Rainbow Dash #67, Vector #470 - Spitfire #4, Vector #365 - Moondancer #3, Vector #539 - Princess Celestia #4 and Vector #256 - Princess Luna #9 by :icondashiesparkle:

Starlight Glimmer cat face vector by :iconarifproject:

Vector: Applejack 19 and Background: Canterlot by :iconestories:

Cutie Mark by :iconpirill-poveniy::iconillumnious: and :iconhawk9mm:

Base by :iconsapphire-m00nlight:

MLP: FIM Copyright :iconhasbroplz:
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His face just screams "well shit"
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Plus, I love Rainbow Dash expression in the background like she saying, "Aww man they got to him first! Even though I'm the fastest flyer in Equestria they beat me to him! This is totally unfair! I hope they share him with me..."