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Coats Islands Map

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Global warming had progressed at a faster than predicted rate. As the ice caps melted, many coastal cities were swallowed up by the rising seas. Changing weather patterns left some areas facing severe drought, and others severe storms. Faced with an overwhelming number of displaced people, the United Nations decided to approve the establishment of colonies in Antarctica.

The UK was one of the first countries to establish a settlement, claiming the area known as the Caird Coast. As the number of settlements in Caird grew, they also gained neighbors—a Brazilian colony to the west and a Nigerian colony to the east.

The Caird Colony grew and prospered. Then came the War. To the rest of the world it was World War III, but in Antarctica it became know as the Draconic War, for it was during this time that a group of geneticists bioengineered vicious monsters to fight for their countries. The war lasted 10 years, and it threw the world into a new Dark Age.

Their connections with their homelands severed, the colonies reestablished themselves as independent kingdoms. Caird, however, though functionally independent, still considers itself part of the British Empire. The rulers of Caird (a branch of the British royal family that had moved to the colony) hold the title of Prince or Princess, but not King or Queen, reserving those titles for a monarch (now unknown to them) far, far to the North.
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