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So I hammered out the bugs spotted in Yakyuken Two 2.0, and then just while I was at it, added a bit more content - enough to warrant calling this Yakyuken Two 3.0 (now with more threes!)

Changes to this version:
*Kinky mode for women has been fixed.
*Beating Myst no longer ends the game - instead, it unlocks a new mode of play!
*You now win the game by acquiring 50 points, instead.
*Somewhat dirtier content after beating Myst. Try it, and you'll see what I mean. Most of it is on par with the existing kinky mode. Rosalynn remains the dirtiest character, as was the case with her kinky mode for men.

Unless there are any problems with this version, I think I'll call this the final touch to Yakyuken Two. Unless I get bored and decide to add more stuff.

So, here it is: Yakyuken Two Version 3.0:…

I hope you'll enjoy it!
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i know it's been a while since the games been updated but does anyone know how to get the key to the chest/clear the library?