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Okay, LET'S DO THIS! ~couragewolfplz ( For the EXTREMELY LOW PRICE of $9 (you heard me, JUST NINE U.S. DOLLARS) I'll draw you a fully-colored picture of any anime character you wish; be it from your favorite show or your own OC. Awesome, yes? I know! You can have it on a T-shirt, a mouse pad, a mug, a fridge magnet, etc. "But PoP, why is it so affordable?" Simple: I won't be worrying about anything except drawing! "Wha...?" The $9 is the price for accomplishing the request. Afterwhich I will make the artwork available as a print in the format you want (mug, shirt, etc.) and then you can order it! "What if I don't know how to buy stuf
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A total shameless plug showcasing how nerdy, geeky, and bereft of a social life I am. :XD: Kidding. Who wouldn't want free stuff, right? In celebration of Razer‘s 133,337 fans on Facebook, we are going to game-change someone‘s (possibly yours) gaming setup. We‘d like to think that it‘s something we‘d give back to our fans in appreciation for all the support, and what better than with all the very best that Razer has to offer. This sort of giveaway has never been done before. Not until today, and possibly not again for a very long time. Until the 25th October 2010, one lucky fan will get to score the ultimate gaming
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Just watched "Infiltration". Great movie--great storytelling and fantastic ppt animation (from 2008!). Really loved it. Actually story was so good I hit escape the first time I watched it when the character starts deactivating the system. I panicked and thought I had downloaded a Trojan horse. Anyway I took a chance and watched the whole thing a second time :)

You are truly talented and original.

Congratulations! I started my graphics business as a ppt artist and have encountered lots of disdain for other graphic designers as well as appreciation for what I do. A tool that serves the masses can be astonishing in the hands of the imaginative and creative.
Hi Prince.

I just wanted say this:

Awesome use of Powerpoint. :)

It's good to know that I'm not the only one doing these things.

Keep it up! :D
hey i only work in powerpoint also, i cant quite get my head round how you do some of your illustrations in powerpoint, but then again if you may think the same if you look at mine, bottom line, never underestimate powerpoint
hi~! :iconhelloplz: i just made a really cool game with powerpoint but it seems that i can't put it on deviantart, by any chance do u know how to put a powerpoint on here?
Sorry, last time I checked (which was like several years ago), we couldn't upload PowerPoint here.
ok :) Thank you anyways, I appreciate the reply back. (To be honest I forgot all about that comment I made.)
Yo Jerry. It's me. :iconjmusashi: Hope you still remember me~