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Saskia Minkar
Name: Saskia Minkar (Origin: Minkar is the name of Epsilon Corvus, A star)
Age: 7 Solar Sweeps Old
Wriggling Day: 5th Bilunar Perigee of the 15th Storm Season's Solstice.
Blood Colour: Purple (Hex Code: #880099)
Zodiac: Corvus (Symbol: ђ)
Handle: technoLiquidator
Quirk: w>ω, t>† ( the omega to represent the end, the cross to represent death)
Strife Abstratus: Glovekind (Which includes a hidden Blade) Sunwheelkind and Fistkind.
Sylladex Modus: None as of yet
Description: N/A
Title: Maid of Void
Planet: Land of Twilight and Portals (LOTAP)
Dreamer of: Derse
Denizen: Nyx
Pre God-teir:
- Enhanced Stealth Abilities
- Corrupting Information to delay enemies.
- Travel to the void (usually via sleepwalking)
- True Invisibility
- Willful teleportation to the Void
Session Role:
She acts as the leader of the Derse Team. She tends to be the gatherer of information and the main mastermind. She is also the one who blacked out her session to prying eyes.
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 0 0
Homestuck Troll OC: Saskia
Name: Saskia Xenser
Age: 8 solar sweeps (17.5 Human Years)
Race: Troll
Gender: Female
Blood: Purple
Zodiac: Corvus
Eye color: Black/Yellow
Hair Color: Black
Hair type: Short
Height: 163cm
Weight: 55kg
Strife Specibi: Scythekind / Fistkind
Fetch Modus: Hexadec (Hexa-decimal)
Title: Maid of Void
Planet: Land of Shadows and Aether (LOSAA)
Choice of Clothing: Black shirt with her symbol (Saturns Sickle) on it in purple. Grey and Black striped pants. Wears a minimal amount of grey facepaint.
Personality: Reserved, Manipulative, Grim.
Interesting characteristics: Amazing feats of stamina and agility (ninja -like agility skills)
Powers/Abilities: Highblood strength and Stamina.
Sign: unknown
Your name is SASKIA XENSER.
You are an athletically skilled troll who oneday wants to be a Dancsassinator. You are competent at ~ATH and other forms of programming. Many trolls have a high respect for you, whether its because of your high blood or your ability to kill them without anyone notic
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 0 6
Do you?
It's been over 8 months
since we started speaking.
I remember everything
you've ever said to me.
But do you remember them?
You always walk past,
My eyes happen to find you.
Everyone seems to notice,
but they follow your every move.
But do you notice?
I go all silent
When you pass me.
my friends point it out,
saying i like you.
But do you hear them?
Only if you remember our words.
And you notice the small things.
And listen to people.
Would you notice that something doesn't add up.
But do you know that i have a secret?
Do you know that im to shy to even breathe it?
The words are i and love and you.
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 1 2
Every name under the sun
I've called you 'Idiot'
all because you sometimes don't understand.
I've called you 'Ignorant'
all because you sometimes never take the hint.
I've called you 'ugly'
all because I can be so cruel at times.
I've called you so much worse,
all because you've made me angry.
I've called you every name under the sun,
but I've never called you 'mine'.
I've been ever so cruel towards you,
all I want to call you is 'mine'.
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 0 0
Alone in this Dark Room
Everyday, It all seems the same
Alone in this cold, dark room.
My thoughts haunt me
They taunt me with images of you.
I feel it will never seem to change
Alone in this cold, dark house
The misery echoes through the halls
Aching me right to the bone.
There's never anyone to speak to
Alone in this cold, dark world.
I was pierced by Cupids arrow
right through the back of my head.
The point pierced my thoughts
Decimated my brains.
It killed the pain,
only for a little while.
Now they're seeping back
through the wound which expelled them.
I'm losing my mind,
I'm losing my sanity.
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 0 0
Heart Rate Dropping
He found his way to me in my Early Teen Years, during the time when I was alone and not coping well.
He seemed like my only friend, the only one I could trust. He seemed to be the type who would understand what I was going through; he always understood my problems.
He sat next to me and held my hand as I cried. He cried beside me, each tear stung me.
I soon realized that a romance like this wasn't what I wanted, so I began to ignore him, I threw away the things which reminded me of him and blocked him from my life.
A few months later he found his way back to me during another of my low points. I needed him then as much as he needed me. Without me, he was nothing; without him, I was alone.
We sat in the dark and he embraced me.
You could say our relationship was on and off; We kept it as our little secret. Some of my friends knew about him and I, they hated it. They told me there were better people than him, but those people would hold stuff against me due to my imperfections; he never
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 0 0
A Brand New Light
Time to stop this misery,
Escape the darkness.
I'm escaping the month long misery
for brighter beginnings.
Let's run away from the darkness,
Away from the pouring rain.
Together, Hand in hand.
Away from all our haters.
From here on out
all we need is each other
and our love
and our promise
Until the day we die,
this is all we need, baby.
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 0 3
My Worst Mistake?
I was right for all the wrong reasons;
and what you said didn't surprise me...
I know you feel bad about what you did;
I can't help but feel nothing anymore.
Can't say you don't blame me...
All i feel is nothing:
It's a swirling void of emptiness.
The thought of what you did makes me sick,
I just want to get my revenge.
I want to blame anyone but you,
But the blame falls on you and her.
If this happens again,
Trust me, your life will be hell...
Don't mess with me hun
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 0 0
My Pain Quote
" Pain is much like the cold...
You feel it when you're alone;
Never with someone who cares.
It is unbareable and it hurts.
It gets to a point where
you just can't feel anything anymore...
Then it begins to rot you away;
except pain rots the heart and soul..."
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 0 0
Out of Reach.
My Heart can't seem to settle
If its' other half is too far away.
I can't help but see the crack in our reflection,
And i'm unsure if you see the same.
I just want you to tell me everything
Every thought about us that runs through your beautiful mind.
Take my hand and lead me out of the darkness...
Hold me and tell me that everything is gonna be fine...
That everything from here on out will be alright...
But you can't hold me...
Because you can't reach me...
I just want to feel your touch,
I just want to be selfish and have you all to myself;
But those others want you too.
I'll die just to keep you.
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 2 1
I never thought from this love
That I would feel such pain.
You promised never to hurt me,
But I felt much more than pain.
If you ever do leave me;
I you'll be the only one who will get a second chance.
I believe you deserve better;
You could have a girl who isn't a wreck;
You could have a girl who isn't scarred from blades and lonliness;
You could have a girl who you could actually hold in your arms and kiss;
I'm none of those things, yet you still chose me.
I don't understand anything anymore.
I'm sorry I love you
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 2 13
That Empty, Hollow Feeling
I know we are still together;
But ever since you said what you did
I feel a void between us.
I swear I thought it was all over for that moment;
like everything I knew was ripped away from me:
That everything was you.
I lost all feeling, my body went numb.
I was on the verge of tears and almost throwing up.
I tried to be nice about it at first,
But when you said that chick keeps trying to hook up with you;
I was angry as hell.
When you said you liked one of them;
I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest.
You said Long Distance is hard
I was speechless.
I swear I thought you were gonna end it there.
I was confused;
I sat there looking at the computer.
"So what, This is it?" I wrote.
You tried to explain to me
how much I meant to you.
I didn't know what you were going on about;
I was blind with tears.
You said to me;
You never wanted to lose me...
You would wait for me...
No matter how far I am...
The shock you gave me was worse than anything I have ever felt;
I just hope to n
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 2 1
I swear I miss you more and more each and everyday.
I wouldn't be so afraid if you could be by my side.
I don't even know what I'm so afraid of;
Is it dying alone?
Or is it living without you?
WHatever it is, you are the antidote;
The cure to whatever is killing me slowly.
I might never tell you;
But your presence may just save me
I'm afraid that I'll fail at love like I always do...
I'm afraid that I'll lose you
I'm afraid that It'll be my fault
:iconprince-of-parties:Prince-of-parties 2 1


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