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Hey, it's Dreambert here Pikachu waves 

I need two things if you can help:

1: A new art software. Sketchbook on my kindle isn't the best, and I kinda want to do it on my laptop, so comment your ideas please.

2: Point Commisions. Please, send me a note, or punch those commision buttons and I'll get to work soon!

Well, thats all for now, so...
fuck this shit im out v2 (F2U) 
warp pipe right fuck this shit im out v2 (F2U) Just a pipe(description) 
3ds friend code: 2509-5680-0695
Ok: here we go...

REGULAR COMMISSIONS (N/A)Sweating a little... 

$1: No background
$2: Background 

20 points: No Background
50 points: Background
Bugeyedmario Emoji :bademoticon: :bademoticon: [Mario Emote] Computer addict SMG4-Luigi-Sopa Sopa Sopa SOPA! :bademoticon: 
Hello DA! I am going to say a few things quick:

Commision: Ask Me! I will do all commisions for either $1 or a 50 point donation. This will change into the future.

Art Trade: Will Do! Just ask, I'll trade a game doodle.

Rush: Don't Do.

Request: Send 'em in!