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Star Wanders: Chapter 3
Flaming wood rained from the ceiling, and water sprayed onto Aura as she ran to the docking bay. Silver ran close by as students pushed through the fleeing crounds. Banging on the door, it gave way into the Principal's Office, which Silver had ransacked earlier. She looked through drawer after drawer, until finally:
“Found it!” Aura called, holding a file and key. Debris fell as she jumped to her feet and ran, Silver ahead. Docking bay in sight, James led them onto The Ambassador, and they went to positions.
“Cannons ready!” yelled Ben.
“Visuals a-go!” Aura called.
“Boosters on!” Sara called over the engine.
“Okay, let’s go.” James said, pulling up and leaving home.
Behind them was the burning station, one that had stood in space for over fifty years, it’s ashes already spread.
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Star Wanders: Chapter 2
“Hello Seniors! And welcome to GRADUATION!” called out Mr. Johnson, the principle of the facility. Clapping bounced around the room, as Mr. Johnson called for a toast to fifty years of a peaceful universal society.
“Fifty years ago today, the universe was united under the Order, a government made up of two citizens from each planet. At its beginning, a megar 12 planets were in. Today, over nine MILLION!”
“And you fine young men and women are the backbone of the galaxy. So let’s get to it! Life’s gonna hand you some lemons soon, and I’m going to say this!”
“No lemons for you,” said the principle, pulling a device from his pocket, and pressing a small red button. “You have thirty seconds before fire consumes this school. I would suggest running.”
And he ran.
Chaos scrambled through students, tripping over one another to flee. James grabbed Sara’s and Ben’s hands, and ran. Silver and Aura knew where
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The 9th Day... maybe by Prince-Dreambert The 9th Day... maybe :iconprince-dreambert:Prince-Dreambert 4 0 The 8th Day by Prince-Dreambert The 8th Day :iconprince-dreambert:Prince-Dreambert 2 0 7th Day by Prince-Dreambert 7th Day :iconprince-dreambert:Prince-Dreambert 2 0 The 6th Day by Prince-Dreambert The 6th Day :iconprince-dreambert:Prince-Dreambert 2 0 The 5th Day by Prince-Dreambert The 5th Day :iconprince-dreambert:Prince-Dreambert 2 0


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