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Ubuntu - Go beyond windows

By PrimoTurbo
Visit [link] and [link] or join #ubuntu on FreeNode if you want to find out more about Ubuntu Linux operating system.

UPDATE: The window frame has been made a more traditonal 4 split window [+]
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WindyThePlaneh's avatar
Ha ha, lol
I use both windows and ubuntu but I don't care :dummy:
I love them both equally :meow:
TH0RLEIF's avatar
Nice idea, I like it!
Hatoyahoshi's avatar
i am a proud user of ubuntu.

but i have nothing against microsoft
pavigo's avatar
buena imagen con un texto muy sabio
r0b0tic-k47's avatar
I favor mint, but whatever the distro linux > Windows
Rasa13's avatar
normpoe's avatar
oh my! lol! thank you, thank you so much for this!
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Top Notch bro
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We're always looking for talented Ubuntu Artist.

Please visit: Ubuntu Artwork Team

ArkBlitz's avatar
Any particular license on this one? CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, GFDL, or "good" old copyright?
PrimoTurbo's avatar
No license you can do what you wish with it. If you mention my name that would be nice but not required.
ArkBlitz's avatar
So it would be Public Domain right? I can safely tag it with CC-Zero then?
PrimoTurbo's avatar
Yes if you wish, however the ubuntu logo is owned by Canonical.
ArkBlitz's avatar
Uhm, okay. The Ubuntu logo I already knew about.
pervy-senin's avatar
I love the idea, mate :D Good job!
Finally, someone using their own name against them. EPIC!
KeatonLee's avatar
Dont you just love the sight of ubuntu in the morning?
coldReactive's avatar
No widescreen, huh?
hundone's avatar
I would like to see a 1680x1050 and a 1920x1200 version to. :)
kumvecam's avatar
AKuwaNeKo's avatar
Love the concept and the simple design. :love:
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