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~OUTDATED~ Dax the Captain

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Finally, a new character for my story! :chairdance:

May I introduce you to Dax, a former captain in the Higher's militia. He is one of the fastest fliers in their fleet of fighters (like that alliteration there), thanks to his expertise in the use of Wind magic. Though he is a militarymanbird, Dax is humble, modest, and gentle when he needs to be. And I say "former" 'cause he retired from the military shortly before the Priest's uprising, and resides below the clouds with his wife and daughter.

After said uprising, a rampant group of Priest's Slaves, horrific abominations created by the Foul Priest, attacked Dax's homestead while he was away and slaughtered his family. Upon his return to the gruesome scene, Dax has taken an oath to avenge his family with the death of the Priest, and has acquired an extreme hatred of Men. He wears a scrap of his daughter's bead necklace around his leg and two of his wife's feathers in his headband as a reminder of this event.

Let's play a little game, huh? Can you guess who inspired Dax's appearance? Here's a hint; take a real good look at his title, what kind of bird he is, his eyes, and his pauldron. If you're first to guess it, I'll give ya' 100 Points !

Dax the Captain, Forsaken, and all associated characters and art belong to me, Primogenitor34

Check out my gallery for FORSAKEN here!!

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This is a really damn good sky for how simple it is. Bird's cool too.
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All it is, too, is a few gradients, including the sun itself, and a few cloud symbols I made in Illustrator. Real simple to do, but looks stunning when it's done!

Thank you very much! :brushteeth:
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Love this, birds are hard to give personality too, you did a great job here and the coloring and shades are perfect!
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Since birds are one of the three races in "Forsaken", I needed my practice. Glad to see it's paying off apparently!  Clap 
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Nice! I like!
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Thanks a bunch, miss!  ^__^
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You're welcome, sir! :aww:
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Looking good! I love the colouring here, very nice work! The background looks really good as well! Great work! :D
Primogenitor34's avatar
Much appreciated, brosef!
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You have created some cool Art there. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:
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Thank you so much, bro, I'm glad you're likin' 'em!
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