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Primitive Fantasy is imaginative artwork with a theme focusing on tribal, jungle, or prehistoric settings. It is NOT the same thing as traditional fantasy. Traditional fantasy is what you see in things like Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, and World of Warcraft. For Primitive Fantasy, think Tarzan, Clan of the Cave Bear, and Shanna the She-Devil.


1. CLOTHING: Primitive characters wear animal skins, loincloths, leaves, feathers, beads, body paint, or anything you can make yourself when living in the woods; and some go naked. (Naked characters need other attributes such as spears, warpaint, or a proper background.) Primitive characters do NOT wear modern clothes, metal armor, or anything that would require spinning-wheel technology in order to make.

2. BACKGROUNDS: Not all pictures need to have a background, but backgrounds can confirm or disprove that the character belongs in Primitive Fantasy. Appropriate backgrounds are outdoors, including jungles, forests, caves, grasslands, and small huts. NO architecture, unless it is in ruins.

Absolutely off-topic: Modern-day scenes, futuristic scenes, cities, large-scale civilizations (including the Greeks, Egyptians, and Aztecs), advanced technology, machines, robots, steampunk, and large amounts of metal.


* Art must be clearly on-topic (see above).
* Fantasy characters and cultures only; no non-fantasy art of people from real cultures.
* Nudity is allowed, but it must be tasteful. No smut.
* Please put some effort into your art. It must look complete.
* Make sure the presentation is good. No lined paper, blurry photos, etc.
* No material that is racist, depicting rape, or otherwise offensive.
* Please submit art to the correct folder.

Original rules and info: primitive-fantasy.deviantart.c…

More info on the nudity policy: primitive-fantasy.deviantart.c…

Thanks, :iconskyjaguar:

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Jungle wedding.The small clearing was packed with animals of all kinds, even the prehistoric variety.Despite the mixing of both herbivore and carnivore, both groups appeared to be getting along quite civilly.The various creatures were lined up on two rows on either side of the clearing, some sitting, some standing.At the head of the clearing, two branches from two separate trees crisscrossed over each other, making an impromptu arch.Under the arch stood two individuals. One, an elderly woolly mammoth. The other, a naked man with tanned skin, blue eyes, and black hair.Normally the wild man’s hair was in a, well, wild unkempt mess.But for this occasion he had actually taken the time to comb it and smooth it down until it looked a lot nicer.What’s more, he had literally spent a long time cleaning himself in a nearby stream until his nude body sparkled like the sun.The wild man, Moc-Kel, fidgeted nervously.“Relax my boy” said the mammoth, Virgil, as he reassuringly patted the groom to be on the back with his trunk. “Everything is going to be fine.”“I know, I know” stated Moc-Kel in a way that clearly showed he was not reassured in the slightest.“It’s just, this is a big change. What if I can’t commit? What if I can’t be a good enough husband? What if she suddenly changes her mind and wants to go back?”“Whoa, slow down their son” stated Virgil “you’re overthinking the situation.”Moc-Kel took a few deep breaths to calm himself down and began to relax somewhat.“You’re right Virg” as always” he remarked, making the elderly mammoth chuckle.“I just don’t understand what’s wrong with me. I mean, I love her, and I want us to be together. But for some reason I can’t help but be nervous.”“That’s perfectly natural my boy” stated Virgil sagely. “As you said, this is a big change for you. And I’m not going to lie, it’s not going to be easy. But if you truly love her-”“I do!” Stated Moc-Kel firmly.“Then I’m sure that together you’ll both be able to weather the storm” Continued Virgil.Moc-Kel smiled at his oldest friend.Then, as if a thought it just occurred to him, he turned the back of his head towards Virgil, so that the elderly mammoth could get a good look at his hair and asked “do you think my hair looks good enough?”Virgil chuckled and retorted “hey, at least she’s not making you wear a tie.”The pair of old friends laughed heartily, and Moc-Kel was certainly starting to feel a little less nervous.Suddenly, the whole assembly went quiet as a flock of songbirds fluttered into the clearing.While most of them alighted on some of the tree branches, one of them fluttered up to Virgil’s ear and twittered excitedly into it.Smiling, Virgil nodded understandingly, which was apparently a sign for the little messenger to flitter up and join the rest of its flock in the branches.“Look sharp son” Virgil whispered to Moc-Kel “she’s here.”The entire assembly turned their heads towards a canopy of vines at the far end of the clearing.As if on cue, two of the songbirds fluttered down from the branches, took hold of two of the vines, and lifted them up.The canopy parted like a curtain revealing a beautiful human woman with emerald green eyes and long brunette hair.Like her husband to be, Jennifer Starling was stark naked, the only exception being a crown of flowers in her hair. It wasn’t quite a wedding veil, but it served the purpose nicely.In her hands, she carried an equally lovely bouquet made of various wildflowers.As his eyes met those of his bride to be, all the tension melted out of Moc-Kel, and he could think of nothing but their future together.The songbirds in the trees began to sing the bridal March as Jennifer slowly made her way down the makeshift aisle between the crowd of furry, feathered, and reptilian critters to her waiting fiancé.As Jennifer took her place under the arch, Moc-Kel reached out his hand and she grasped it in one of her own.As the last note of the bridal March faded, Virgil began to conduct the ceremony.“Dearly beloved” the old mammoth began “we are gathered here today to bear witness to the union of these two individuals, Moc-Kel of the razor claw clan, and Jennifer Starling.”“Despite coming from vastly different worlds, these two have overcome great odds together, and have even found true love.”“Now, as I understand, before we continue I believe the bride and groom have some things they would like to say to each other.”“Jennifer” Moc-Kel began softly “before I met you, the only place I ever saw another human was in my birth parents books.”“Believe it or not, it can get rather lonely being one-of-a-kind. We may not have always seen eye to eye, at least at first. But over time, I began to see your true beauty, the kind that was buried deep down.”“I’m glad I was able to dig it up and expose it to the light.”“Now I get to see that beauty every day. I know I’m not exactly the rich, rockstar, Playboy you always envisioned. But I promise to always love you and be there for you. For as long as we both shall live.”Tears filled Jennifer’s eyes upon hearing Moc-Kel’s speech.But she managed to wipe them away with one of her fingers before delivering her own speech.“Oh Moc” she began shakily “you’ve no idea how much your words mean to me.”“Before I met you, I wasn’t even interested in love. Back then all I ever thought about was my social standing, or how much stuff I could buy with my credit card.”“But after coming here, after meeting you, I’ve come to realize there are more important things in life than wealth, or materialism, or popularity.”“I may no longer have a single penny to my name. But your love makes me richer than Bill Gates.”“I may be as naked as the day I was born. But I feel more beautiful than Aphrodite.”“And though I no longer have legions of adoring fans following me around, I found something far more precious. Loyal friends, and a loving husband.”She stared lovingly into his eyes. “One which I intend to spend the rest of my life with.”“Well said Jennifer” said Virgil softly before promptly clearing his throat and continuing.“Now then, do you, Moc-Kel, of the razor claw clan, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, to love, honor, and cherish her long as you both shall live?”“I do” said Moc simply.“And do you, Jennifer Starling” continued Virgil “take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? ”Jennifer smiled mischievously before replying “I most certainly do.”Raising his trunk, Virgil proudly declared “then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”The newlywed couple didn’t need to be told twice.With a shriek of pure joy, Jennifer leapt into her new husband’s arms and planted her lips upon his as the assembled crowd cheered joyously for the new couple.Epilogue.“Can I open my eyes yet?” Jennifer asked.“Not yet” Moc replied.Jennifer was practically giddy with anticipation.After their exchange of vows, the newlywed couple had partied practically all day with all of their animal friends at the wedding reception.There may not have been rows of champagne glasses, a gargantuan wedding cake, or piles of presence. But there had been plenty of music, dancing, and lots of good food and beautiful decor. It was amazing what nature could provide.Moc had even taken the opportunity to introduce Jennifer to his adopted family.Meeting their boyfriends parents would’ve been nerve-racking for anyone, even when said parents were not a pack of velociraptors who could rip you in half with a single swipe of their clause.Fortunately, it seems the rest of the razor claw clan had accepted Jennifer is one of their own almost immediately.Moc’s mother, Blue Stripe, was simply overjoyed her son had finally found someone who made him happy.His father, Son Scale, was proud of the changes that Jennifer had brought out of Moc, although Jen pointed out that Moc had brought out a lot of changes in her as well.And of course, Moc’s two younger brothers, Swift Strike and Lightning Dash, were overjoyed to have someone new to play with. Although their mother had to remind them not to play too rough.Once night had fallen and all the guests had returned to their respective dens and families, Moc had come to Jen and told her he had a surprise waiting for her.After Jennifer had closed her eyes, at her husband’s insistence, Moc had led her by the hand through the jungle for what felt like at least 20 miles.Finally, they stopped. Jennifer could hear Moc’s bare feet on the soft grass as he moved out of her line of sight, no doubt so she could get a better look at her surprise.Finally, Moc’s voice whispered “now.”With baited breath, Jennifer opened her eyes and gasped in amazement.Before her, perched high in the branches of one of the trees, was a beautiful treehouse.It was carved completely out of bamboo. Along platform, possibly about 30 feet in length, jutted out of the front of the house like a combination front porch and deck.The deck was rained all around by a guard rail, and no doubt the view from it would’ve been spectacular, overlooking the entire jungle.On either side of the front door where lanterns filled with swarms of fireflies, making the house light up like a Christmas tree.“Oh Moc” cried Jennifer happily, throwing her arms around her husband’s neck and planting a big kiss on his cheek. “It’s beautiful.”Moc smiled and placed his arm around his wife’s waste. “I’m glad you like it” he said “practically everyone in the jungle chipped in in order to build it at my request.”“Ahh, how sweet” crooned Jennifer.“I know it’s not the expensive condo you always imagined owning” said Moc. “But-“Jennifer placed a finger over her husband’s lips before he could say anymore.“It’s more perfect than any condo I could ever imagine” she stated firmly but lovingly “and it’s not because it’s expensive, or extravagant. It’s because it’s ours, yours and mine.”Moc smiled, reassured by his wife’s words.He then proceeded to reach up and pull on a rope hanging overhead attached to the front porch/deck.As he pulled on it, a large section of the platform dropped out revealing a wooden staircase leading up into the treehouse.He gestured up the stairs with one of his hands. “Shall we?” He asked.Jen smiled in return and replied “we shall.”She then proceeded to climb into his arms, as Moc ascended the staircase while carrying his new bride.The end.

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1542 - Page 10 by borba

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Sheena by Jacqueline Goehner II by wbmstr Sheena by Jacqueline Goehner II :iconwbmstr:wbmstr 261 11 Jana of the Jungle by DrawHardX
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Jana of the Jungle :icondrawhardx:DrawHardX 44 6
Barbarian - Original by KimontheRocks Barbarian - Original :iconkimontherocks:KimontheRocks 4 0 Fire Queen by YetZero Fire Queen :iconyetzero:YetZero 1 0 Fair by RealmSeeker51 Fair :iconrealmseeker51:RealmSeeker51 17 5 Stealth by RealmSeeker51 Stealth :iconrealmseeker51:RealmSeeker51 9 9 Battle :Splash Page: by Princess-Skye Battle :Splash Page: :iconprincess-skye:Princess-Skye 7 2 Shanna By Oliviera Digital By Me by Svetoslawa Shanna By Oliviera Digital By Me :iconsvetoslawa:Svetoslawa 62 5 Prymal#7 Jeff Spokes Cover by ericalannelson Prymal#7 Jeff Spokes Cover :iconericalannelson:ericalannelson 78 6 Caveman Family by SaraDolan265 Caveman Family :iconsaradolan265:SaraDolan265 5 0 Tarzan by jcritellijr Tarzan :iconjcritellijr:jcritellijr 13 1 Jungle Girl VS Dinosaur by JeanArtes Jungle Girl VS Dinosaur :iconjeanartes:JeanArtes 47 0 CommDEC2021 by ARTTAiR CommDEC2021 :iconarttair:ARTTAiR 120 1 Female tribal-character concepts by Vanchos-Ranchos Female tribal-character concepts :iconvanchos-ranchos:Vanchos-Ranchos 6 0 Male tribal-character concepts by Vanchos-Ranchos Male tribal-character concepts :iconvanchos-ranchos:Vanchos-Ranchos 2 0 Female tribal-character sketches by Vanchos-Ranchos Female tribal-character sketches :iconvanchos-ranchos:Vanchos-Ranchos 2 0
To all of my fans and watchers on Deviantart, it is my great pleasure to announce that PaleoartStudios is now open for commissions. I do artwork involving dinosaurs, cavegirls, amazon warriors, and everything associated with prehistoric science fiction and primitive fantasy. I will be available to take commissions three days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), and I accept any price. I look forward to doing artwork for all of you.
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Sheena by Jacqueline Goehner II by wbmstr

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Jana of the Jungle by DrawHardX
Barbarian - Original by KimontheRocks
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