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Primitive Fantasy is imaginative artwork with a theme focusing on tribal, jungle, or prehistoric settings. It is NOT the same thing as traditional fantasy. Traditional fantasy is what you see in things like Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, and World of Warcraft. For Primitive Fantasy, think Tarzan, Clan of the Cave Bear, and Shanna the She-Devil.


1. CLOTHING: Primitive characters wear animal skins, loincloths, leaves, feathers, beads, body paint, or anything you can make yourself when living in the woods; and some go naked. (Naked characters need other attributes such as spears, warpaint, or a proper background.) Primitive characters do NOT wear modern clothes, metal armor, or anything that would require spinning-wheel technology in order to make.

2. BACKGROUNDS: Not all pictures need to have a background, but backgrounds can confirm or disprove that the character belongs in Primitive Fantasy. Appropriate backgrounds are outdoors, including jungles, forests, caves, grasslands, and small huts. NO architecture, unless it is in ruins.

Absolutely off-topic: Modern-day scenes, futuristic scenes, cities, large-scale civilizations (including the Greeks, Egyptians, and Aztecs), advanced technology, machines, robots, steampunk, and large amounts of metal.


* Art must be clearly on-topic (see above).
* Fantasy characters and cultures only; no non-fantasy art of people from real cultures.
* Nudity is allowed, but it must be tasteful. No smut.
* Please put some effort into your art. It must look complete.
* Make sure the presentation is good. No lined paper, blurry photos, etc.
* No material that is racist, depicting rape, or otherwise offensive.
* Please submit art to the correct folder.

Original rules and info: primitive-fantasy.deviantart.c…

More info on the nudity policy: primitive-fantasy.deviantart.c…

Thanks, :iconskyjaguar:

Gallery Folders

Wild huntress (original) by NarmeShade
Tribal Warrior by volenck
Amazons by Mandilor
Voodoo by muratgul
Paintings, Drawings - Women

Mature Content

Amazon sketchbook 06 by borba

Mature Content

Fatal Attack by borba
Ayesha Redesign by SaurischianDesigner
Jane - Tarzan by violonx
Paintings, Drawings - Men
Yaku by Takaoart
Wild Caveman Savage by NobleSavagery
Savage Wild Caveman by NobleSavagery
At The Earth's Core Color2 by foggie32
Paintings, Drawings - Groups and Couples
Shira the Amazon Goliath final design by PaleoartStudios
Commission Tarzan Jane _Marcio Abreu by MARCIOABREU7
High in the Jungle Canopy by WildWolfHipster
George of the Jungle by WildWolfHipster
Non-Human Characters
Orneo i Raumo by Djake
Little Miss Savage - Sol Yulaan [Salvamakoto Ver.] by Yuli-Ban
Little Miss Savage - Sol Yulaan by Yuli-Ban
Takala, Wild Elf Hunter by MitchFoust
Landscapes and Scenery
The World of Pangaeon by PaleoartStudios
fishermen scene by beacascabel
Jungle background by beacascabel
Paleomythic Roleplaying Game cover by JohnMcCambridge
3-D Rendering

Mature Content

UltraScenery Amazonas Test Run by Femme-Feral

Mature Content

First Encounter by 3D-WAXX
Barbarians engage by dinjames

Mature Content

Early Morning Hunting by Femme-Feral
Photos and Photo-Manips
Waiting for the good weather. by Haraak59
Walking Off Trails. by Haraak59
The good sunny road. by Haraak59
Sun and Shadow by Haraak59

Mature Content

Beastwoman by FraterSINISTER

Mature Content

Ran, Ryu and Don by FraterSINISTER
Stegosaurus by FraterSINISTER
Shira the Amazon pg 12 by PaleoartStudios
Shira the Amazon pg 11 by PaleoartStudios
Shira the Amazon pg 10 by PaleoartStudios
Shira the Amazon pg 09 by PaleoartStudios




Shanna by Deilson Shanna :icondeilson:Deilson 132 19 Shanna by JulianoSousa Shanna :iconjulianosousa:JulianoSousa 24 2 Welcome to the Jungle by Alfoxer2000 Welcome to the Jungle :iconalfoxer2000:Alfoxer2000 16 2 Marvel 70th anniversary 117 by robomonkey147 Marvel 70th anniversary 117 :iconrobomonkey147:robomonkey147 6 0 Shanna the She Devil by jediboy Shanna the She Devil :iconjediboy:jediboy 2 1 DEJ 2018 11 Summoner Shanna The She Devil by FFF66 DEJ 2018 11 Summoner Shanna The She Devil :iconfff66:FFF66 8 2 Cave Wives by sapfall Cave Wives :iconsapfall:sapfall 9 0 Firebringer! Animated GIF by redfenna Firebringer! Animated GIF :iconredfenna:redfenna 45 2 Firebringer by KaoriSanban Firebringer :iconkaorisanban:KaoriSanban 12 3 Feral Fangs - SHANTI by BlazerAjax220 Feral Fangs - SHANTI :iconblazerajax220:BlazerAjax220 29 4 Sheena Poster A3 by FrantzKantor Sheena Poster A3 :iconfrantzkantor:FrantzKantor 10 0 Tarzan by MikjallATE Tarzan :iconmikjallate:MikjallATE 6 0 Tarzan by MikjallATE Tarzan :iconmikjallate:MikjallATE 6 0 Forest Audenzia by ToonBoxStudio Forest Audenzia :icontoonboxstudio:ToonBoxStudio 112 2 jungle girl by Alissonart jungle girl :iconalissonart:Alissonart 126 2 Jungle Girl by Deilson Jungle Girl :icondeilson:Deilson 69 7
To all of my fans and watchers on Deviantart, it is my great pleasure to announce that PaleoartStudios is now open for commissions. I do artwork involving dinosaurs, cavegirls, amazon warriors, and everything associated with prehistoric science fiction and primitive fantasy. I will be available to take commissions three days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), and I accept any price. I look forward to doing artwork for all of you.
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Shanna by Deilson
Shanna by JulianoSousa
Welcome to the Jungle by Alfoxer2000
Marvel 70th anniversary 117 by robomonkey147
Primitive Stock
Cubone Gijinka - Pokemon by Kinpatsu-Cosplay
The warrier princess by elusiveelegance
Stone Horse Costume by SavagePunkStudio








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Mature Content

New Comics! Jungle Ginger and Duster! by Dangerguy01

Hey All.   Letting you know about these 2 new adult adventure comics now available on DangerGuy's page! 2 Hot new heroine adventures you WANT!! One features my new Jungle Ginger character vs her 2 arch enemies in their mystical jungle over the powerful jungle gems that effect control & desires!!   See how that turns out for her!  The 2nd features DG's Duster vs a brand new enemy.  Both comics are Very "captivating"!!!  Go get your copies now!!  
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Thanks for letting me in the group. I tried submitting a pic but if it didn't take you can snatch it off my gallery if you want.
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Thanks for the request. Just to let yo know, Ora is a depiction of Aztec-influenced female jaguar warrior:
Ora - OC Design (Huntress Tracker) | Chie00Chan by TheUnlimitedFortress

Wanted to be transparent since your group guidelines state Aztecs are a "large-scale civilization" and therefore "off-topic".
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Alright, thanks for letting us know.
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